Friday, December 31, 2010

That's Better

Hannah is doing really well now!  Sleeping well, eating better, and best of all, no fever!  I spent the day checking her yesterday with our new ear thermometer.  It never got over 99.1, which isn't actually a fever.  Especially not when you've just woken up.  She was off the couch most of the day, playing and coloring.  And boy those two girls could not have been happier that I had to go to work and Heather, Kayla, and Amanda were all here to amuse them. 

So hopefully this weekend will be more fun for her.  Yes christmas was great, but she's really been unable to play with any of her new things.  Hopefully now they can get some playing in, after they clean the playroom that is.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Big P

Yesterday I took Hannah's temp, and it registered at 104.5 on my oral thermometer.  So we called the pedi and back we went.  I also took the thermometer to see exactly how accurate it is, which apparently it's reading 1.5 degrees too high, but still 103 is worrisome when you're on day 4.  Her doctor is wonderful and I'm glad that she's so helpful.  She sent us to the lab for bloodwork, and then had us wait for the results.  It came back with an elevated white blood cell count, and she was suspecting pneumonia.  So we were sent to the hospital for a chest xray, but she said to treat it as pneumonia and she called in the antibiotics before we even left.  Then we headed down to the hospital, and after a very short wait, were called in for a fast xray.  Now I'm no doctor, but the tech had me wait in the little room where it's "safe" from radiation, and I saw the pictures come up on the screen.  Even I saw the spot on her lung that's not supposed to be there.

So her doctor called me a few minutes after we got home to confirm the diagnosis.  And after one dose of the antibiotics, her fever was down and she was noticeably more like herself.  It's very encouraging!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Fever's still here

At this point it's been three days and I feel like it's never going away.  In the afternoon when it spikes up high, I always get worried because she gets pale and sad and tired, and basically doesn't move.  It goes away as soon as the ibuprofen kicks in, whenever she's ready to have it again.  I'm worried that this isn't the end of it, that it's going to last forever.  She's hardly eating, which isn't like her at all.  She ate less than a pancake for breakfast, almost nothing for lunch, no snack, and hardly any of her dinner.  Seriously, that's nothing... and according to the pediatricians scale, she's losing weight.  She was 43lbs yesterday.  I swear she was more than that at her last appointment.  At least she's drinking water.  She had a bunch of cups with ice today, so I at least can't complain about that.  I feel totally helpless.  There's nothing I can do for her except keep treating the fever.  And she's more than done with taking all the meds. 

On a brighter note, her pediatrician was scheduled to see her yesterday to talk about her asthma, and she changed her medicine.  So she's now taking singulair and flovent.  If the combination of the two don't help, the next step is a pediatric pulmonologist.  So now she goes back to be seen again at the end of next month.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Some sick scares me

Hannah's sick a lot.  Run of the mill colds, coughing, and endless snot.  I can manage that, it's annoying that it happens so much, but I can deal with it.  This morning Hannah woke up crying.  She's never done that, even when she was tiny, she always woke up coughing.  Then, a minute later, she vomited all over our bed.  So then we were up.  She basically lived on the couch all day, and when her fever hit 103.4, Steven couldn't stand it and called the pediatrician.  Fevers scare me too.  It's like you can't be too careful.  She perked up when I gave her some childrens ibuprofen, and a shower.  Of course that was now 3 hours ago, so I won't be surprised if she spikes a fever again tonight while she's sleeping.  I hate it, and I hope this is it.  The vomiting was a one time thing, but the listlessness, the long naps from someone who hasn't napped in nearly 3 years.... it scares me.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

They changed it!

