Thursday, October 30, 2008


Tomorrow is Halloween, which gives Steven great joy, because this is Hannah's second year trick or treating. I had told him that she couldn't go until she could say it, and then sadly (for him anyways) she had the language delay and couldn't even attempt to say it when she was 19ish months. We're taking Hannah out tomorrow after an early dinner, and Norah will come with, though she won't be dressed up.

Today however is Hannah's halloween party and parade at school. So we'll of course be taking the camera and getting lots of pictures.

Here's a recap on the last few halloweens :)

Monday, October 27, 2008

Birthday Time

Yesterday was the birthday party for my friend's daughter Magi. She'll be 1 on Halloween, but her brother in law is getting married next weekend, so the party was yesterday. Hannah had a blast in the bounce house, and the weather was gorgeous for the end of October. Magi went to town on her cake in typical 1 year old style and was gorgeous doing it.

It did make me sad to think two things.... Norah is nearly 8 months old, that means in a little more than 4 short months we'll be doing the same thing. However it will be different because I somewhat doubt that Norah will be eating cake. She's still miserable about eating, and at this point she won't even take a bottle happily. I fight with her every time its feeding time. She won't take a spoon, she isn't coordinated enough to feed herself, and the bottle makes me want to throw myself screaming off a bridge for all it takes her to eat. Her GI said the meds she is on are enough, but I really don't understand. She has an appointment coming with the oral/lingual therapist, but I'm not sure I can make it another 2.5 weeks. I'm sad that eating has to be so awful for her, and in turn awful for me. I cried with her as I fed her this morning. I don't even know what to do anymore. I want to cry at the fact that I have to feed her and it clearly isn't something she wants, but I have to MAKE her eat because otherwise she'll starve. I feel like a failure and a bad mother because clearly she associates eating with pain, but I make her anyways. I knew that having babies/kids wasn't easy. I knew there would be up's and down's. I didn't know that I'd want to cry every time they do, and that it would be a daily occurance. I didn't know that making a baby do what's best for them could make me hate myself.

Friday, October 24, 2008

I'm always sad when they go

This morning it was VERY cold here. Like in the teens and 20's, so clearly when we got up it showed. Hannah asked last night if there would be snow when she woke up, and I told her that it would be very cold so she'd have to check in the morning. So this morning I asked her if she saw any snow, and she ran to the front window to look outside at the grass. Then she turned around and said

"No Mommy, no snow, just frostering"

I love that! I love that she knows what she means and can't quite say it right. I'm ALWAYS sad when she finally gets something right and suddenly the former word disappears. She used to always ask for "Peetchup" for her french fries, but the first time she actually said "Ketchup" I made her repeat it about 12 times because I couldn't believe it. Same with cucumber. I love watching her grow up and change, but sometimes I sort of hope that one or two of them will stick with her.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Call me shocked

Ok so Norah had her GI appointment yesterday. She's still refusing solid food 90% of the time, so he's setting her up for an evaluation with an oral/lingual specialist to find out if she's just stubborn or if there's an actual problem with her tongue function or something.

She's gaining well, still on her 50% curve, so she is 17+lbs now, and just as cute as a button if you ask me. I think it's the little smirk and the big blue eyes that do me in... because I'm not happy to see anyone at 5:30, but for her I get up anyways.

The girls did not get their second dose of flu shot yet, they were due to go Thursday, but Hannah threw up and was running a fever, so I rescheduled for next week. Hopefully that all goes well.

Hannah had picture day at school yesterday and she said she took a nice picture and said cheese. We'll see when we get them back, though I forgot to ask how long. And a funny thing. Yesterday I was running late to pick her up (slow people driving) and was the last mom to get there. Her teacher said that she was wonderful and that it's great how she knows when it's time to be loud (outside) and when it's time to be quiet.... um, someone needs to come home and show her those!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

And the sickness returns

Yes it's been a while since I updated. Hannah came home from school on Thursday looking flushed and generally miserable. About 3 minutes later she threw up everywhere. She hasn't done it since, but has been under the weather even still today. She does seem better every day, and she even spent the night at Grampy and Mimi's over the weekend.

Norah is also sick though, which is sad because she hates having her nose wiped, and she's so stuffy that I've even resorted to using the "nose sucker" on her poor congested self. I'm thankful for whoever invented Vapor Plugs every night lately. It helps them sleep better, and bonus that we only have to use one since they're in the same room!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Nature vs. Nurture

Yes it's an age old debate.

