Friday, February 24, 2012


I realized as I was making our menu for the next week that Norah's birthday is next week.  The deal in our house is that on your birthday you get to pick what we eat for dinner.  So in one week we'll be eating crock pot chicken and having cake and birthday gifts.  She'll also have school, since this week is a week off.  So far she seems fairly oblivious to the fact that her birthday really is almost here.  I mentioned it yesterday and she seemed excited, but she hasn't mentioned it again since.

I also need to get on the ball with the party.  We're planning at pizza/movie night party and Hannah gets to invite a couple friends from school, as well as some of her other friends that she doesn't go to school with.  We're planning it for St. Patrick's day, so the weekend after her birthday, but I guess I really need to start thinking about it now.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

February Stinks

Or I guess it must, since I never seem to have much to say in February.  We don't have any snow, and in fact it's been in the 50's here some days, so the girls have been outside playing more than they might otherwise.  This week is vacation week, which they got to keep because we haven't had any more snow days since October's freak snowstorm.  So yesterday they played happily at Kat's house, and then Daddy came home early.  We also watched a repeat of Westminster Kennel Club dog show, which I missed last week.  Norah thought the Komondor was silly and said "Mommy, him looks like noodles"  Yes, him does.  I'll be so sad when she gets her personal pronouns correct, instead of saying him and hims instead of he and his.

Today they stayed at Meme's while I went to work, and they decided they wanted to sleep over, so I dropped them back off around 3:30.  So now I'm doing homework and deciding what to eat for dinner since I now no longer am required to actually cook.

Tomorrow is my last day of "work" for the week, and this weekend we're going to visit Grampy and Mimi's house and have a big slumber party with Auntie Sara and Zach.  They're up visiting and we're sad they aren't coming to visit here at our house, but it will be nice to see them at Grampy's house.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Fun Month

February seems to be a fun month in addition to being a short month.  So far we have gone to the Connecticut Science Center, had friends over, made plans for vacation, and have a weekend slumber party planned at Grampy and Mimi's house while Auntie Sara and Uncle Zach are visiting.  It's been so busy, and my computer time is limited both by my need to study and by the fact that my right hand is bothering me quite a bit.  Not enough for me to bother going to a doctor about it, but enough that I'm sleeping with a brace on my wrist and trying to avoid both typing and using the mouse with my right hand.  That's part of why I haven't updated recently.  The other part is just plain being busy.  I spent a lot of time thinking about how life would be easier once the girls were more self sufficient, and while it IS technically easier, it's must busier.

Now for a Hannah funny.  I was studying biology last night and Hannah asked what I was reading.  I told here we are learning about membranes and cell transport.  So she says "Men-brains?  Like Daddy has?"  I cracked up!