Friday, December 30, 2011


For some people, the holidays falling on the weekend means two long weekends in a row.  That isn't the case here as both Steven and I have to work regular schedules, but it does mean that the girls get to have a whole weekend with Grampy and Mimi, and maybe Auntie Angie if she's not working.  They're super excited, and so am I.  Steven and I haven't had a weekend that was completely kid free in almost three months.  So we're going to do some of the things that are easier to do without kids, like take down decorations from Christmas and go grocery shopping.  We can probably manage dinner out I'm thinking too.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

It was Great!

Christmas was fabulous!  I couldn't have asked for a better day.  The weather cooperated, everyone came, we ate and drank too much... It was just a lot of fun.

Christmas Eve we headed to church with about ninety million other people.  The building was so crammed that there were people standing in the aisles with twenty minutes still to go before Mass started.  It was a nice service, and the girls hand delivered a christmas card to Father Bill on our way out.  Then we headed over to Meme and Grampy's house to have dinner.  Once the girls got their dinner out of the way they headed to the tree for gifts.  They both got adorable pajamas that fit them very well, some new games to keep at Meme's for when they're visiting, and best of all for them, their dolls!  They were so happy and excited to get them, it was fantastic!  Norah carts hers everywhere, and Hannah is almost as bad.  Then it was time to head home and open one gift from us.  Since I knew they were getting the dolls on Christmas Eve, I got them pajamas with a matching set for their dolls.  They were so happy they stripped in the living room and put them right on.  Then it was off to bed.

Christmas morning started around 6:30 with stockings opened.  Then we made breakfast.  Pancakes, potatoes, and bacon filled them up enough to open gifts.  I think their favorites are still the dolls, though everything seems to be getting played with.  Steven liked his gifts, and I can't wait to start cooking out of my new cookbook.  The best gift of all was the card from Sara and Zach telling us that the girls will be expecting a new cousin come June!  About 9:30 Meema came with her entourage, and once Uncle Donny showed up, we got the party started for real!  Drinks and gifts and stockings were passed out to everyone, and I think that everything was a hit.  No one seemed to be disappointed by anything, which is always a sign of a great Christmas.  My favorite gift were my Never Ever Boring salt & pepper shakers that Donny gave me!  They make me smile every time I look at them.

Then it was on to lunch, clean up, and a round of dancing with the Wii.  After all of that, Grampy, Mimi, Nana, and Papa came.  There was lots of chatting, some gift opening, and then more eating.  We had turkey with all the fixings and lots of desserts.  The girls had a fabulous day, and are thoroughly enjoying all their gifts.  I'm still finding room for everything, but slowly we're putting the house back to normal.  The end to their fabulous vacation week includes a weekend spent with Grampy and Mimi at their house, and I get to go out with my husband alone for NYE.  I couldn't have dreamed up nicer holidays.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas is coming!

And it's going to be a busy one!  I'm in the busy stages of getting the food planned out, since we're having two big dinners on the same day with separate parts of the family.  I wanted to make red velvet pancakes for the girls in the morning, but I think I might go with regular pancake mix, since we're having lasagna for lunch and a turkey dinner with all the fixings for dinner.  Gifts are nearly all wrapped, though I've debated wrapping all the stocking gifts also, to prolong the gift opening joy.  I'm just waiting on one last thing to get here for Hannah and I need to wrap their two last books I got them Friday.

I wish I had unlimited money at Christmas, I love buying gifts and making sure people truly love what they're getting.  I think this year will be a good one, but I guess I only have six more days until I find out.

Sunday, December 11, 2011


Back in October Meme mentioned to me that she wanted to buy tickets for the girls to go on a Polar Express train ride.  She had found one semi locally, and was all set to get the tickets as soon as I gave the Ok.  As it happens, the tickets went on sale in July, and were completely sold out when we tried to get them.  I remembered there is another place, in Carver that I had been to when I was a kid.  So they have two kinds of rides.  Polar Express, which unfortunately only happen on weeknights, and holiday lights, which conveniently are on weekends!  So we are headed down there in a couple hours.  The girls are SUPER excited, and I have my camera all set and charged, so we should have some fun pictures too.  So we're thinking good thoughts, because Hannah gets carsick very easily, and it's a good two hours in the car each way.

Thursday, December 8, 2011


Norah is just terrible with secrets.  She helped me wrap some of Hannah's christmas gifts the other day while she was at school.  Despite me telling her that Christmas gifts are a secret, she told her that she's getting slippers almost as soon as we picked her up at school.  Fortunately I think that's all she remembers.  And neither of them appear to remember the things that I bought for them when they were with me.  I think this is the last year I'll be able to get away with that.  Hannah is smart, much too smart.  She confessed earlier this year that she doesn't believe in the tooth fairy anymore, because she knows that I'm the one who takes her teeth and leaves the money.  She also appears to believe that Santa isn't a real person, just a bunch of different people dressed up the same.  Since we don't do Santa, it's not a huge deal... but I really don't want her to spoil it for any of her friends.  I don't want my kid to be the one that spoils it for the other kids. 

And for anyone who might not have gotten the email, there are new pictures on the shutterfly site.  More to come eventually of course.  My main photo computer is having a meltdown, so I'm hoping it makes it past Christmas.

Monday, December 5, 2011


It looks like Christmas in my house!  I don't know what it is, but I adore having the tree up in the corner, lights glowing, treasured ornaments catching my eye.  The girls loved decorating it too.  I trusted them with some of my special glass ornaments, and they did great.  Nothing broken or missing, and it doesn't look entirely like kids decorated it.  Yes there are spots where certain things take over or are too close together, but mostly it looks normal.

I also managed to get pictures for our christmas card.  I'm hoping to get them downloaded and ordered today so I can get them mailed out as soon as I can.  It's hard to believe how big the girls have gotten.  I look at the picture two years ago and it amazes me how little they both look.  I have my string hung up for my cards, and we already have two.  I know it's early still, but I'm hoping that we get enough to fill it up like we did last year.  I save all the photo cards we get so we can look back on them and see how our friends' children have changed also. 

We also had a great weekend, Steven's first full weekend home in ages!  It was great to have him around.  Saturday we put up the tree and decorations, then the girls had a party for Mimi and Iza's birthday.  While they were there doing art and playing Wii Steven and I went and did some shopping for them.  Then it was a picnic dinner at home after Bright Nights.  Yesterday we went down to Ikea to replace my lamp that was broken, and stopped at Sonic on the way home.  The girls were extra fabulous, and enjoyed eating their lunch in the car and watching the carhops skating around with trays and food.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Thanksgiving is over, and it was a lovely weekend.  Just as nice as it could have been I think.  Thursday we had a small Thanksgiving here for dinner and lots of just hanging out and talking.  Friday morning I got a call from our fabulous friends inviting us over to eat leftovers at their house and let the kids play.  So we headed over there in the afternoon.  It was so nice out we ended up at the school playground near their house for a while, and the kids all had a fabulous time.

Saturday we had a Meema Thanksgiving, since she had to work on Thursday and wasn't able to join us then.  We cooked and drank and ate ourselves silly.  I really miss my Mom and I wish she lived closer.  Then Kat came over to have her oil changed, and she took all the kids to a birthday party.  Steven and I had a couple hours to ourselves, which is nice now and then.  Sunday Steven worked and we hit church and then did a little Christmas shopping.  Then Steven put out the Christmas lights in the yard.  It was just a nice comfy family weekend.  That is exactly why Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday!

Saturday, November 19, 2011


It's funny how things hit you all of a sudden.  Hannah's been growing out her hair and her bangs since June when she had her last trim.  It's very chaotic and messy, as you would expect it to be.  It's funny how I'd completely forgotten what a pain growing out bangs is.  That must be subconsciously why I never gave Norah any. 

At any rate, Hannah's hair is just getting long enough to pull back most of it.  So today she was practicing putting in her own ponytail, and with her hair pulled back, and her bangs loose, she suddenly looked 4 years older, easily.  Sometimes she smiles a certain way, and I just know I'm seeing a glimpse of what she'll look like as a teenager.  It's scary to me.  I still think of her as such a little girl, but in reality she's almost 7, which IS still little.  Not like newborn little, or even 3 year old little.  Seems like she's not little enough anymore.  She can do everything herself, make her own decisions about what to wear/do/eat.  She can even make her own breakfast most mornings.  I've lost my first baby and she's been replaced with this big kid who is so self sufficient and wonderful sometimes.  I'm at a loss for how to reconcile myself to this.  She's not a baby and I have to let her grow up, I don't get a choice.  And yet, somehow I'd almost like to go back to when she was 2 and her world revolved around this house and her family.

Monday, November 14, 2011


Thanksgiving is feeling rather anticlimactic this year.  Very few people are planning on coming, either for reasons specified or not.  Steven has to work for the first time since we've known each other, aside from a random snowstorm here or there,  he's always been around for the holidays.  The plan is that he'll be home in time to eat dinner with us at 6.  I'm hoping that's really what happens.  I'd hate to have him miss out, and the girls miss out on Daddy time.  As of right now, it looks like Amanda will be here and Donny.  And that's it.  Donny and I are planning a "geek" thanksgiving complete with Star Trek marathon while we cook.  I'm glad I'll be seeing my brother, and I'm sorry Mom has to work so she can't make it either.  No one else has mentioned why they aren't coming, other than Sara and Zach, which we totally understand. 

Hannah also has school for part of her Thanksgiving Break.  The week off early for snow in October really messed them up, so they're trying to make up days already so as not to go super late again into June.