I've been anxiously watching the weather because they've been saying it's going to snow on Christmas.  Not that it's a HUGE issue, but we are wanting to travel up to my dad's, and I'm not comfortable driving far in the snow with the girls.  We did it when we were married, but no kids.  But this morning when we watched the weather, they've totally changed it, so now it won't snow on Christmas, at least according to the weathermen.  Which certainly makes it easier.  I'd much prefer to drive in the dark than the dark AND snow.  So all signs point to a fabulous Christmas all around, and I'm starting to get excited.  Now if all the mice around here would stop ruining my spirit.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Counting the days

Hannah reminds me every morning that we have however many days left until Christmas.  Like I don't see it there, looming at the end of the week on my calendar.  I love Christmas even more now than I did when I was little.  I love watching them open their gifts, and be extra excited.  This year, Hannah's getting exactly what she asked for.  A talking Woody Doll, from Toy Story.  It's the only thing she asked for.  She literally doesn't care what else she gets, as long as it's there somewhere.  So it's there... but I'm debating if I want to be the best mom ever and let her open it first, or the most evil, and make her open it last.  Or diabolical, and hide it in the closet until later and then say "oops, looks like we forgot one"  Man, I'm mean.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Trying new things

Hannah is not usually one to try new foods.  It's just not in her nature somehow.  I found a recipe this week for Mulligatawny Soup, which is an indian style soup made with curry powder.  It's not spicy, it's kind of earthy, and I think the soup came out very well.  When Hannah came home from school yesterday I told her I was making soup with it, and she smelled the curry powder and decided it smelled gross.  Though she must have changed her mind at some point while it was cooking, because when I had a small bowl, and asked her if she'd like to try it, she did.  And apparently liked it.  She's taking it to school for lunch today, so we'll see exactly how much she did like it when her thermos comes home.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I adore braided pigtails, they're TOO cute, in my opinion anyways.  Hannah has taken a liking to them also.  Most days she asks for them in the morning, and I'm happy to oblige, since with her being in school it will make things easier.  Especially since this is lice season, and it's much more possible for her to get it with loose hair swinging around.  Only problem is some days she comes home half undone, and has no idea what happened.  I don't know how she doesn't notice that the elastic falls out and it comes all out, but she doesn't. 

Monday, December 13, 2010

Sick Happens

And apparently it happens more here than anywhere else it seems.  Hannah woke up coughing again this morning.  We're not even a week past the last round of steroids, and she's already snotty and coughing, and extra tired.  She stayed home from school today and rested while I was at work.  Amanda was nice enough to come over and watch the girls while I was out this morning.  I'm seriously considering asking her pediatrician the next time I go in for her follow up if we can have a referral to see a pediatric pulmonologist.  I'm hoping she doesn't get much worse, or if she does that she can kick it quickly for a change, since Christmas is less than two weeks away.

Thursday, December 9, 2010


Yes I realize I live in New England, and that by nature it's cold here in the winter.  And you know what, it's not the cold that's the worst.  It's the wind.  It has been WINDY.  And I don't mean a breeze, I mean WIND!  Nothing like standing at the bus stop in every warm weather gear I own trying not to freeze solid.  Norah already has it down that she will wear two pairs of mittens, her hat, and her warmest winter coat.  Hannah has to wear a hat, mittens, and I am sure to top it off with her hood, velcroed under her chin.  And we all still end up with pink cheeks and noses.  I actually wear a coat to the bus stop, which I'm sure comes as a surprise to many people.  In fact lots of my friends think I own a coat because I live in New England, not because I even plan to wear it.  Hopefully the wind is about finished, probably just in time for some of that four letter word that I dread so much about living here.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It has begun

Hannah's been reading signs on the highway and other signs randomly for a couple months now.  Nothing major, mostly words she's familiar with like the name of surrounding cities, and some small other words.  But she's taken the next step up.  She's able to read actual books with someone helping her with the unfamiliar words.  She sat last night and read all of "Green Eggs and Ham" with only minimal help.  We're all very proud of her, but most importantly, she's proud of herself. 

Friday, December 3, 2010

A long weekend

I have today off, since originally we had planned to take Hannah out of school and do something fun with the brand new Six year old girlies who had a birthday yesterday.  However, Hannah doesn't have school anyways, but the birthday girls can't skip school today.  Things are going on there that they need to be a part of.  So we'll hang out at home for the morning.  Then this afternoon we're going over for Pizza and Movie Night. 

