Friday, October 26, 2012


Life just keeps getting busier.  Today is insanely busy for me.  I worked this morning, bought some groceries and put them all away.  I have to pick up Hannah in a few minutes, and I'm running her over to the park for something special she and I got chosen to do. After that I have to run back to get Norah from Kat, find them dinner, run them to taekwondo, and directly after that go late to Norah's Halloween Dance at school. 

Tonight at the Halloween Dance they are going to be taekwondo girls, and for actual halloween, I have no idea.  They'll pick something out of the dress up trunk, if we don't get hit with a hurricane and Halloween gets canceled again.

Friday, October 12, 2012


Thank goodness we're all feeling better here.  Life is back to it's normal craziness.  Norah is finally doing better about dropping off at school.  I instituted stickers for every day with a good drop off, and something special to do together when she gets five in a row.  She likes it, and the fact that I bought cute stickers helps I'm sure.

Otherwise life is just it's usual busy.  Hannah has a couple more weeks of soccer, and they're still going to taekwondo twice a week.  Hannah also has CCD on Mondays in preparation for her first communion in the spring.  Kat and I went to a meeting last night at the church about the second graders and how the first communion works.  Hopefully we can get our three "triplets" all in the same section.  Our church does it in two sections because this year they have I guess over 70 second graders.  The dates are either April 13 or April 27.  We chose the 27th, and hopefully we get to keep it.