Thursday, November 10, 2011


So to make up for all that lousy snow we got before Halloween, we have had a gorgeous string of weather!  Basically it's been sunny and in the 50's and 60's for a week and a half.  Yesterday we headed over to the park to meet up with some friends.  The girls all ran around, getting the crazy out, until it was time for dinner.  The snow is just about gone, only a few huge piles here and there.  Of course the trees are still everywhere.  Fortunately most of them are out of the roads, but they are still down.  Piles of branches line the streets.  I'm glad we haven't had any more bad weather, and I'm glad that the girls have had time to get outside and play.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fall Back

Hannah and Norah don't seem to like falling back.  It confuses them in ways that springing forward does not.  They are hungry ALL the time, and cranky.  Waking up too early and staying up too late, or at least so they feel.  I don't like it either, but then, it's not all about me.  We woke up this morning bright and early at 5:54, and even though our bodies felt like it was nearly 7, something seemed wrong about getting up that early.  We were slated to have company today, but Joanna texted me early this morning to say she hadn't been feeling well, and that it was the kind of sick no one ever wants to share.  So they were going to stay home.  Kat was planning to come over also, but after going to Babcia's house for Toto's birthday lunch.  And they did come over, but not until after all the craziness here had worn thin.  Too much fooling around, and my favorite new lamp from Ikea is no more.  So I'm glad that they had some friends to play nicely with instead of me wanting to strangle them.

In other news, I'm doing well in school, all A's so far.  I'm working on one of the last two papers for English, and I've started my final project for math, though I'm having THE worst time with the chapter we're working on in Math.  I'm hoping the project can break it up a little.

Thursday, November 3, 2011


It is much too early in the year to be having a week off from school, but that's exactly what she's got.  I rediscovered the joy of snow days when the college was closed on Tuesday, but now we're into Thursday and the local schools are all still closed, even through tomorrow.  I hate to complain, but this is crazy.  Hannah is going crazy and appears to be pretty bored.  I'm tempted to start making stuff up and having her sit and work at the table when we're home.  She's not really in danger of losing anything she's learned, but I'm tired of the craziness and attitude that follows a change in schedule. 

The good news is that Trick or Treating was rescheduled for Saturday night, and we have friends coming over to visit on Sunday to take away some of the monotony of our weekends. 

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Winter Wonderland

Which is ridiculous considering Halloween is tomorrow.  At the moment we have about 8 inches of heavy, wet snow on the ground.  Trees and power lines are snapped everywhere from the weight it.  At the moment the girls are next door at the neighbors, sledding down their little hill and having a blast.  I think both girls need nice new gloves/mittens that are warm and waterproof.  Hannah is wearing my mittens over her own mittens.  Also, I think I'll splurge on some real snow boots for me.  I will never be living anywhere I won't need them, so I'll try to find some this year.  And fortunately both girls have snow gear that fits them mostly well.  At least hopefully this is the only snow we see for a while.  Because trick or treating in the snow is ridiculous, even for New England.

Friday, October 28, 2011


Yep you heard it right, snow.  There was snow here last night, and a whole lot of freezing rain.  AND, they're predicting up to 4" here tomorrow night.  So Hannah's last soccer game may get cancelled, which would probably make her sad, though not so much the people who have to sit in the cold.  She's done really well this year, learning and trying new things.  I'm proud of her!

Now no more four letter words until December!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Which Witch?

Hannah brought her folder home from school today full of papers and work.  I was checking through all of them to see how she's doing, and I found this in with all her other work.  I questioned her on it, concerned by the unhappy faced witch, and all the "Mom" written around it.  Turns out that it doesn't say mom, those are bats.  Don't I feel better now!

Sunday, October 16, 2011


Today we took a little roadtrip down to CT.  Kat has a pass for Kidcity Children's Museum, and asked us if we wanted to tag along.  And of course we did.  We kept it a secret and it was until about two exits before we got there.  All the six year olds can read the sign, and even though they thought they knew before we even got to Hartford, they really had it figured out then.  It was a blast, and when we were done at the museum, we walked down onto Main Street and headed for Coldstone for a "snack". 

Despite some minor melting down, and an upset tummy in Longmeadow, the day went without incident.  I wish I was more spontaneous and would go do stuff like that on my own.  But as Kat admitted, it IS much more fun with other adult company.  The girls all have a blast, but it's way more fun to have someone to talk to while they do.  Pictures to come on the shutterfly site.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

It's a Dolphin!

I know, I was shocked too.  Imagine, seeing a movie called Dolphin Tale, and there being a dolphin in it.  Norah went and saw her first movie in a theater today.  She kept announcing everytime she saw one that "that's a dolphin".  Hilarious AND adorable.  She talks too much for a typical movie, but at 4pm in the afternoon, no one cared I'm sure.  It's $5 day here, so two hours and one ginormous bucket of popcorn later, we had 5 little girls saying it was the best movie ever.  Works for me!  I think that at $5 each, we may see more movies on Wednesdays!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Gorgeous Weather

The last few days have been just perfect!  Yesterday it was in the 80's and not at all humid.  The girls spent the weekend at Meema's, so we got to spend some time kid free.  They enjoyed themselves immensely, as usual.  It's nice that they love their Meema so much.  I only wish we had more time to spend with her. 

We also started the annual "what the heck is going on for Thanksgiving" discussions.  So far, the plan is that that Meema and Daddy have to work that day, so we'll do something on the weekend with Meema and hopefully eat dinner late on Thursday so that Steven can join us.   Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, so I guess that means it's time to start planning what we're eating and how soon to start making things that can be frozen!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Weekend Fun

I was so proud of Hannah today!  She had another soccer game, and the weather shaped up nicely, so that we had some sun and it wasn't freezing.  She played a bit both halves, but for the second half she played center quite a bit, and she was totally into it.  She was running, and kicking, and even had a shot on the goal!  I was so proud of her for getting in there and making herself part of the game.  It's not about winning, and I do mean that.  Hannah still knows exactly who wins, and she knows who scores.  Props to Iza today too, she scored the first goal of the game, and her first goal!  She did great too!  Even Mimi got in on the action, shooting on the goal repeatedly, unfortunately none of hers made it in.

Grampy and Mimi came to the game with Auntie Angie, and they were proud of her too.  Then we headed home to eat birthday lasagna and Pioneer Woman's Carrot cake for a special birthday dessert.  Grampy felt very spoiled, and he spent the rest of the evening playing with the girls.  It was a fun day all around.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Chaos Multiplied

I'm not sure how it happened, but somehow since the beginning of the month, all the chaos has multiplied here.  Hannah and I started school.  Then there was soccer.  Ok, no big deal, one practice a week.  And sometimes as many as three games in that same span.  Now I'm getting lots of homework, and no more time in my days to do it.  I remembered last night that Hannah starts CCD on Monday.  That means that my weeks just got ever so slightly more chaotic.  I'm starting to wonder if I'll ever cook a real dinner again.  Lately it's been a lot of lame stuff.  I feel guilty, I want my family to eat better than that.  I want my house to be clean.  I want to spend time outside with my kids while they play. 

Unfortunately a lot of that is biting the dust as I try to figure out a way to combat chaos.  So when Norah is in school on Friday morning's, I try to do some homework and at least do the grocery shopping.  Maybe if we have good food in the house I'll actually cook it?  Maybe.

Sunday Hannah has a soccer game and Grampy and Mimi are coming down to watch it.  So since today is Grampy's Birthday (happy birthday Dad :)  ) we're having what he'd like for dinner on Sunday and I'll make a cake to go along with it.  Guess that's where dinner will start. 

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sucked in

I've been following this blog since the beginning of the month.  September is pediatric cancer awareness month and Mary Tyler Mom has been writing a post every day of this month.  One for each day of treatment her daughter Donna was on.  Pediatric cancer falls close to home here.  We all love Mimi, and worry about her.  She's doing well, at least last I saw her yesterday at the soccer game, and that's important.  But there is so little funding for pediatric cancer, it's very VERY sad.  Not that I think my little personal blog will have anything to do with that.  But, I feel like I needed to say something.  Anything.  I'm having a rough day today, and I don't feel like myself.  But I have my two kids here, and they love me.  I don't ever have to wonder about it.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Big E

Yesterday Hannah had a soccer game at 2:15.  Steven went into work early and found out that since they tow from the Big E, we could park for free and possibly get in at a discounted rate.  So we planned to go over there after Hannah's game.

They got a late start, somewhere closer to 3, though I'm not sure why.  Hannah spent the first half in the goal, and let a couple by her.  She comes too far out, and she's still a little afraid of the ball, so she doesn't charge it the way her coach wants.  Then they switched, and another girl played goalie and Hannah got the chance to play defense and offense.  I have some pictures from yesterday on my camera.  When they finished, and squeaked out another win, we headed home to change and drive over to the fair.

There was surprisingly little traffic, but that may be because it was nearly 5pm at that point.  We parked and walked to the main gate.  Steven called the man we were supposed to meet up with, and would you believe he walked us right in the exit.  No one batted an eyelash, and we were thrilled to be able to keep the $40 total an entrance would cost for 4 of us on a weekend.  We walked around, checked out shops, saw the parade, and got the girls some dinner.  Then we headed to the Better Living Center to see all the goods in there.  After that there was more walking around, some fried vegetables, and cotton candy.  Hannah got a feather in her hair (the new trend I guess) and Norah got a butterfly magic wand.

We finally headed for home, and got there around 9:00.  Norah was passed out cold in the car, and Hannah was wound up I guess, because she was singing and dancing in her seat.  They both seemed to sleep well, though it's going to be a long day, because they didn't sleep nearly long enough.

Friday, September 23, 2011

School Days

Hannah's gotten right back into school like it never stopped.  Some mornings she's confused, that the weekends don't require rushing.  She's ready to go, and when it's not a school day, she wants to go do something else.  Which is fine.

Today was something different.  Norah started a preschool program through the city.  For a very nominal fee she gets to go spend three hours once a week at "school".  And just like Hannah, we took her picture this morning, with her backpack.  She was VERY excited this morning, asking how soon are we leaving, and is it time for school yet.  She took her backpack and packed her snack (cheez its and water) and her nightnight.  Because even 3 year olds can't go to school without their nightnights.  And we dropped Hannah off first.  Then we headed over to Kat's house, and met them so we could do the initial drop off together.  They were so excited to be big kids, I love it! 

