Thursday, April 18, 2013

New Room

Hannah and Norah somehow got it into their heads that they no longer enjoyed sharing a room. Hannah decided she would like her bedroom to be upstairs, and Norah could enjoy the downstairs bedroom next to ours by herself. A couple weekends ago the girls picked out some paint colors they liked, and last week Steven started stripping the wallpaper border from upstairs. Once that was finished and the holes were patched, Hannah picked yet another pair of paint colors, and Steven and Heather got to work. By Saturday afternoon, her room was two very nice shades of purple, and we had all her furniture up and the bed remade. So far she really seems to like it up there. She doesn't even notice the cats running around playing half the night. Good for her, better for them I think. She doesn't seem bothered by the fact that we are still awake and downstairs where she can hear us after she goes to bed. She is always soundly asleep when I check on her.

Norah is getting excited for her room now. She does have her own room, but Steven promised to paint it for her. Since her favorite color is green, I anticipate a lot of green, and hopefully some new decorations that are all her own. We're going to wait until after Mother's Day to paint her room, since Hannah's first communion is next weekend, and we'll need a weekend to recover from that.

My school is nearly finished for the semester. I have one more chaper to focus on in each class and then continuous studying for the final. I'll be totally done in about a month, and I'm tempted to start counting down the days.

The girls are on vacation this week, and Kat and I have been alternating who goes where on which day. So Monday all 5 were here, and Tuesday there... alternating every day. They haven't gotten to really do anything fun, which is a bummer, but we have had pretty nice weather, so lots of time outside!

Thursday, April 4, 2013


Norah spent last Friday being tired, and the more I thought about it, it seemed like she had been tired a lot lately. I was really hoping she wasn't sick. Turns out she must be hitting a growth spurt. She has literally eaten everything at every meal all week, even asking for a snack before bed. Maybe she won't be the tiniest 5year old forever