Thursday, February 25, 2010

Strangely worried

Norah is such a peanut. More so than Hannah was. I find myself strangely worried that she's not growing the way she should be. I try to give her healthy choices when we feed her, but most days she only takes a few bites of things at most. Instead shouting "cheez its" at me at random intervals. Sometimes she'll eat things if they're mine, sometimes not. I'm at a loss for what to do, other than more of the same. I buy full fat foods for her developing brain (or lack thereof if you've met the other side of her family) and offer her good choice, or at least tolerable choices when I'm desperate for her to eat something. I'm sure her pedi will say she's just fine, and I'm inclined to agree that she IS pretty wonderful, but I hate that food is always an ongoing issue.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Snow Day part 2

Hannah has a snow day today. Which actually works out because she had a doctors appointment at 8:45 to discuss her pooping issues. So basically her doctor thinks it's probably viral, but sent home cups so I can collect it to be cultured. YUCK! Not my idea of a good time, but I guess that's why I'm the mom. Dad's would never line their toilet with plastic wrap to catch poop and scoop it into a cup.

Aren't you glad you came here to read today?

I am in disbelief that Norah's birthday is less than a week away. She will be two, and while she's periodically terrible already, I'm betting two will be a record year here for it. The good news for me at least, is that Norah is stellar at talking and communicating, so while the tantrums will still happen, they will possibly be a bit less than they could be. Though who knows, Kat says Magi's tantrums are unbelieveable, and she talks more than any kid I've ever met.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

More Sick

I started not feeling well last night. Upset stomach and assorted other issues. I'm exhausted from not sleeping, and Norah woke up at 5am. Steven got her to stay in bed until 6, and then got up with her until I came down at 6:45. I'm feeling pretty off right now, and I'm really hoping I'll feel better for tomorrow, since we're supposed to be going to Clinton tomorrow.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Quiet Friday

I am so ready for vacation to be over! When am I going to get a nice quiet Friday before a weekend? Never I'm guessing. Hannah and Norah have been picking at each other all day. Between that and running laps around the newly walkable floor, falling every other one, I'm ready to pull out all my hair.

Oh and can't forget the water meter reading guy. Asked me when I answered the door if my parents were home. Probably not, but you can go check if you want. Ugh, then follows that with "you aren't the homeowner right?" Nah, I'm the weirdo who eats the food, does the laundry, and keeps the kids from killing each other while the homeowner is at work. Double Ugh.

Steven has plans to start priming the walls tonight, and paint tomorrow, then move furniture tomorrow night. We'll see how that goes. We're also going to Clinton on Sunday, for something interesting, and Hannah is very excited!

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Pictures to come

The work is scheduled to be finished today on our house, so I'm sure to have some pictures up soon of the finished product. Not that I'm hiding it, there are pictures up online on facebook and in photobucket, but it's hard to get them on here. And I realize I haven't shared any new pics of the girls lately, so I should of course do that also!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

So far so good

Hannah's one random episode of puking is done, she didn't do it again, and it really makes me wonder what was up. She's totally fine in every way now it seems. Which is good. We'd really like to make it over to visit Mimi at some point, if they let her go from the hospital.

Vacation week is half over, and so far, nothing terribly fun has happened. Hannah was sick in the van, and we came home. And now we've stayed home for the remainder of the previous days, including today. They are almost finished with the house, and I'm hoping that today was the last coat of polyurethane they're putting on the floors. It stinks, and with the windows open to air it out, it's cold!

We're still hoping to get up to see Jennie and the kids. Don't know if that will happen, since the last part of this week is moderately busy. I'm going to talk to her today, maybe we'll go up tomorrow after Gary's appointment. Hannah's having a good time watching them fix everything up. If she wasn't only four I'd wonder why she's watching Craig so much. But she IS only four, so she can't possibly have a crush already, right?

Monday, February 15, 2010


So I had planned this morning to take advantage of "member hours" at Kidcity with the girls new pass. They were excited, and so was I. I had help, since Gary can be such a good kid. And we were less than 20 minutes from there when Hannah sounds wrong in the back. I pull over on 91, and before we could even get her out of the car she had thrown up on the floor. She unfortunately had milk and yogurt for breakfast, none of which made for a pleasant ride home. But she was all smiles and silliness for the rest of the day. So I don't know if it was some weird stomach bug, or some carsickness. I get horribly carsick, so I wouldn't be surprised if one or both of my kids end up that way, but man I so hope not. I hope I can figure it out before we plan to go down there again.

It also means we have to skip going to visit Jennie tomorrow. Since I don't know for sure, I don't want to chance exposing her kids to anything. So we're going to play it by ear for the rest of the week and see if any day pops up as good to go visiting.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentines Party Time

Today is Hannah's valentines party at school, I'm actually heading over there shortly. In the chaos of having our house construction done this week, her valentines for her friends were rather rushed, and though cute because she helped make them, I am not a crafty person. I dislike sending food for thoughts of "love" so amidst the cupcakes, cookies, and brownies they'll be having for their party I am "that" mom and am bringing cut fruit.