And as for my own school, I'm plugging along.  I'm having a harder time with math this chapter, and I suspect that won't get any easier.  I turned in my first essay for English on Tuesday, and I'll get it back next week to see how I did.  I think it was good, not great, but passable at least.  I'm still getting back into the writing swing of things.

Pictures to come on the shutterfly site, I swear I have some.  My camera is getting used, just not downloaded.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Game on!

So as of today, Hannah's team has had two games, and won both times.  Not that winning is what matters, but it makes them feel good!  Thursday it was so dark I couldn't take a single picture that wasn't fuzzy from the girls all moving.  So today, since the game got moved to 1pm instead of 6:30pm again, I got some wonderful pictures.... Of Hannah standing still.  She played goalie for all of the second half, and never got anywhere near the ball.  First half she played defense for a while while Iza played goalie.  Iza was an equally bored goalie.  They are too cute to watch them play.  They play hard, and somewhat rougher than I imagined first and second graders being.  But they all had a good time.  Hannah's excited for some family to come watch her play. 

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Tomorrow is Hannah's first soccer game.  I think she's really excited to have a good time.  I'll be interested to see how she feels when she's finished tomorrow.  Win or lose, they're all going to learn some great skills for playing a game, working with a team, and using your own potential.  But I don't expect those kind of lessons to sink in fully until she's a bit older.

Tonight we went over to the park and she kicked the soccer ball around with Mimi.  They looked pretty good, though Mimi has a much better idea of what she's supposed to do.  I suppose that comes with having a dad who plays himself.  Steven kicked it with them too for a while, and they both seemed to have fun.  Provided the local three year olds didn't come pester them.

So I'll take some pictures tomorrow, and I'll try to post the ones from this past weekend from the chalk art and the hot air balloons.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Kid Sports

Up until now, Hannah hasn't shown a ton of interest in actual team sports.  She'll play outside with balls and all sorts of sports paraphernalia, but that's about it.  And it was plenty for everyone.  Well as of this year, I guess it seems to be the right time to get her into doing some team sports.  There were sign ups yesterday for soccer, and she was interested.  Considering it was cheaper than all the other things she wanted to do, and she knows a few girls on the team, we jumped in with both feet. 

So yesterday morning, after a quick stop at the sports store for all things necessary for soccer, (cleats, shin guards, ball, socks...) we headed over to sign ups, and their first practice.  This particular team is all first and second grade girls.  However, it's mostly second grade, so Hannah and Iza are the smallest girls on the team.  They looked super adorable in their gear running and kicking.  I can't wait to see them play an actual game!  It's going to be adorable and hilarious.... and yes, there will be pictures!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

First Day

Hannah had her first day of first grade yesterday.  She came out happy and full of energy!  She had a lot to say, but she seemed surprised that she had no toys in her classroom.  She has a desk, with her name on it, and she sits next to a girl named Elizabeth and a boy named Gabriel.  She's in a class with two of her friends from last year, so that's nice.  She said she didn't have enough time to eat her lunch, but I think it's more that she got used to leisurely lunches where you can take your time, and I think she gets 15 minutes to eat at school.  She did eat all but two bites of her wrap, which I thought was the most important anyways.  Just the way she wanted.  Whole wheat wrap with turkey, cheese, lettuce, pepper, and cucumber.

Then they came home and we filled out paperwork and got snacks.  I took them back over to Meme's around 5, and then I headed off through traffic to get to my own first day of school.  I was a little early, but I wasn't the only one.  My class centered on the syllabus, and starting an outline for our first essay, due in two weeks.  I have a feeling this may be a bit harder than I first anticipated.  In this semester (we will meet 13 times in that timeframe) I have four papers due, two of which are 800+ word research papers.  It's been a long time since I did any sort of paper, so I'm hoping my brain can reboot and remember some of this stuff.  Annotated Bibliography?  Works Cited?  Footnotes? 

However in other news, I got a 97% on my first math test, so now it's on to other, harder concepts.

Sunday, September 4, 2011


Tomorrow is Labor Day, but Tuesday is the first day of school!  Hannah will be starting first grade, and I think she's a bit nervous about it.  She's most concerned that we haven't purchased her any school supplies, which I can't since I've recieved no list.  I told her if her teacher says she needs anything to have her put a note in her backpack.  I have no problem providing supplies, as long as I know what to get.

It will also be my first day of school.  I had my orientation on Friday morning and Tuesday night at 6:15 I'll start my first class on campus.  I've already started the course work on the online class.  I've had access to that for over a week, so I figured I'd get started.  So we'll see how it goes, for both of us.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I'm finally on vacation!  So far we've done a lot of nothing.  Over the weekend we had a Hurricane Party for Hurricane Irene.  The hurricane at least, was a big bust here.  It rained most of the morning and by 4pm we were seeing peeks of sunshine.  Nice, but not what they were saying was going to be awful.  I know it WAS awful for a lot of people, but at least at my house it was just an inconvenience.

Monday we went to the park, twice, again!  Just like last week we got a phone call around 3:30 to meet our friends at the park.  So this time we headed to a different one.  They fed ducks, chased frogs, picked lilypads, and played at the playground.  The girls had a fabulous time with their friends.

Tuesday we TRIED to go to the beach.  Enter Hurricane Irene again.  If I'd have thought to call ahead, it would have saved us a lot of trouble.  We headed south into Connecticut to go to our favorite beach.  We got lost, and when we got there, they were closed.  As was every local beach.  Hurricane Irene blew all the sand around and made a huge mess.  There were trees down everywhere, and no power in a lot of places.  So our beach day was a bust.

Today we hung around with Daddy while he cleaned the car and did some errands.  Someone is getting too big for their harnessed seat, and we converted one of the two seats to a booster.  She loves it, but that seat is a lousy booster.  So we're looking into getting a dedicated booster seat.  We took Hannah to a few stores and she gravitated to the "pretty" ones.  So I'm going to research a few of them and we'll order the top choice online in a few weeks.

Tomorrow we're headed to a park again, to meet some other friends and their kids to play for a while.  They'll have a great time, and I love having Mommy Friends to be with.

Friday is my orientation for school, and the closer the first day gets, the more nervous I get.  I've been online and in my book starting the first chapter for my math class.  I'd rather get ahead and be able to spend time working on things that boggle my mind later.  Then that afternoon I'm driving the girls to Meema's for the weekend.  So it'll be a full week!  And hopefully Hannah and Norah have fun, because next week school starts, and all the craziness that goes with that.

Thursday, August 25, 2011


Things have been quiet around here.  The girls have spent a lot of time at home, and a few afternoons at the park.  Their friend isn't feeling well, and was admitted to the hospital again last night for a fever.  So we haven't hung out with them, so as not to chance Mimi getting sicker when she's already immunosuppressed.  We did go to the park with them Monday, a nice trip to their favorite park, the one with the tire swing.  The one that takes a half hour to get to on a good day without traffic.  The one that is a nightmare to get to because they have all of the whole way there (BOTH ways, highway and backroads) dug up, in construction.  We've only been there one other time this year, so driving over on a Monday at rush hour was no small feat.  But the girls all had a fabulous time, and I have pictures up already on the shutterfly site.

With hurricane Irene on her way, I'm expecting a quiet weekend also.  Maybe movies and popcorn, and cooking.  I always seem to cook when I'm stuck at home.  Food to freeze.  Meat sauce, chicken broth, soup, etc.

Thursday, August 18, 2011


Here we are, more than halfway through August, and I can count on one hand the number of days Norah wore shorts.  She has an entire drawer full of the cutest shorts and skirts, and she refused to wear any of them.  A closet full of adorable shirts, and not one acceptable.  Every morning it's the same question.  "Mommy, can I wear a dress?"  I'm starting to think people think I don't like shorts on my girls because they both prefer dresses. 

However, this morning when she posed the same question as every morning, I told her it was fine.  Next thing I knew she was wearing an adorable shirt and jean shorts.  I love how cute she is in them, and I keep telling her so.  Hoping that for the next 3-4 weeks we have of warm weather, she'll wear more shorts.

Sunday, August 14, 2011


Today was Grampy's work picnic at Six Flags.  Hannah hasn't been since last year, and she's just skimming the 48" mark, so we thought we'd get her on some real rides this year.  She enjoyed a lot of the kiddie rides that Norah went on.  They both loved the Carousel, and some of the little rides.  Then we headed into superhero world to try out the new Gotham City coaster.  I rode with her the first time and Hannah loved it so much, she dragged Amanda with her three more times! 

Then we headed for a snack in the picnic area, and hit some more kids rides in that section.  Also in that section is Pandemonium, and Flashback.  I wanted to ride Pandemonium, so since Hannah was big enough, Amanda and I took her on that also!  She periodically got that look of total terror that flip flopped with maniacal laughter.  It was hilarious!  By the time we were heading out she was asking to go on it again.  She stopped just short of going on Flashback.  They had agreed to let her on even though she falls just short of their idea of 48".  However, she changed her mind. 

Oh well, there's always next year, right?

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mid-Week Fun

We've been busy this week.  Yesterday was Steven's day off, and to celebrate we headed up to Lucky's in Northampton so he could get the addition to his tattoo that he's been so desperate for.  I'm not a fan of names.  Ever.  However, in the end, it's his arm.  So yesterday he got the girls names added to what he already has.  So far it looks good, just a bit puffy and pink this morning.  I do think it came out well, even if I can't appreciate having names inked into your body forever.

After we were done there we headed up to our friends house.  They live in the area, and we hadn't seen them since June.  So we watched the kids play, and ate a nice dinner, and Kerry and I had some miraculously easy margaritas.  In fact I'm almost tempted to go get some tequila and make them here.  Almost.

Monday, August 8, 2011


I love the ocean!  I adore the ocean!  Man am I sad that we live far enough from the ocean that I can't smell it every day. 

