Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away

We are into the fourth straight day of rain/wind/cloudiness. It's gross outside, and it's gross inside. Outside because of the weather, inside because of the crazy children. They're all nutty, running around like lunatics. The picking at each other is getting to an all time high. I keep trying to think of things they can do together that will make them happy AND make my house a bit less messy. But so far, nothing has come up like that. It seems to be either happy and messy, or just messy.

The good news is that after tomorrow we're getting some gorgeous weather for the weekend. Hannah was excited when she found out we'll be going to visit Grampy and Mimi on Saturday, and I'm waiting on Kat to find out if we're all going to try to go to the Eric Carle museum for Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Growing maybe?

Hannah surprised me on Friday afternoon by taking a nap with Norah. They slept peacefully for an entire hour, and I was totally shocked, and more than a little worried. She never naps. Rarely even when she's sick, so a nap was almost unheard of here. Especially when Norah's naptime means things like Markers, Paint, and things with tiny pieces like her Operation game. Yet when they woke up, they ran around like crazy people, and were totally fine.

Fast Forward to today. I think it finally dawned on me why she napped, and I only noticed it from her eating habits. Saturday she basically spent all day eating. At the birthday party, at Grampy's house, on the way home from Grampy's house instead of sleeping. Yesterday she ate quite a bit, but then for dinner took the cake with THREE servings of soup (homemade tomato with noodles/veggies), two slices of bread, and an entire glass of milk. Then for lunch today she asked for more soup, then a sandwich and cheetos like Norah has. And eating it all. So I think she must be growing, because nothing else explains that sort of eating. Even for her. And I've rarely had cause to complain about her eating habits.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Coming to the end

Today is the last official day of Hannah's spring vacation. Yesterday we went to the park to play, and then home for lunch. Today we're heading to Northampton for the Carried Child meeting. Our vacation didn't go as planned, but it was still fun. Tomorrow Hannah has a friend's birthday party, and Sunday I think we're just going to stay home and do nothing. Sounds good to me. I haven't done any sewing in probably a month, so I think I'd like to do some this weekend. I guess we'll see how it goes. Norah is still demanding of my time, and unfortunately with the way she is napping these days, I'm guessing that when Hannah goes to school full time in the fall, she won't be napping at all.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

2 for 2

Yesterday Mimi did not get to leave, she was feeling worse and vomiting again, so they kept her. I had Iza and Magi here for the afternoon, but Iza and Hannah were asking if they could have another sleepover here. It was fine by me but I wanted them to talk to Kat. And talk they did, less than 2 seconds after she walked in the door. Of course it was fine with her also, so last night the girls had another sleepover, but here.

I set up the toddler bed mattress on the floor in their room with pillow and blankets for Iza. Then they had baths, snacks, and a movie. About 7:45 Norah was sitting with me and demanded "Bed Mommy, NOW!" and I took her and rocked her for a few, and then put her in bed. Five minutes later when I realized the big girls were exhausted also and sent them to bed, Norah was already out cold. It's 7:15-ish now and Norah woke up an hour ago, and Iza is still sleeping. Hannah wanted to sleep late, but I think our family routine is too ingrained in her. She hears Steven getting ready and just has to get up. Fine by me, I like early mornings and early bedtimes at night. Much better than late nights.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My only child

Last night Hannah had her first sleepover at her friends. And while I'm certain she had a fabulous time, Norah adores being the only child. She plays nicely, no screaming or demanding for help or attention. It's so different, I don't know what to do with it almost. She just plays nicely with toys and only comes over to me if she needs something or wants to give huggies and kisses. She didn't sleep well, but that doesn't mean anything.

I've already talked to Kat this morning, and she said that Hannah was fine. There was actually only one issue with their sleepover. Mimi wasn't feeling good suddenly and vomited, so after a call to the hospital she was taken to the ER and admitted. Mimi has a double ear infection, but they're hopeful to get her sprung and home this afternoon. So the puppet show will be on hold today, and maybe we can get up there another day this week.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Spring into Vacation

Hannah's spring vacation from school is this week, and boy is she excited! Tomorrow the plan is for her to sleep over at Kat's for her very first away from home sleepover with friends. Sure she's spent the night with her grandparents (all of them at least once), but this will be her first sleepover with her friends. She is insanely excited!