Hopefully after the end of vacation next week we'll have the house back in order and more resembling what it should. At the moment it resembles a dusty, chilly, pig sty. Which is not something I can do anything about truthfully.

We have been spending a lot of time at Kat's, for which I am truly grateful she isn't sick of us. We spent the day there yesterday, and then Hannah said she didn't want to leave and could we come back tomorrow. She is of course wonderful and said sure. Even though I'm sure that she'd love to say no because Mimi's counts are really low. I'll call her later and see if she really minds, because I KNOW that having two kids here and no napping going on while work continues will be a disaster.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Day

And so far, It's snowed for about 15 minutes and now it's flurrying off and on. School was cancelled everywhere in the area when I got up this morning. Moderately annoying, because as much as I love days off, it's annoying to be able to go nowhere in case it gets slippery fast.

In other news, yesterday construction started in our house for removal of our woodstove, removal of our partial wall between the dining room/living room, and fixing our large front window that leaks cold air like a sieve. So far I will admit to being unimpressed with the amount of work accomplished. I was told that yesterday they would be removing the stove, ceramic tile, and pipe going through to the roof so that the roof could be patched before the snow came today. Yesterday when I got home at 4pm (should have still been here working, or at least ready to leave at the very least) the stove and ceramic tile were both gone, as well as some of the wood paneling in the dining room on the wall that will be taken down. There is still a hole in my ceiling, and there is still stove pipe going through the attic and up through the roof. So no pipe gone, and no hole patched before snow comes. Which as I stated previously, has already started. Craig told us it would be done Friday, and I shouldn't have ever believed that. No matter how good and kind a contractor is, he's still useless at time management apparently.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Sometimes I think I did it right

Before we had Norah, in fact before we'd even decided to have another child, we talked about the impact on Hannah. Of being a big sister, of having a "friend", a companion, an accomplice. Someone to spend time with and enjoy. And while it's been nearly two years since Norah arrived, it's been mixed reviews so far on having a little sister. Hannah is fantastic at being a big sister. She loves Norah, plays with her, snuggles her, and fights with her. And since Norah is nearly full on into the terrible two's, the fighting is more prevalent than it has been previously.

BUT, there are times when I know we chose right. And that no matter how things are most of the time, they do love each other, and will hold each other up when it comes down to it. Saturday morning Steven got up with them, and when he brought Norah out into the living room, she instantly started to cry when she realized I wasn't awake yet. Shrieking "MAMA" over and over, he took her back in their room to change her diaper. When I came downstairs a few minutes later, Steven was on the loveseat, Gary in the chair, and the two girls cuddled up sweetly on the couch. Steven said that Norah didn't want him, she wanted Hannah. And Hannah kindly obliged her by cudding her nicely. Times like that make me sure that having two was the right decision.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Living for the Weekends

At the moment, I spend a lot of time living for the weekends. I'm not sure if I'm the only one, but I definitely look forward to whatever things we have planned on weekends. Even if it's really nothing, or just errands. Hannah adores school, and all of the weekday things we have going on, but there's nothing I like better than a good long weekend. Even more so in the spring and summer when it's nice and we can go out and do things. Norah will be old enough this year to do things like picnics and parks without a nap, and maybe a few trips down to the beach. I think she'll love it.

We had our taxes done on Sunday, and as of last night our state return had already been direct deposited into our checking account. We originally had plans for our taxes to do our wall/stove remodel, but that may have to be put on the back burner due to some unforseen things involving what we're actually getting back. Craig is working on a materials list and we're going to see in a few days how much it might actually run us, and if we can afford it.

Mimi is home from the hospital as of Sunday, but is doing her two crazy weeks at the clinic, so she's there four days out of seven for two weeks. Tomorrow is the last day this week, so we'll see how healthy everyone is here and see if we can get over to visit them.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Good weekend anyways!

So even though Hannah and I were so awfully sick on Thursday afternoon/evening, there was a highlight. Zach came up Thursday night to spend the weekend! It was supposed to be a surprise for Hannah, and she was going to be allowed to stay up until he got there, but she and I felt so awful that neither of us made it, even though it was only 8:15 when he did get here. But he got up and hung out with the girls bright and early Friday morning. Hannah was SO excited when she got up and saw his truck outside in our driveway. Then of course, Auntie Sara came down after work on Friday and they both spent the whole weekend here. Thankfully we all felt better on Saturday and we went out to Savers and Red Robin (Thank you new bank for giving us free money for signing up!). Then yesterday we all just hung around, though Steven did run out to have our taxes done. They stayed until about 5, and then had to hit the road again.

The girls love both of them so much, I'm going to be so sad when they BOTH live in Delaware all the time and Sara can't come down after work to spend a weekend. The girls will be sad too, but Steven and I are already talking about planning a trip down there when he gets his vacation in August.