Saturday morning we headed up to Grampy and Mimi's house.  We packed a lunch, some sunscreen, and water, and headed to Rockport for a picnic and some hanging out at the ocean.  Clay, Cody, and Matt came also, so there were three kids to watch carefully on all those rocks!  Norah was impressed with the water and how loud it was.  Hannah was terrified of sharks, despite the fact that there was no one going IN the water that there *could* be sharks in.  They both decided that it smelled stinky.... though they were definitely in the minority on that one!  After Rockport we headed back to Grampy and Mimi's house for some burgers cooked on the grill and other yummy foods.  Both girls slept well that night, though with all that fresh air, who's surprised.

I'm looking forward to taking them to a beach that has some actual sand so they can get wet and play.  Maybe one of these weekends I'll figure it out. 

Monday, August 1, 2011


I don't know what kind of crazy these kids got into today, but man it's GRATING!  Nothing they do is quiet, unless they shouldn't be doing it, nothing is peaceful.  It's all yelling, whining, screaming, crying, fighting.... I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but man, 3 and I , we do NOT get along.  I'm counting down the months until this monkey turns 4.  I'm thinking it won't help a ton, but it has to do something.

So I was very glad when Kat asked if we wanted to come over there to have pizza with them.  Mimi requested pizza before her spinal tap tomorrow, and it made her night that we came over and shared.  The girlies there are finally feeling better after having a nasty stomach bug all weekend.  So all five girls had a lovely evening of pizza and crazy.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

It's Official!

I'm a registered, id carrying, college student!  I'm kind of terrified, and kind of excited!  I know it's an important step to where I want to be in my life.  I can't wait to start getting into the photography classes, but so far I'm taking a couple of the other requirements, so when Norah is in Kindergarten I can more fully devote myself to school.  So this semester I'm taking English and a Math class.  I don't know if they're full year classes, or semester classes.  Either way, it should be interesting to get my feet wet in a classroom setting again.  One class on campus and one online to be done at home. 

Wish me luck, Apparently the rest of my life starts today!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Crazy Weather

We had more crazy weather down here today.  After the June first tornados that hit, I think everyone is a little paranoid.  I got a few phone calls asking if we were ok, and letting me know that we had a storm on the way.  Fortunately for that, since I actually almost never turn the tv on in the afternoon.  So other than thunder and dark clouds, I wouldn't have any idea what was going on. 

The wind was absolutely relentless.  I have literally never seen so much wind.  A couple miles away there was crazy hail, but we saw none.  Kat was on her way back here after the storm and she said there were trees down and fences in the road up the street from us.  So I'm thinking whatever it was, it just missed us.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Busy and Hot

It's been a busy, hot week!  My birthday was very nice.  A trip to Eric Carle with some of our fabulous friends, and a cheeseburger for dinner to top it off.  Tuesday I had to work, but everyone had their A/C on, so it was bearable.

Wednesday was Steven's first weekday off in exchange for working on Sundays.  So we did some errands, had lunch, and then headed to the local wading pool.  We stayed there for a couple hours, and both girls spent the whole time in the water.  Totally worth the $4 to get them in.  Thursday after work we headed over to the library to see the Toe Jam Puppet Band perform.  The girls love them every time!  After that we were headed back to the house to get cool because it was 100 outside, but instead Kat called us to join them at Coldstone for a pre dinner ice cream snack!  The girls both had Cotton Candy, and I tried their Strawberry Basil. 

Yesterday we headed over to Forest Park in the morning to meet up with some friends and have lunch.  We had a nice picnic, and then we parted ways so that I could take the girls over to the splash park.  They had a blast and cooled off there, but it was still SO hot that I was sweating just sitting still.  I heard we got up to 103 in some spots locally.  So after that we went home to cool off, but I forgot we needed milk, so we headed to the fruit store, and ran into Kat again.  She invited us to their friends to swim for a while, and we took them up on it.  Both girls had a blast cooling off in the pool, and Hannah is turning out to be pretty darn good at swimming, even if she needs her arm floaties!

Today we're heading down to visit some friends, so we're all excited about that too! 

Sunday, July 17, 2011


Tomorrow I'll be thirty, and I can't really complain for all the good things I have right now.  I have two gorgeous girlies, who posess both comic timing and good behavior when it counts.  I'm married to a wonderful guy who always puts us first, and truly has our best interest in mind.  Sometimes that's not easy to find in a partner, but I've got it.  We own a house, we can pay our bills, and we can still do fun stuff sometimes too!  Steven even told me that since he's working so many hours these days, that if I want to start going to school that I should look into it so I can do it in the evenings online if possible.  I couldn't ask for much better to be honest.  Seriously, why does everyone dread turning thirty?

Saturday, July 16, 2011


I feel like we spend all week looking forward to weekends.  Steven has been working a lot of hours at his new job.  It's not really a big deal to me, I remember him working crazy hours before we had the girls.  But they're not at all used to him working so long, being here so little, and being so tired when he is here.  I'm hoping they can get used to it, because all the extra hours mean that when he IS here, we can do fun things.

So this weekend, Steven has to work Sunday, so we're cramming all the fun we can into today.  There are plans for some errands, and hopefully some fun stuff for them too.  Tomorrow Grampy and Mimi are coming over to visit while he's at work, so that will be something good.  Monday I have off from work, and it's my birthday.  I'm thinking we'll go to a park of some kind, or depending on the weather, maybe the Eric Carle museum.

Next weekend we're headed down to visit friends and maybe go to the zoo for our annual zoo trip with them.  We've done it every summer since Hannah was 14 months old.  We now have more kids and more fun every year!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Toto Photo

I don't know why Kat's brother Victor is Toto, his own nieces all call him that, and now my kids do too.  So Toto came to take pictures at the girls baptism.  He's a professional, and is fantastic, and we are so SO grateful he was willing and able to be there.  I got them today, and they're all amazing!  I posted them on the shutterfly site, but here's just one to share.

Monday, July 11, 2011


Hannah's running a fever today.  I noticed it around lunch and it's hanging on this afternoon.  So she's resting on the couch with movies and water.  I'm hoping she can kick it fast!  It's super hot today, so having a fever when it's hot has to be ten times worse.

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Next week is my birthday, and when Steven asked me what I wanted, I told him I wanted a new lens for my camera.  So after some research and deciding, I've come up with the one I want.  Now we're just waiting for the last check from the old job.  Hopefully it comes on Friday, because I really want to get it ASAP!  I decided on a 35mm 1.8 prime lens.  So because it's a fixed focal length, there will be some new composition challenges, but with a ginormous aperture, I should be able to take gorgeous photos in the house without the flash.  A fabulous plan, since we live in New England and sometimes the weather is questionable.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Short Weeks

I love short weeks following long holiday weekends!  It's like an extra bonus added in.  Our week was relatively peaceful here.  Aside from having Kat cart me all over so I could drop off/retrieve my car from service, it was blissfully normal.  A fabulous hot July so far.  I had the ac on earlier, though it was less humid yesterday, so we turned it off.  In the afternoon we also had Magi and Mimi over for dinner so Kat could go to a work meeting.  Everyone played nicely, except Norah.  She seems to think that when you play "duck duck goose", she should always be the goose.  Everyone tried to nicely explain it to her, so I removed her and reminded her that playing nicely with friends and taking turns means your friends will want to come over to play again.

Then of course, the post dinner dessert meltdown.  Yesterday I made tacos for dinner.  One of Norah's favorites, but she chose a hard taco instead of the usual soft I give her.  I don't think she liked it, and they're hard to eat.  So she chose not to eat.  I reminded her as she got down that if she didn't do a good job on her dinner there wouldn't be any more chances to eat for her.  She agreed.  Until I couldn't put off the other three any longer, and they all got a TJ's cookie.  Then holy hell broke loose, and the poor girl ended up falling asleep in her bed midtantrum. 

Fortunately, today she ate all her dinner and even had seconds.  She insisted that "tortellinis are my favorite!  I will eat them all up in my belly button!"

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


As happy as I was to go see Sara and Zach in New Hampshire.  As thrilled as I was to be a part of their special day... there's nothing like being home in your own house and bed.  The chaos started Saturday when Steven defied the borrowed GPS and headed East instead of West.  So because of that we ended up on 93 North, stopped dead, sitting.  For a LONG time.  It was less than pleasant.  Add to that Sara waiting for us to drop off the flowers (seated conveniently between my feet for the whole 3.5 hour trip) and take her back to her Mother in Law's with us.  It was a little nuts.  So we finally get to Sara, and as we pull off the highway, Steven notices my car is making a horrible clunky noise.  Not at all good.  So we drop off all the stuff at Jean's house, and head to the hotel to check in and get ready for rehearsal.  While we're there, Steven asks about garages, and one is available to check out my front end, deems it "safe" and we're good to drive, despite horrible clunking noises.

Rehearsal is awesome and fun.  There was lots of last minute plans, and who's going to do what, when. In fact the ONLY bad part is me stepping wrong out of the back door of the house and twisting my ankle very uncomfortably.  The girls are excited, and start wondering if the pool at the hotel is any fun.  So we head out about 7:30 to take them back to go swimming and my ankle was in heaven in the hot tub.  The girls go to bed as soon as we get upstairs and are asleep in record time.  Meanwhile Steven goes out to find ibuprofen and sandwiches because we're starving.  I ice my foot, watch a movie, and eat.  We head to bed and realize that a Queen size bed, is TEENY compared to our bed, and Oh man, Everytime I move, we're touching.  I don't mind touching, but not when I'm sleeping!

Sunday morning finally comes, with matching dark circles for all of us.  We head to breakfast and the pool, followed by the LL Bean outlet and some other stuff.  We go back to the hotel to get ready for the wedding and check out.  We're going home, and man I miss my bed.

The wedding was fantastic and beautiful!  Everything seemed to happen either just right, or with minimal issues.  Sara and Zach seemed to have a good time, and everyone attending seemed to also.  I only wish I'd been in the right place with my camera to get pictures of the wedding party jumping in the river.... in their gorgeous clothes!