Tomorrow the girls are going to spend the night with Meema, and Sunday we'll go up to pick them up and have a nice dinner.  Then it's back to work for me, and she's certainly working me harder than I thought I'd need to with my limited availability.  She's always asking me to work on my day off, or stay later even though I can't.  It's frustrating to have to say no, but I feel like she should respect what I have put out there as when I'm available.  I can understand asking occasionally, but not every time I get a phone call.  So Monday starts a long week where I'm working far more than I wanted to.  I know it will make Christmas easier, but it makes me sad still that I don't get to stay home and play with Norah all day.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Countdown to Christmas

The girls are pretty excited for Christmas this year.  Our month is busy with birthdays, parties, and getting ready.  I still have no idea what the actual plan is for Christmas, as far as visiting with family.  I'm sure we'll figure it out at some point, and Sara and Zach are going to try to come up for it as well, so I know everyone will want to see them.  Hannah's friend is having a birthday party next weekend, the girl want to visit Meema this weekend, and Steven's Christmas party for work is the weekend before Christmas.  I can't even figure out when we'll decorate our tree.  Shockingly it's not even out yet, which I think has more to do with Steven's apparent shoulder injury than a lack of motivation.  I need to get wrapping paper and finish getting Steven's gifts, and then we'll be all set.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Gone again

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, and it's gone again.  We had a houseful of people on Thursday, just eating and relaxing.  Then Friday the girls were ecstatic to have Amanda and Kayla here to play with them while I was at work.  They all literally played nonstop until about 1:45 when the rest of the troops rolled in.  Sara and Zach took the spotlight for a bit, and we had some happy chaos until Steven came home. 

Steven hurt himself working on Amanda's car Friday night, so a late night trip to the ER was in order, since he couldn't move his shoulder and it was incredibly swollen.  Two hours and an xray later they decided he tore a ligament and sent him home in a sling. 

Saturday made for a nice trip up to see the family and another turkey dinner.  Donny was there with his girlfriend and her two boys.  All the kids played and all the adults chatted and just generally hung out.  It was really nice, and now we're getting geared up for Lynise and Daniel's wedding in January!

Sunday was a sad day for the girls, since everyone had to go home.  Sara and Zach had to leave first, since they have the longest drive.  They got out of here pretty early, and then Steven took Kayla and Amanda home after dinner.  Steven is feeling much better, and I guess aside from the nighttime coughing, we all slept reasonably well.

Friday, November 26, 2010


I'm thankful for my kids, my husband, and that we have a home.  I'm thankful for my family, my friends, and the good times we all have together.  I'm thankful my grandparents "crashed" our Thanksgiving party, because I'm a bad granddaughter and forgot to call and tell them to come.  I'm thankful my brother came to dinner, even though he wasn't feeling well.  I'm thankful for tantrums at bedtime because she didn't want Grampy and Mimi to go home.  I'm thankful for all that I have, and I'm thankful for being aware of the fact that we do have enough.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Because that's exactly how it sounds, and I LOVE when she gets caught up in actual sounding words out, and not worry about how it might not really be spelled that way.

I also love what Norah said.  She asked me to tie her nightnight on her like a cape so she could be Superman.  So I asked her if she wanted to be Super Norah instead and she told me "NO I not Norah, I Superman!"  So there.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Busy Time

We're hosting Thanksgiving here again this year, which is something I love to do.  I don't mind traveling, but I seem to prefer having everyone here hanging out, helping to cook, and stuffing themselves silly.  I started the cooking/baking last week, and will be winding up with all the precooked things tomorrow sometime.  I made a homemade cheesecake that went directly into the freezer, yesterday there were chocolate chip cookies for all the little ones coming.  Today it'll be banana bread and maybe the apple pie.  Tomorrow it will be the date nut balls, and maybe the chocolate cream pie.  I'll also cook the squash so it can be reheated, and possibly the stuffing.  I remember imagining when I was first married that all the work my mom did for Thanksgiving was a TON of work to get done in one or maybe two days.  And it is, which is why now I'm fairly certain that it took place like mine is, over several days to a week.  I love Thanksgiving, it's my favorite holiday.  So here's a list of the food that will make an appearance in my house.

