Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Busy Enjoying School

Hannah is absolutely adoring third grade. After her open house and meeting her teacher, she has literally strived to do the very best she can. She does her homework as soon as she can manage from getting in the door. Some days we have too much going on and she doesn't finish until after dinner, but there is no complaining from this kid. She is too much.

Norah had her open house tonight, and her teacher said she is just wonderful. She gets along with all the other kids and is always happy.  Now clearly this isn't the Norah I know, I'd prefer her having that alter ego at school.  While we were at Belcher, Hannah visited her old teacher who are still there, and they both loved to see her. The kindergarten teacher Hannah had was sad she didn't get Norah, and I know her former first grade teacher is hoping to get Norah next year.

As for me, I'm loving my photography class, and am spending as much time as humanly possible with my schedule, in the darkroom. I was graded on my first project and I got an A, so I guess I either know what I'm doing, or he likes what he sees anyways.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

After a Fun Filled Summer

It's back to the school frenzy. Yesterday was Hannah's first day of third grade, and she rocked it exactly like I figured she would. She bounced off the bus at 3:05 insisting that it was the best day ever. Her favorite thing is that one of her specials is science. She was sad they aren't learning about cheetahs (her new obsession) but was excited they'll be learning about the solar system, except that she has to wait until June. She has some friends from last year in her class, and likes her teacher very much. Even riding the bus wasn't as bad as she anticipated. Fortunately she's one of the first picked up and dropped off.

Next week Norah starts her Kindergarten Debut. She's excited to meet her teacher tomorrow and Friday has her Kindergarten orientation. She is insisting she wants to ride the bus like Hannah, but should she change her mind, I am able to drop off/pick her up, I just can't do both kids. For some reason school choice doesn't actually mean much in Chicopee. So they are stuck going to separate schools because of where we live. Every other elementary school is K-5, except Norah's.

I'm starting actual classes on Campus today, my first photography class requirement towards my degree. I'm excited, but possibly a little nervous. I skimmed my photography book and while I'm looking forward to learning to develop film, I'm anticipating that being something I may struggle with.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Life seems to get in the way these days. Everything jumps up at once and nothing gets done. Norah is officially in her room, and it's a lovely shade of green. She is coming in on the home stretch of school, and is looking forward to skipping school Friday to hang out with Auntie Sara and Carlee.

Hannah has another week of school and a few extra days. She is looking forward to summer vacation and planning our week off in August.

Both girls are sad about losing Nana last week, but time does heal all wounds, and they are less sad and easier to distract every day.

I'm finished with school and enjoying having slightly more free time.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

New Room

Hannah and Norah somehow got it into their heads that they no longer enjoyed sharing a room. Hannah decided she would like her bedroom to be upstairs, and Norah could enjoy the downstairs bedroom next to ours by herself. A couple weekends ago the girls picked out some paint colors they liked, and last week Steven started stripping the wallpaper border from upstairs. Once that was finished and the holes were patched, Hannah picked yet another pair of paint colors, and Steven and Heather got to work. By Saturday afternoon, her room was two very nice shades of purple, and we had all her furniture up and the bed remade. So far she really seems to like it up there. She doesn't even notice the cats running around playing half the night. Good for her, better for them I think. She doesn't seem bothered by the fact that we are still awake and downstairs where she can hear us after she goes to bed. She is always soundly asleep when I check on her.

Norah is getting excited for her room now. She does have her own room, but Steven promised to paint it for her. Since her favorite color is green, I anticipate a lot of green, and hopefully some new decorations that are all her own. We're going to wait until after Mother's Day to paint her room, since Hannah's first communion is next weekend, and we'll need a weekend to recover from that.

My school is nearly finished for the semester. I have one more chaper to focus on in each class and then continuous studying for the final. I'll be totally done in about a month, and I'm tempted to start counting down the days.

The girls are on vacation this week, and Kat and I have been alternating who goes where on which day. So Monday all 5 were here, and Tuesday there... alternating every day. They haven't gotten to really do anything fun, which is a bummer, but we have had pretty nice weather, so lots of time outside!

Thursday, April 4, 2013


Norah spent last Friday being tired, and the more I thought about it, it seemed like she had been tired a lot lately. I was really hoping she wasn't sick. Turns out she must be hitting a growth spurt. She has literally eaten everything at every meal all week, even asking for a snack before bed. Maybe she won't be the tiniest 5year old forever

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Birthday Month

March is a birthday month here, and we are finally finished celebrating for the most part. Norah is officially 5, Hannah is 8, and Steven is old.  They were pleased to have cake and special dinners to celebrate.  Norah also got a trip to Boston to visit the science museum. Hannah wants to ride horses for her celebration, so we're waiting until it gets a bit warmer to do that.

Both girls are smart as whips, and are trying to coerce me into letting them go to a taekwondo tournament in Rhode Island. We'll see about that though, it's not cheap, and I'm not sure it's a necessity.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Strange Weather

After a week of temperatures in the single digits, and well below freezing overnight, this morning when we got up it was 60* outside.  Outside, it's only a few degrees warmer in the house. I realize it's the end of January and it obviously won't last, however I'm loving it anyways.

The girls had Taekwondo last night, and Norah got her last tape, so she's ready to test for a blue belt. They also did board breaking, so they each broke 5 boards with different breaks. Hannah is apparently ready for a tournament, so I'm looking into it. I have a video of Hannah breaking last night, I'll see if I can get it up here at some point.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Happy New Year

The girls had a busy and merry Christmas, and a happy New Year spent having a sleepover with Grampy and Mimi. They got more stuff than I could have imagined for Christmas, considering we bought them very little. There are a zillion legos, which is great, and as Uncle Donny tells them "you can never have too many legos."

They are finally back in a routine of school and the regular things we do weekly.  I still have a little less than 3 weeks before I go back to school. I'm taking Statistics and Meteorology this semester, and I'm hoping to keep my GPA up this time taking two classes that count!