Friday, July 1, 2011

The time has come

The girls couldn't be more excited!  Tomorrow we are leaving for the long drive to Auntie  Sara and Uncle Zach's wedding.  We're spending two nights in a hotel, and we have to bring more stuff than I can physically imagine.  I've finally gotten to where I've packed nearly everything.  Only the stuff we really need for the morning is still not in the suitcase.  Steven is supposed to find the cooler so we can bring the wings and flowers up safely.  He's late at work tonight, so hopefully he finds it right away in the morning.  Otherwise I forsee an early stop at Walmart to get a cooler.

We're all thrilled and can't wait to see everyone, and of course, pictures to come.  Oh man, I should put my camera in the suitcase.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

First full day

Today was Hannah's first full day of summer vacation.  We celebrated by hanging out with friends, going to the fabric store, and having a playdate full of little girls.  Some friends of mine who are babywearers came over to go to the big fabric store a couple of towns away.  Then I offered that everyone could come here afterward because I'm the closest.  It was lots of fun, I got to touch a whole bunch of wraps I'd never even heard of, even using Li's new slate silk indio to wrap Norah for the whole thirty seconds she allowed it. 

Hannah and Norah had a great time playing with Sasha, and ogling Lola.  She's Sasha's baby sister.  I even got to snuggle her :)  She's not even 3 months old and still has that amazing baby smell.  They also enjoyed playing with Ebie, who is cute as a button with the most adorable curls.

If only tomorrow wasn't Thursday, I could do with more days like today.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Party at our house!

Yesterday the baptism went off without a hitch, so after church and pictures with Toto, we headed home to start cooking food.  Everyone stayed for a long time, and there was lots of eating and fun to be had.  Everyone finally headed out a bit before 8, and not too long after Daddy had to make another call to the tooth fairy.  Seems like we have a toothless wonder here.  They just keep disappearing.  So next weekend for the wedding festivities, there will be lots of toothless grins I'm sure.

It's funny, when they're tiny and they get their first tooth, you slightly lament the loss of that adorably gummy smile.  Then they have teeth and they're too cute and you get used to it.  Now Hannah's losing hers, and I'm not used to it again.

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Raining too much here this week.  My kids are desperate to get out some energy.  They're driving me nuts, and with this lousy cold weather, I can't do much about it.  They wake up too early and are loud and crazy from the minute their eyes pop open.  I know they just need to run around and get the crazy out.  Hopefully tomorrow when it's nice we can do that.  Plus there will be a zillion people here for the after party from the baptism.  Someone can run them ragged I'm sure.

Yesterday Hannah had her play at the school.  She was the pig in the yellow hat, and all five kids were adorable and awesome.  I have a bunch of pictures on my camera, but I'll probably wait until after tomorrow to download it.  She was a fabulous yellow pig!  I am very proud of her.

The last day of school is Tuesday, and I know Hannah can't wait.  She is desperate to have the summer off to play with her friends and do fun stuff.  I don't blame her, I can't wait to do fun stuff either.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer Weekends

Starting this weekend, our weekends are FULL!  The girls are being baptized at church on Sunday, and then a huge barbeque here at our house full of family and friends.  They're excited to have a party and play with their friends and all the grandparents who will be here.

Next weekend we head up to NH to watch their favorite Auntie Sara and Uncle Zach get married (again!).  They are going to be the adorable, show stealing flower girls.  With pink, sparkly flip flops.  We have lots to prepare for that, including packing, getting food/flowers, and actually driving 3 hours away!

I thought we'd get a break the week after that, but Monday Hannah got an invitation to a gymnastics birthday party for one of her friends.  So of course she can head over to that, because she is good friends with this little girl.

And of course the weekend after that we'll try to celebrate my birthday, since it's a big one.  I was hoping for a party, but now I think I'll hope for a quiet weekend at home with ALL my family.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Crazy Kids!

Norah: When I don't live with you, I'm going to live with GOD.  All by myself!
Hannah: No, with your boyfriend!
Norah: I don't HAVE a boyfriend!

What on earth has posessed these kids?  Weirdos!

Speaking of Weirdos, Here is the shutterfly link to where all our photos are posted. I don't post photos here on blogger anymore because I'm afraid of running out of space before I run out of things to say!  I uploaded pictures yesterday from the weekend.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Busy Busy

Today was a busy day!  We got up before 7 and started getting ready to go to Grampy and Mimi's house.  There was a Fireman's Muster today in Holden, and we wanted to get there early so we could leave when we were ready.  After we got there, there was a lot of sitting and standing.  The girls were excited, and Steven hadn't ever been to one.  There was a parade with LOTS of candy thrown out, and all the races.  Even a race where each team had women firefighters shooting at targets, which isn't something I remember from watching as a kid.

Then when we were finished watching firefighters, we headed over to Landon's first birthday party, and the girls had a great time!  Landon is super cute, and actually looks just like Christopher did when he was little.  They were sad when it was time to head home, but a car nap perked them up.  Hopefully sleeping at 4:30 in the afternoon won't mess with their nighttime sleep too much. 

Saturday, June 18, 2011


The Daddy who lives here is someone special.  Someone who loves hugs and playing chase.  Who tolerates kisses from all sorts of messy faces.  He works hard so his family can have enough of everything they need, and some things they don't.  He doesn't mind having small people crawl into bed early in the morning for some extra snuggles.  Obliges late night kisses when he comes in after bedtime.  Loves to go and do fun things as a family, as well as staying home and doing nothing.  Or as close an approximation of nothing, since no one with kids does "Nothing".

Happy Father's day to one of the best dads I know.  The one who lives here.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tooth Fairy

Man that tooth fairy is becoming a regular visitor at our house these days.  Hannah had this one loose tooth that was ridiculous.  So loose you could see the top part that was supposed to be up in her gum.  But still attached somehow.  Finally Saturday I told her it was time.  It needed to go, and she had my permission to go to it and get it out.  She hates the idea of anyone touching her teeth or wiggling them.  She wants to take them out herself, and save one, she always has.  Until Saturday.  She wiggled, and she twisted, and it was GROSS!  Eventually I told her to head to the bathroom, that grabbing it with a tissue was a much better plan.  So I got a tissue, and showed her what I meant.  I put the tissue in my fingers and her tooth in the tissue and then I said "then you say OK, and you count to three, like this:  One.... Two...." Yank!  And that was the end of it.  She shrieked when she realized I'd actually done it myself.  Then she told me later that she was so glad I pulled it for her. 

Apparently Kayla texted the Tooth Fairy (aka Heather) to tell her to make a stop.  And sure enough, Sunday morning there was a surprise waiting for her when she woke up.  I just can't get over how different she looks with that one gone.  I think it makes a bigger difference because it's one of the top front teeth, which are bigger in general.  Today she had her spring concert at school and even across the gym, you can see the gap.  My baby is growing up, and I can't stop it.... but I think it's getting tougher to "enjoy".

Monday, June 13, 2011


Over the weekend we had a houseful, but mostly full of girls.  Amanda is here, since she needs someone to stay with when college says she can't stay there.  Apparently Heather and Kayla like it here too, so they came over Friday night and left late Sunday after dinner.  Add to that Amanda's friend Ashley coming for a visit, and Steven was sorely outnumbered.  And you know what, I don't think he minded one bit.  I think he thinks it's nice to be "needed" by someone.  I love him, but I don't "need" him the same way teenage girls with cars they don't understand do.

Speaking of Steven, he was offered a fantastic opportunity to join a new company, and he took the offer.  He'll be leaving his current job in about a week and a half, and he's already started training for the new one.  He started Friday night and while he was supposed to be home around 11:30, he was good enough they kept him most of the night, not walking in until about 3:45 Saturday morning.  That makes for a long day, but so far he says he enjoys it, and he's actually there, and Hopefully will be home around 11:30.  We'll see, but he does have a regular job to head to tomorrow... so we'll hope.

Sunday, June 12, 2011


A year ago we were in the hospital with Hannah after her surgery.  Today she walked the entire course at Six Flags excepting one short piggy back ride!  In fact we didn't even SEE her for probably 2/3rds of the walk because she was hanging out with her friends.  I'm hoping someone will be sharing pictures, because I only have a couple of her.  She had such a good time, despite the weather being less than stellar.  We got drizzled on, and sprinkled on, and it's unseasonably cool.  Fortunately, everyone turned up to walk anyways!  We had a great time, and Mimi was a fabulous ambassador!  They told us that to date we had raised over $50,000 total for all of New England.  That's wonderful and all the money will stay right here, which is even better.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Purple Sock Monkeys

We're walking with the Purple Sock Monkeys again this year for A Walk In the Park at Six Flags.  The walk is this coming Sunday, and the girls are both really excited!  Hannah has totally blown away her goal of $50 thanks to generous donations from people who love her and Mimi.  I'm so proud of her, and of Mimi for fighting and looking good doing it!  Hannah has such a big heart, I'm sure that it will stay with her as she grows up.  Next year Norah will be old enough to start raising money also, I love these girls, so I know she'll do just as well with Hannah as her example!

Monday, June 6, 2011


So things have been a bit crazy here.  On June 1st, we had three tornadoes touch down here in our little area.  No major damage to us, besides some crazy hail dents in my car.  But some of the surrounding areas haven't been so lucky.  There was a ton of damage in several other places, and they said on the news this morning it was an EF3 that cut a 39 mile path through the state!

Despite that, we had a fun weekend.  We went to the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art, and Hannah got her Strega Nona book signed by Tomie dePaola.  She was over the moon excited, and she even got a picture with him. 

Yesterday we headed up to Grampy and Mimi's house for a bridal shower for Auntie Sara and Zach.  The girls had a great time playing with everyone, and eating a ton of food.  I can't believe they'll be leaving today and back in three weeks to start the countdown to July 3rd!  We booked our hotel, and Hannah gets out of school a couple days prior, so it all works out great.