Hannah was a somewhat difficult child. She was hard to please, and easy to upset or frustrate. She had a huge mommy phase that lasted a VERY long time.

Norah started her mommy phase earlier than Hannah, which means she's already screeching at me if I walk out of her sight, or even in her sight but into another room. HOWEVER, she's almost exceedingly happy whenever we're out somewhere. I get loads of comments about how she's such a happy baby, and so calm and laid back. Ok, I can buy that, because she mostly is. But now the question is, is she that way because that's her personality, or because whenever we're out somewhere I have her in a sling so she's comforted by being close to me when strange people talk to her. Well, I think I know the answer to the question, at least involving Norah. The answer is nurture. She's that way because I wear her and she feels secure. I think I know this because of what went down last night at McDonalds.

Last night I took Hannah and Norah (by myself) to McDonalds for something to eat on the way to Gymnastics. This was an every week occurance when Steven came with us, but with the new job he can't attend anymore, and the last few weeks we've been hanging out at Kat's beforehand. So as usual, I get a highchair for Norah because it's really hard for me to hold her and eat while she grabs at everything. So I passed her a fry to play with (because everyone who knows her knows she won't EAT it) and coerce Hannah into eating and drinking while I finish. So while I'm talking with Hannah some woman who works there comes by to sweep the floor and comment on how cute Norah is (insert eyeroll, she has to say it EVERY time we're there). So she sweeps what she can get at, and then PUSHES NORAH'S CHAIR AWAY FROM THE TABLE. Norah screams immediately because she is now farther away from me(by like 3 inches, but that's huge to her) and is VERY upset. So of course I took her out and held her while I finished because she needed some reassurance. And I will say that woman made me very angry. Why would you sweep a floor while people are still eating? Why would you physically touch another persons child AND move them away from their comfort zone.

Then she had the balls to come back and ask me if I was still using the highchair. Um, no... she probably will refuse to go in one ever again thanks to you.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I used to be a photographer

Before I had kids. I'd love to get back to it, but Norah can be less than cooperative when she's not on my back. Which is where I should have put her yesterday when I took these!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Wow, Just Wow

Hannah on the left, Norah on the right. Wow. They're related, that's for sure, but wow on Norah's hair and chunky cheeks.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


I have apparently neglected to mention that Norah has finally got some teeth. Two to be exact, the bottom front two, which when they come up far enough to see (rather than feel as she chews your finger) will be completely adorable.

Also in new news, we've discovered something about Hannah we never knew. It happened when we switched the girls into the same room to sleep at night. So now they share a room, and have an expansive toy room that will soon also house our family computer. There was good news and bad news the first night they slept together. The good news is, apparently Hannah can sleep through a party going on in her room. The bad news is that I know that because Norah had a party *yawn*. Norah didn't sleep well the first couple nights, but she settled in like a champ last night and slept from 7:15 until 5:15 when we (and by we I mean Steven) tried to convince her it was still sleep time and turned on her mobile for her. Normally she could do this herself, but we dropped her crib mattress to the low setting, because in theory she'll be mobile and able to sit on her own in the somewhat near future. So she can't reach the buttons anymore. So after a few minutes she was still chattering away, so Steven got up with her.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Busy Weekend

We had a super busy weekend, for a change. With Steven's new job he won't be working weekends unless he chooses, so basically we can go and do whenever we want. Saturday we took a trip to Grampy and Mimi's house where Hannah was, as always, the center of attention. Grampy even took her to the park to play. Norah took a lovely nap, and cooperated when we got home and went to bed.

Sunday we took a trip to our friends Kerry and Colin's house for a BBQ and a lot of fun. Last year they had one the same weekend, and Kerry and I were both pregnant. This year the house was filled with babies and kids and it was a wonderful time. Hannah had an absolute blast, and we basically did not see her all afternoon. Norah cooperated and smiled and was generally sweet, even sleeping in my sling for a while. Despite not napping, she was lovely, and passed out hard on the way home.

Here's a picture of my

sister wearing Norah on Saturday night. She was fussy and I was eating, so Auntie Sara obliged her, and was surprised at how easy and comfy it is. I spy a future babywearer!