Mashed Potatoes
Fresh Green Beans
Butternut Squash
Cranberry Sauce

Dessert will be:
Apple Pie
Chocolate Cream Pie
Date Nut Balls
Chocolate Chip Cookies

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

And it was fun

The weekend was wonderful and fun.  I had a great time with my friends in Boston, and in fact the ONLY down side was that when I got in at 12:15 Norah was sitting up in bed crying "Mommy I wanna go home NOW!"  Which of course we did not.  So I brought her to bed with me, where she kicked me until 1:30, at which point I was done, and put her back in the other room.  Then of course Hannah woke up at 5:45 coughing, which wakes me up every time.  So my whopping 4 hours of sleep was NOT enough.  Fortunately Steven took the girls to his mom's for dinner and had me stay home and nap.  It was lovely, though it's Wednesday and I think that I might be nearly caught up now.

Friday, November 12, 2010

The weekend is almost here

I am eagerly anticipating this weekend, Saturday specifically.  Tomorrow sometime in the late morning, I'm driving with the girls up to my dad's house.  The girls will stay there, and I'm driving to a friends house to meet someone, and then we're traveling together into Boston.  Hannah and Norah are having a sleepover at Grampy's, and so am I, but not until later.  I'm having dinner with a bunch of friends, and it's going to be fantastic.  I'm crossing my fingers that Norah cooperates for everyone there, and sleeps peacefully.  I actually fully expect for her to wake up when I check on her and want to sleep with me.  Steven is staying home and doing some errands and housework to get ready for the holiday.  Then Sunday we have Thanksgiving at Carol's house, since she'll be away for the holiday.  So a full, busy weekend.  And hopefully a fun one!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Knock on Wood

The time change didn't have a MAJOR effect on the girls.  Yes Monday morning they woke up at 5:15, but then yesterday they slept until a normal time, and this morning also.  Norah's also doing a fantastic job sleeping well and turning on her own music when she wakes up.  She hasn't screamed for either of us in a few days, and I'm hoping that she may be creating a new, good habit.

Saturday after a fun filled day with Amanda, the girls stayed up late watching Dora, Diego, and Backyardigans.  That set the stage for sleeping "late", as in getting up at the new 6am, instead of an hour earlier like their bodies might have wanted to.  Sunday we headed down to Erin's new house for a housewarming/engagement party.  There were a TON of people there, and Hannah and Norah were excited to play with their cousin Kate (Chuck and Jeanna's daughter who is 5 also) and I was happy to see Aunt Maura, even if she looks as unwell as she feels.  I'm glad she got to meet Norah, and see Hannah for the first time in a long time.  And it was nice to see all my own cousins, as I don't think we've all been in one place since Chuck and Jeanna got married.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Norah is still a lousy sleeper.  I didn't expect it to change.  I was hoping she'd learn how to be more self soothing, rather than needing me all the time.  So after four or five days, she started back in with the screaming.  One night she had to pee, one night she said she had a bad dream, etc.  So I'm bribing her.  She gets two stickers every morning that she sleeps all night and doesn't scream at us.  She can call for someone if she needs something, but if she's just awake, she's supposed to turn on her own music.  So far, the last two nights have been ok, so I'm sure tonight we'll hear from her.

Monday, November 1, 2010

A Treat!

No tricks yesterday, the whole day was a nice treat!  We spent Saturday with Grampy and Mimi, and headed up to Landon's Baptism.  Hannah got to play with Parker, who she seemed to really adore.  I don't think they'd ever met, which is sad considering Parker is already 3.5!  Even Norah liked him a lot, and what's not to like.  Landon is such a cutie, and my kid could take lessons in sleeping.  I don't think I heard him cry once. 

Then yesterday after we were all awake and ready to go, we headed to Kat's for brunch to celebrate Magi Boo.  She turned three yesterday, and had a blast to celebrate!  there were lots of people, food, and silly girls.   After the party we headed home until after dinner.  Then both girls put on their costumes and went trick or treating.  Norah was done after just a couple houses.  Then I carried her while Hannah did a few more.  Then we came home and did our neighbors.  Hannah went up around the block and did a few more, and Norah came inside with me and put on her jammies.  When it started to snow, they headed home.  Which is good, they have more than enough junk to last them. 