Speaking of school, Hannah has to go to school until June 28th to make up all the snow days we had this winter.  She's a little unhappy she won't still be getting out on the 20th, especially since some of her friends had the same amount of snowdays, but get out on schedule next Wednesday.  I don't know why the city doesn't plan some days in, but maybe they will now.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Hannah's looking forward to the summer.  Unfortunately, after the winter we had, her summer doesn't really begin until 4th of July!  She's going to be in school through part of the last week in June.  Which sounds ridiculous to me.  Yes I know they started late, but why on earth can they not start earlier?  Start the last week in August, or the first in September. This year her first day was the 13th of September, which is crazy.  Add a gazillion snow days, and we can't do anything fun until after Auntie Sara and Zach get married. 

She's having a concert in a couple weeks, and she's also the yellow pig in a play.  However they have yet to be bothered to tell anyone when this play takes place, only that they don't know yet.  How is anyone supposed to get time off work to be there to support her?  I'm really frustrated with her school and how they run things.

Friday, May 27, 2011


And it feels like summer!  Yesterday and the day before it was in the 80's, and we're expecting more of the same until sometime next week!  I love summer, and I'm thrilled it's starting to feel that way.  We have a lot of fun things coming up, next weekend we're going to Eric Carle to meet Tomie DePaola, and I heard a rumor that a certain Auntie and Uncle are coming up for a couple days to finalize wedding plans.

Today it's warm enough I told Hannah she could wear shorts to school, and boy was she excited about that!  It's like a special treat, but I know they don't have AC there, and I don't want her to be too hot.  The down side is, I had to nix the sleepover at Grampy's tonight.  Hannah's got a cough, and so far each day when she gets up it sounds worse.  I don't like sending her away when she's sick.  So they'll both stay here and we'll drive up to visit tomorrow instead.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Happiest Outside

My girls seem to be happiest outside.  Especially if one of us is free to go out with them, but they could stay outside for hours alone, coming in only to use the bathroom or beg for food/drinks.  They spent the majority of this past weekend outside, and clearly it took it's toll on them, because yesterday morning at 7 they finally came out of their room.  Normally they're half finished with breakfast by then, I've packed Hannah's snack, asked about lunch, and gotten their clothes.  Fortunately none of that takes TOO long, so they made it out the door in plenty of time.

Our garden went in over the weekend as well, so they're excited to see our veggies growing and hopeful that it won't be TOO long before they can eat some of them.  I think Hannah is most excited about the sugar snap peas and the green beans.  Norah love cucumbers and peppers, and our peppers finally sprouted, so we'll probably have some by August!

Friday, May 20, 2011


Summer is coming, and if this weather doesn't shape up, we won't be doing anything fun.  Either that or we'll spend time planning to do it, then not actually getting to.  Memorial day is the unofficial start of summer, and is a week away.  So far, it's been in the 50's and 60's all week with unending rain.  Not at all weather you would think is leading into the start of summer.

This weekend we have a birthday party, and hopefully planting our garden.  This year instead of buying seedlings, we started most of our plants a couple weeks ago as seeds.  So far everything has shown promise except the peppers.  I read online they need consistent soil temps in the 70's, and obviously that's not happening.  We did buy some seedlings last week and planted them, because the basil was looking pot-bound.  So already in we have cherry tomatoes, roma tomatoes, zucchini, basil, and celery.  Waiting to go in are Sugar snap peas, green beans, cucumbers, lettuce, broccoli, and marigolds to keep the bugs away.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Another First

For Norah anyways.  Over the weekend, Meema wanted to see the girls.  She's been asking for probably a year now if she could keep the girls for two nights, so finally I agreed.  I missed them, and they might have missed me a little.  But they had a fabulous time.  They ate donuts, and freeze pops, watched a movie, and painted.  There's playdoh and toys and Meema.  They love her so much, more than me I think sometimes.

So Friday afternoon I met her halfway and traded for Gary so he could help move Amanda out of her dorm Saturday.  I made risotto primavera for dinner, and it must have been fabulous because there were no leftovers at all.  Saturday I went shopping alone, and found a dress to wear to the wedding in July, and some cute new shoes.  Then we ran a couple errands and had a nice dinner at Olive Garden, courtesy of a lovely giftcard. 

So it was a very nice weekend for everyone.  I'm surprised that I did so well with leaving my kids for longer than I planned.  I did miss them, but not so much I wouldn't do it again!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Too much going on

I can't seem to make any weeknight plans that I'm ok with.  Hannah wants to spend every afternoon at the park, and everytime there's something going on at school, we should do that too.  Tonight is the Scholastic Book Fair, and while I appreciate reading, and want to instill a love of it in my children... I do NOT love going to her school, cramming ourselves into the tiniest library on earth, and buying overpriced books that I could get at Savers for $.69 each.  Steven's also working late this week doing a motor job, so it's solo for me and the kids.  Last night he took some ASE tests and didn't get home until 10pm.  At least the bonus there for me was that I could watch Black Swan without any ridiculous comments and questions.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

And it was.  Peaceful like no other, with the possible exception of last year, when for some reason I wasn't able to see my own mother.  Everyone came over here and we had spaghetti and meatballs, and oodles of desserts.  Donny came, and stayed most of the day, which was nice since he wasn't feeling at all well in the morning.  All the nieces came over too, so I had a houseful, and everyone spent lots of time being social.

I always feel a little guilty when people come over and my mom is also here.  I so rarely see her, that my time gets monopolized when she's available.  I know I should spend time talking to everyone, but I miss just being able to see her whenever I feel like it.

Otherwise we had a nice bottle of wine, good food, and good company.  My brother got good news about his stint in the National Guard, and after everyone left we ran out to a couple stores and just did our little family thing.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

More Sick

Though amazingly enough this time, it's NOT Hannah.  I know, I was surprised too.  Steven's got some killer stomach bug.  He can't keep anything down, and at the moment he's napping.  Of course in a fit of insanity he managed to use the carpet cleaner to wash the carpet and all the living room furniture, so none of that is useable at the moment.  He kept forgetting they were wet and stumbling in to crash on the couch, only to realize he had to head back into the bedroom.  We had plans with some friends for today, but I asked them if we could postpone to another weekend, since who knows how contagious he is.  Fortunately Ellie will be turning 3 this month, and the resulting birthday party is in two weeks.  So we'll plan to be there.

I also had to mention to everyone else that he was sick and that we might have to cancel tomorrow also.  Mother's day with all the Mothers looks like it might have to wait.  They will all understand, should it come down to that.  Because in all honesty, I don't really look forward to cooking and cleaning up after everyone alone on Mother's day, so hopefully he's feeling better, or we'll just do it another day. 

Monday, May 2, 2011

I love weekends!

We had a lovely weekend, and some super weather to go with it.  Friday afternoon at dinner time, Sara and Zach came with their dog, Dylan.  The kids played outside with them for over an hour, and then hung out inside while getting ready for bed.  Saturday brought a trip with them up to Grampy and Mimi's house, a really great walk around the Berlin Reservoir, some mega wedding planning and a wedding dress fashion show.  Yesterday we had more fabulous weather.  We headed over to Forest Park and did the walk for MS in honor of Sam, our neighbor.  The weather was perfect, not too hot, not too cold.  A long walk for Steven's knee, but he managed.  Then we came home and rearranged some things, played outside, had a great grilled dinner, and just relaxed.  A fabulous weekend all around.  I love it. 

Next weekend we have more wonderful plans, seeing as we have friends we haven't visited in ages, and it's Mother's Day!

Thursday, April 28, 2011


Why after what felt like the longest winter in history, can I not get my kids to go play outside?!  It's crazy.  Yesterday they stayed in playing Polly Pockets, and the day before Norah only wanted to play LPS.  It's very frustrating.  Hopefully this weekend they'll spend more time outside.  It's supposed to still be nice, and their fabulous Auntie and Uncle to be are coming for a visit.  They'll be here sometime tomorrow afternoon I think, so if Hannah's lucky, they'll be waiting for her when I bring her back from school.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

April Showers

Are drowning us!  I almost can't remember when we saw a whole day that had no rain in it!  We're looking forward to the next few days where it will be nice and warm, but still with the rain.  It's never ending.  Maybe we need to build an ark. 

The good news is it's getting to be warm.  So I'm going to start packing up a few of the long sleeve shirts in favor of more short sleeves.  It's going to be May and in another month, Memorial Day will be here.  So we'll need to find the warm weather clothes.  I remember both girls wearing shorts last year at that time.  Today though, it's all about short sleeves and capri leggings with the skirts. 

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Easter is super late this year, so I was really hoping for some fabulous weather.  After yesterday where it was cold, rainy, and generally gross... today was a real blessing.  It was very foggy when the girls got up to see what the Easter Bunny brought them, but by the time we got out of church, the sun was peeking out.  After a stop for a post church breakfast at Friendly's (Per Steven, exactly how it was done when he was a kid) the sun was full out and it was almost 70, which is lovely!  We headed over to Meme's house to have an afternoon of fun.  The girls had more easter treats there, and got to hunt for eggs.  Amanda came over with her friend Ashley and the girls had them running at their beck and call all afternoon.  Yes it clouded over later, and we got more rain, but that little bit of sun and warmth this morning really has me ready for fabulous weather and summer fun!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

It gets better

Hannah started her vacation on a somewhat low note, but it HAS gone up from there.  She spent two days 99'ing it (as Kat would say) but then by Wednesday she was her normal self.  Which is good, because we had plans to go to Northampton to see a puppet show at the Academy of Music.  The show was Sleeping Beauty, complete with fantastic marionettes and music from the ballet.  All the kids thought it was great, and Norah insists that her favorite part was the dragon.  After that we headed to Thorne's for a snack, and then home.  They were thrilled to hang out with their cousins for the afternoon. 