Then Tuesday we're headed to Northampton to the Academy of Music to see the Tanglewood Marionettes do a puppet show. I believe the one we're seeing is called "The Last Dragon". Hannah and all the girls loved last years showing of Hansel and Gretel, so we're making sure to hit the show again this year.

Wednesday I'm thinking it looks nice enough to make a whole day trip to the park, so we'll probably drive out to Stanley Park in Westfield, since Mimi is making a special request to visit it's tire swing.

Thursday the plan is to go up to Eric Carle in Amherst to see a play based on some of the Golden Books, I believe that one is The Poky Little Puppy and other stories.

And of course one day she wants to make it down to Kidcity. So I'm not sure if we'll do that Friday, but we're trying. Thanks to a pass for Kidcity and Eric Carle, we should have plenty to do this vacation, and into the summer!

Friday, April 16, 2010

How they eat

I'm continually amazed some days at how much kids can eat. Kat's and my own specifically yesterday. Hannah had her school concert, which there will be video of soon, and then we went over to Kat's before we headed to the park. We brought snacks, since it was actually lunchtime for my own kids, but all five ate like they were starved. Crackers, cereal, granola bar, apple, water... it was never ending. Then it was back to our house for lunch. Annie's mac and cheese and peppers with dip. Not 5 minutes after Kat went to work, a few of the five year olds were asking for a snack. So there was 3/4's of a cantaloupe and an entire cucumber. And sure enough, right as I was getting things out for dinner, more hungry kids. So I pacified them with bread and butter (4 out of 5), one fruit cup, and Mimi had half a cream cheese/jelly sandwich. Then it was dinner, and all kids wanted to stay and eat. Which was fine. So there were eggs, homefries, and pancakes. And they all ate nearly every bite, including picky two year olds. Then my own kids had cheez its later before bed.

Who knows if it's the fresh air, or a growth spurt, or what... but man, if they all keep it up Kat and I are going to go broke!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Lucky number 7

Today is Steven's and my seventh wedding anniversary. So far, so good. I've heard people who can make it seven years have no trouble staying the distance in the long term. I don't know what I think about that. I mean, just because we have been married seven years doesn't mean we still won't argue, have fights, disagree, and generally pick at each other just for the fun of it. Sometimes that leads somewhere I don't want to go. For some people.

So it's been seven years (nine if you count the fact that we went on our first date on April 13 also, but two years previously) and I guess we're making it. I'm still glad to see him when I get up in the morning, and hopefully so is he.
Funny looking at me at 21, no clue what was going to happen. At. All.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Oh what has gotten into Norah. I wish I knew. Maybe it's typical two year old antics, or maybe she thinks that acting like this will get her what she wants. Her newest thing is to demand that things happen "NOW" As in, "ouside mommy NOW", or "eat noodles NOW". Seriously? I realize that some things are all about the instant gratification, but that isn't how I work.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Still sickies, unfortunately

Hannah is still feeling under the weather. Sniffles and cough have yet to go away, and then she blessed Norah and I with them also. Though to us a lesser degree than her. However I've nearly completely lost my voice, which makes controlling the chaos here difficult at best.

The girls had a lovely Easter, and we were blessed with insanely gorgeous weather. There were Easter baskets in the morning, egg hunt and dinner at Meme's, and then when we got home Auntie Sara showed up to spend the night. They played with her all evening, and then most of yesterday too. It was a really great weekend.

I almost hate weather like this because it's such a tease. It's gorgeous and warm (possibly hitting 90 tomorrow apparently) and it will not stay this way. I love warm weather and dresses for the girls. And they love it too. Days at the park, bubbles in the backyard, popsicles on the front steps after dinner. Sometimes walks to Friendly's for ice cream. It's perfect. Idyllic even. But it's barely April. So we'll say thanks for the tease, and hope it'll be back for Hannah's school vacation in a couple weeks.