Wednesday, September 4, 2013

After a Fun Filled Summer

It's back to the school frenzy. Yesterday was Hannah's first day of third grade, and she rocked it exactly like I figured she would. She bounced off the bus at 3:05 insisting that it was the best day ever. Her favorite thing is that one of her specials is science. She was sad they aren't learning about cheetahs (her new obsession) but was excited they'll be learning about the solar system, except that she has to wait until June. She has some friends from last year in her class, and likes her teacher very much. Even riding the bus wasn't as bad as she anticipated. Fortunately she's one of the first picked up and dropped off.

Next week Norah starts her Kindergarten Debut. She's excited to meet her teacher tomorrow and Friday has her Kindergarten orientation. She is insisting she wants to ride the bus like Hannah, but should she change her mind, I am able to drop off/pick her up, I just can't do both kids. For some reason school choice doesn't actually mean much in Chicopee. So they are stuck going to separate schools because of where we live. Every other elementary school is K-5, except Norah's.

I'm starting actual classes on Campus today, my first photography class requirement towards my degree. I'm excited, but possibly a little nervous. I skimmed my photography book and while I'm looking forward to learning to develop film, I'm anticipating that being something I may struggle with.