Today we headed out to the Amelia Park Children's Museum, courtesy of Kat for lending us her pass.  They had a great time there!  Norah spent most of her time there playing with trains, but they also had their faces painted, planted seeds to take home (Hannah picked cucumbers, Norah picked Dahlias), and basically got to run around like lunatics.  We stopped at Kat's on the way home to drop off the pass, and then headed home for dinner.

Tomorrow we have plans to head down to the Trolley Museum in CT before Mimi comes over to pick up Hannah and take her back to her and Grampy's house for a sleepover.  We're heading up there on Saturday, so she's very excited to have them all to herself for the evening.  So clearly her fever didn't last long enough to spoil her whole vacation!

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Mom doesn't usually call me when the girls are at her house, until they request to say hi to me, and tell me all the fun things they're doing.  Yesterday though, she did.  Hannah was sick.  Of course I knew she was sick, she'd been coughing over a week.  That's not new, so I'd sent all the regular remedies, and knew they'd have a great time.  Until she called.  She said Hannah was running a fever.  That she was curled up in bed, and not at all herself.  Poor Hannah.  I directed her to the childrens ibuprofen I've left there for her, and she dosed her.  I called back an hour or so later, and she was perky and happier.  Good news for everyone.  She did not want to come home, even though I said if she wanted to, we'd come to get her.  She was insistent that she stay there.  And she did.  She still had a fever this morning, so more medicine.  She was more like herself all day though until dinner.  So she got some more medicine at bedtime.  I'm hoping she's feeling better tomorrow.  She already has to miss her friends coming over, because they can't be around when anyone's had a fever.  And of course they're all on vacation, so we have plenty of fun plans.  She's a trooper though, she really wants to keep doing everything and make it just as fun as it should be.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


As spring gets more into full swing, I spend more and more time looking forward to weekends.  Specifically this weekend.  Next week Steven is on vacation, as well as Hannah for her spring break.  I have to work, but I think I have it set so I can squeeze everyone into Monday and Tuesday, and then spend the rest of the week home with the family.

Also this weekend, the girls are going to Meema's for a sleepover.  She's happy to keep them so Steven and I can do something special to celebrate our anniversary.  And of course we have lots of plans for every weekend coming up.  Next weekend it's Grampy's house, the weekend after it's another friends house to visit their new baby.  Mother's day weekend is obvious, as well as having plans to go visit some friends who we love, but don't see often enough.  It's enough to wish for all my weekends together, instead of separated by weeks.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Eight or Ten?

Today is Steven's and my anniversary.  We've been married for eight years.  But, as it happens, we chose to get married on the second anniversary of our first date.  A Friday the thirteenth, and Steven still swears the reason he knew I was the one is because I called him a cheap prick on that eventful first date.  Who knows, but it's here and so far so good.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Oh it was beautiful here this weekend.  The girls spent most of yesterday outside playing.  We put up our new gazebo to replace the totally destroyed one from the snow this winter.  It's the same size, and matches everything we already had.  And it was a good price.  So we did that yesterday, and I took out the carseats and washed the covers.  It was time for that... gross!  Today Hannah played outside most of the afternoon, and we went to church this morning.  That was new for us as a family.  I don't think we've gone to "Church" together since Norah came to join us.  Probably long before.  They both were fabulously good, and Steven seemed to be pleased to be back in his element as far as churches go.  I think we'll keep it up.  If they seem to like it, maybe I'll take the step and make it a family affair. 

Monday, April 4, 2011

April Showers

Once the snow that was basically nonexistant disappeared, we had a fabulous weekend.  We drove up to Grampy and Mimi's house, had a nice lunch, and they absconded with Grampy, making him almost unable to chat with any of the rest of us.  We even drove up to Nana and Papa's to visit with Nana who had just come home from rehab after a nasty fall.

Yesterday was errands and just hanging out here at home.  I took the girls upstairs and got the summer bins out of the attic for them to see what still fits.  Quite a bit as it turns out.  Only a few things are too short for Hannah, and Norah can wear everything she wore last year, plus a few things that are a size bigger.  Only thing we're missing is a few pairs of summer PJ's for Hannah, otherwise we're ready for a weather warm up!  Of course that's not going to happen, we're looking at an entire week of rain/sleet/slush falling.  I hope the weather shapes up!

Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools!

Weather man has been touting a horrible Nor'Easter coming to slam us today.  Yesterday Hannah came home from school saying "Mrs L. Says we should cross our fingers that we have school tomorrow.  Apparently enough little kids did, because their "4-6" inches has materialized into NADA.  There was enough snow to brush my car off, and by 10am it was melted off everything except the grass.  Now it's 1:30 and I literally don't see any left.  However... I was texted by my dad about coming to visit tomorrow, and he said the girls should be able to go outside and make a snowman tomorrow, since they had at least 6" then, and that was a few hours ago.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Hannah has another loose tooth.  Well she has about 3 loose teeth, but one is very VERY loose.  Like the tooth fairy better stop at the store or the bank today to make sure I have some small cash handy.  I'm surprised it didn't come out last night, it's basically pointing forward instead of up.  I think she's hoping it will come out at school today.  I don't know if there is a big deal made about losing it, but I guess like I keep telling her, it'll happen when it happens.

Monday, March 28, 2011


When it comes to having company with kids, I tend to hold off on telling the girls that we're having people over until the very last minute.  You never know when someone will wake up sick, or with pink eye, or whatever.  So they were very excited when they heard our friends were coming to visit.  Hannah and Norah both love playing with Hunter, Hayden, and Baby Sam.  Though I wonder what Baby Sam will be called when he's a big brother this summer?  Some friends of ours have a daughter who always called Norah "Baby Norah" which was adorable... and I was kind of sad when Joanna informed me that Allie says she's now "Big  Girl Baby Norah"  She is a big girl.... no baby left at all.

Speaking of, Norah had her 3 year well child appointment on Friday.  She is 26lbs and 35 inches tall.  Right on her growth curve.  Her doctor checked out her toes that I deemed "weird" and said they look like bad circulation and nothing to worry about.  All her other deals (eating, sleeping, accidents) are "normal" for 3.  I guess I didn't realize that with Hannah.  She's a great eater/sleeper... and basically once she hit 3 only had enough accidents I could count them on one hand... and that's usually from being too far from the bathroom when she remembered she had to go.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Norah's got a little shiner now.  Her right side of her nose, and her right eye.  It's not awful, but noticeable to me.  She isn't letting it bother her though.  Everything else is totally normal.  Minus the fact that she has a small cold, so wiping and cleaning her face is getting to be a miserable chore for everyone. 

We're looking forward to some friends visiting this weekend.  Planning the meal, and hopefully THIS time I actually will take out my camera.  I said I would last time, but we had so much fun chatting, both cameras were forgotten. 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Who is more clumsy?

It's a good question around here most days.  Hannah slips and falls regularly, Norah trips on her own feet... a regular circus here to be sure.  Up until today, Hannah had the broken bone to prove it.  Unfortunately, Norah can share in the clumsy glory.  This morning, running through the living room on her way to the bathroom, Norah fell.  As she fell she landed her cute little nose against the arm of our loveseat.  And the blood came.  And the screaming.  And then it swelled up.  There went my ideas of going to work.  Instead we headed to the pediatrician to get a "yep it's probably broken, but we can't do anything for it, so keep an eye on it and have her rechecked Friday at her regularly scheduled appointment."  Awesome.  So she has a very swollen nose, and a bruise.  And is otherwise totally herself.  I do think I might give her something to help the pain she might cause by sleeping before she gets to be sleeping. 

Monday, March 21, 2011

And it's back

Winter that is.  Friday it was gorgeous, 70 degrees and sunny.  Today, we're getting snow, rain, slush and nastiness.  Also the car chaos that resulted from Saturday is still not totally resolved.  Steven's truck blew a brake line while I was driving it, though thankfully I was already at the office for my meeting.  And Steven found that my "new" car has a blown head gasket while preparing to do a routine oil change.  So I'm in a rental car that I abhor, praying they fix my car quickly.  It's covered under warantee, so thank God for small blessings.  However this Chevy Aveo they gave me as a rental is AWFUL with a capital A.  Tiny, uncomfortable... no power.  I miss my car.  I can't wait to get it back.

Friday, March 18, 2011

I'm in heaven

Or I would be if the time change hadn't screwed up my sleeping pattern.  Norah has been both sleeping AND eating well.  It's like the twilight zone, since she's never done both at the same time.  I've also been probably staying up too late watching the less than child friendly The Tudors. 

Other reasons for being in a great mood include fresh bread from Bernardinos, a maiden visit to the park for this year, and I have my windows open because it's 70! 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


It's been a busy week with Amanda here on her spring break.  Hannah came home from school Monday with the sniffles, and started coughing last night.  So I'm hoping it doesn't get any worse, I'm not looking forward to trying to find all the pieces to the nebulizer after 3.5 months without it. 

There are new pictures on shutterfly, Hannah's birthday especially.  It's so crazy to have a six year old.  So Crazy!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Happy Six!

My biggest baby turns six today.  Hannah is having a very happy birthday so far, but six is hitting me personally much harder than any of her other birthdays so far.  I feel like she's growing up too fast, and having another behind her, doing all the same things, it's hard not to think of her when she was 3, especially when Norah is similar at the same age.  She's loving Kindergarten, reading, and coloring.  She only does most of those things, and rarely anything else. 

So far she's had her fabulous friends call her to sing Happy Birthday, and I wouldn't be surprised if there are more phone calls as the day goes on.  She's visiting Grampy and Mimi for the day, just waiting on them returning from church to celebrate.  I hear there will be cake, and I'm sure she'll have a blast.  So Happy Birthday to my one and only Hannah.  I love you, you inspire me to be a better person, so I can watch you grow into your potential.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

About Finished

Norah is 3 now, and we've been about finished with wraps and carriers for quite a while now.  She prefers to walk almost all the time now.  I can count on one hand the number of times she's asked to go in a carrier in the last six months.  I was contemplating getting rid of the last of my wraps.  I have two shorties (less than 3 meters) and a ring sling.  I think I'll probably keep the ring sling, since it WAS used when we went to Boston, and I can lend it out to friends since they're easy to use.  Then I got a message on TBW about a wrapping meet up in CT.  She has a new toddler and just like I was, is looking for something to contain her.  So I agreed to meet her and let her try my wraps.  It was supposed to be today, but we ended up postponing until next week.  So maybe after that I'll go back and rehem the wraps and sell them, because Norah won't be wrapped anymore. 

Monday, March 7, 2011

Not a Party

Well, not exactly anyways.  We haven't planned a party for the girls this year, mostly because they don't need one.  They see their friends fairly regularly, and definitely don't need any more toys/books/clothes/etc... But we already had plans with friends for Saturday, and since there were going to be seven kids here, we had cake and sang happy birthday.  They enjoyed it immensely, though they wouldn't have cared if we didn't sing, and just ate cake.  That's how my kids roll.  Love the cake.  Norah even ate the cake... which is almost unheard of.  To top it off they got to stay up late and play with all their friends until 8pm, and Hannah is looking forward to the upcoming Saturday when her actual birthday takes place.  We're going to visit Grampy and Mimi, and I might have heard he'll be having a birthday cake for her there.  Now, if only I could figure out what to do for the third kid's birthday on Thursday.

Friday, March 4, 2011


I don't know WHAT it is about school lunch, but Hannah adores getting it.  After holding her off until November or December, I finally let her pick something off the menu.  She loves it.  I don't understand.  I mean, I think I'm a decent cook.  And whatever I make her is bound to be better than what she gets there.  It's more like what she's used to, and just generally yummier.  But she still asks at least once a week if she can buy lunch.  A couple weeks back when I was so sick, I had her buy lunch on two days she wouldn't normally, and even trying something new, she was fine.  I know Norah will not be so cooperative when she's going to kindergarten.  So today is pizza, and I don't mind.  Especially since I need to go grocery shopping, there's not much here for lunch today.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Three years ago this morning, Norah came rushing into our lives.  She was welcomed, and special, and we all loved her immediately.  Despite some of her early issues regarding food, and sleep... we still love her, and are so glad to have celebrated her third birthday with her.  She had a very lovely day, she ate lunch with Meme and Grampy, then had her favorite dinner ever.  Tacos, of course.  After a chocolate cupcake with "canimal" frosting (that's Caramel for the rest of us), she opened her new pet shop gift.  Now she's playing nicely, and hopefully sleeps great tonight.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I guess it was fun

Sunday we ate lunch, and then headed out the Mass Pike.  We hit Weston and got off and took the T into the city.  We got right off at the TD Banknorth Garden, and had tickets to take the girls to see Toy Story 3 Disney on Ice.  They were very VERY excited, and even riding the subway in was an adventure for them.  Hannah watched out the window the whole time, and read as many signs as she could.  Norah bounced between watching out the windows and asking if we were going to ride on another train. 

After some snacks, we headed in to find our seats.  We were directed by an employee to our seats, and they weren't too bad.  Close enough to see, not bad at all.  About 3 minutes before the show was about to start, some other people came by saying we were in their seats.  So we got out our tickets and showed them again.  The man in charge told us we were indeed sitting in the wrong seats, that our seats were down ON THE ICE!  It was Amazing!  Literally one row of chairs between us and the show.  Hannah had Woody waving to her, and Norah was almost totally awestruck.  They were so excited that a small snack held them over afterwards for the ride back to the car.  Around 7:30 we got to the car, and changed into PJ's quickly, since it was cold.  They ate in the car on the way back, and neither one fell asleep the entire way home.  An hour in the car, in the dark, and they were both awake when we got home.  It was crazy.  So I guess they had some fun.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Favorite Person

Not me, or Steven... the girls favorite person is Heather.  They adore her.  They think the sun rises and sets just for her, and that she can make their lives full of magic, candy, and awesomeness.  I love that they love their cousins, but I hate that they assume she comes over just to cater to their every whim.  She does love them, and plays with them, she's really a great kid.  I hope they're both as fabulous when they're teenagers.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


When we were picking up the girls Sunday, as we were thinking about leaving, my mom's phone rang.  It was my Uncle Bob.  My Aunt Maura was diagnosed with lung cancer last spring, and despite chemo, radiation, and surgery,  things are not going well.  He was calling to tell my mom that she's no longer at home.  Her pain isn't managed well enough, and she's in a hospice center at the local hospital.  She's so uncomfortable they have her on Oxycontin, Oxycodone, and Morphine.  And that only brings her down to a 4 or a 5 pain-wise.  So there's a trip to NH in the works.  We saw her in November at Erin's party, and I'm glad we made the trip.  She got to see the girls, and I got to see her.  So even if it happens that I don't make it up to see her again, I did see her. 

Erin's planning her wedding in August, and I'm really sad thinking about how things could happen.  Lynise's wedding was happy AND sad since Linda wasn't there.  I don't want that for my cousin. 

Monday, February 21, 2011


I love when the girls have a sleepover at Meema's house.  She  misses them so much, and they love to go there.  They wake up bouncing around yelling "It's a Meema day!" and are always so happy to be there.  That really makes me smile.  I'm also happy to have some alone time with Steven, even though it usually centers around what we're going to eat for dinner, and running errands.  This weekend was no exception.  We ran errands, ate dinner at Red Robin, and hung out at home just relaxing.  I really enjoy it, and I know the girls enjoy themselves too.  In fact this time they completely forgot about calling to say they missed us.  They only reason they were reminded was that Meema didn't know what time Hannah takes her meds before bed.  So they called to ask me.

This weekend coming up we have something fun planned.  Some friends of ours had tickets to see Toy Story on Ice in Boston.  They are unable to go, and asked us if we knew anyone who liked Toy Story and would want to go.  So far, the girls have no idea.  I'm thinking we're going to just put them in the car after lunch Sunday and start driving.  We'll take the T in, since that's easiest, and I'm certain both girls are going to be over the moon!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Falling Apart

I've noticed something since being sick.  And this is the first time I've been sick in more than a few months, which is good news for me.  No one cleans during the week.  No one picks up the clutter.  No one wipes off the counters in the kitchen.  Also, the dishwasher stays loaded, clean, and useless.  While the sink at the same time stays full of dirty dishes.  Don't get me wrong.  I appreciate my husband and his weekend cleaning sprees that involve vacuuming, mopping floors, and scrubbing the tub.... but that doesn't help me when I'm feeling awful and can't bring the laundry upstairs, or stand long enough to unload and reload the dishwasher.  He is a great guy, and he means well.  But I'm starting to think I need to get stools for the kitchen so the girls can clean.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Warming up

This week it's starting to warm up a bit.  The snow piles are getting smaller, if slowly, and the sun feels nice.  In fact it's surprising how nice a breeze feels when it's 40, instead of when it's 20.  Amazing how big a difference those 20 degrees make. 

Hannah's started back into her need to wear dresses/skirts.  I don't have a problem with it, except that usually it's VERY cold in the morning, and much warmer in the afternoon.  Yesterday she wore leggings under a skirt, and when we got to the bus stop, I realized that in her sneakers, her ankles were completely bare.  No socks and no leggings covering them.  She insists that she wasn't cold, but now the hunt begins for some new leggings, that are both long enough, and skinny enough.  I'll hunt for both of them, since we all know that Norah has to do whatever Hannah's doing.  And while that's fine, she has enough clothes to dress 5 little girls.

Monday, February 14, 2011


Hannah's feeling better.  Still coughing, but the fever's gone, and she ate all her dinner last night.  That's a sign she's on the mend usually.  She doesn't eat much when she's sick, but then neither do I.  However she's managed to share her lovely illness with me.  So yesterday I felt sick, but not awful... and this morning I feel like I've been run over by a train.  I hardly slept, I'm coughing so hard muscles I didn't know I had, hurt.  At the moment I'm hanging out in bed, and Norah's watching Finding Nemo, and I'm crossing my fingers that she's not going to come down with it either.  Wouldn't surprise me though. 

Hannah also asked to have her hair cut yesterday, so since she had perked up, we took her.  It's adorable, and pretty much the same haircut she had when Mimi was diagnosed.  She loves it, but I need to take her somewhere to get it fixed, the back is wrong.  She is so cute with it short, it's one of my favorite looks for her.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Possibly not a good thing

Norah's wearing a crazy, mismatched outfit she picked out.  Including a blue/blue striped dress.  And she picked a blue lollipop at the hairdresser.... so now her lips and her dress match.  Maybe not such a good thing.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Every Time!

I swear germs have a radar for when I've made fun plans for Hannah or Norah to do something.  This time, it's Hannah.  She's supposed to go to a movie night with Mimi, Iza, and Magi and then have a sleepover.  Then tomorrow we're supposed to go visit Grampy and Mimi and have lasagna and maybe go sledding again.  And yesterday she started coughing, and this morning she woke up sniffly and complaining that her stomach hurts.  It sucks to get sick, it's worse that it happens when we have plans she already knew about.  So unless she goes to school today, which isn't looking likely, she'll be missing the movie night/sleepover.  And hopefully she'll be feeling well enough to go visiting tomorrow.  The good news is since it's family, they won't mind if she's still a bit under the weather, and that might just mean no sledding.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thinking about change

Since Norah was tiny, I've been adamant that she would NOT get bangs.  I like her face shape without them, and her hair never hit that awkward stage where it was short enough in the front to look like she had them.  Hannah's did though, and she looked cute with them, so I started trimming them.  What a pain in the neck that is.  She doesn't like it, I don't like it, and while it does look cute, I think she'd be cute without also.  So now that the holidays are over, and picture opportunities are still happening, but not for cards and whatnot.  I think we're going to start growing hers out.  Today I put the front up in a little side pony, and clipped up her bangs.  She does look cute, so it reinforces my good plan.  Lets see how long it lasts before it annoys her and begs me to cut them.