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Nice Weather

It's been really gorgeous here the last couple of days.  Yes rain, all day yesterday.  But it was over 70, which is fabulous for October.  Tuesday after school we headed over to the park and spent the afternoon playing with friends.  Both girls had a great time, since especially for Hannah, she doesn't see her friends as often as she'd like.  Today it will be sunny and warm again, which is lovely.  Too bad it can't hold just a couple more days until Halloween.  As of now it's supposed to be cool, but not freezing.  Which is nice.  I remember going trick or treating as a kid and wearing my winter coat.  So if they go out with a sweater over their costumes, they'll be doing good.

Tomorrow Hannah has a half day of school, so I'm getting out of work early to pick her up from the bus stop.  She gets to wear her costume to school, and they're having a parade.  Now I guess I need to get to the party store ASAP to see if I can find pig accoutrements, since I can't make them without a headband.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Sling baby!

Halloween is coming

The girls are excited, and Norah while she doesn't get it, is excited to dress up.  First she wanted to be a ballerina, which is fine.  Unfortunately, it was difficult to find a leotard that fits someone as small as she is.  So instead I opted for a pink, long sleeve, onesie.  She was quick to express her dislike for it.  "Mommy!  That for babies, SEE! (pointing at the snaps) I not a baby, I not wear that"  Which of course she did when I tried it on her. 

Hannah wants to be Olivia, so after hunting down red/white striped tights, I settled for plain red.  I still need to make her some pig ears with red bows on them, but I'm hoping it will be easy, since I've put it off so long at this point. 

Friday, October 22, 2010

Countdown to weekends

I spend a lot of time looking forward to the weekends.  I did before, but even more now that I'm working.  I miss hanging out with Norah, and I really love my Wednesdays when I have the day off and can do stuff with her.  Norah's started doing puzzles.  Not just the board puzzles but real, actual puzzles.  She has her favorite is a Winnie the Pooh puzzle with 24 pieces that she sits on the floor and does over and over.  I'm very proud of her, she's turning out to be quite a little problem solver in her own way.

Tomorrow we have plans to visit some friends, and who knows what the plan is for Sunday, but hopefully it involves something fun.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Sleep Saga

Every night we have the same conversation.  Telling her she can't yell for us every other hour all night.  That we need to sleep also.  That it's disruptive and ridiculous.  It never helps.  Some nights she sleeps, others she's up crying or yelling four or five times before morning.  I'm at a loss, and yet I remember this from last year right around this time.  I don't know what it is about fall and October that makes Norah feel that sleep is entirely unnecessary, but that seems to be the case.  I'm exhausted, and Steven is getting up with her too, and he's tired also.  I think it's harder for me this year because I'm working now.  Not that staying at home isn't work, but I could sit and hang out if I felt like it, and now it's not really an option.  Norah was still napping then, and now this year she isn't, but I don't see a difference in anything really.  Maybe it will work itself out.  Or maybe we'll all collapse from exhaustion.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

It was fun

Though I didn't hear much about the pumpkin patch field trip, she apparently had a good time, and brought home a pumpkin with a smiley face drawn on it, from her teacher.  She said she sat in the back of the bus, and that she couldn't finish all her lunch.

Of course the fun didn't end when I picked her up from school, because when we got back her favorite friends were here because Kat had to go to work.  So they played for a couple hours, and then had dinner here.  Crunchy garlic chicken and rice were a hit, almost everyone ate really well.  Then there was more playing and then time to get ready for bed.  So since Norah is still sleeping at 7:05am, I'd say it was a fun day!

Monday, October 18, 2010

A first again

Hannah has her first real field trip today.  She walked to the fire station about ten days ago, but today is their first field trip out of town on a school bus.  She was VERY excited this morning, and I can't wait to hear about her day when she gets home this afternoon.  What's funny is that her buddies are also headed on their first real field trip today too.  To the same sort of place.  A pumpkin patch.  I told her it would be funny if she ran into them at the same place. 

Hopefully she has a wonderful time, and is excited to start riding the bus to school next week when they move to their new school building!

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Hannah seems to have made a turn for the better.  She woke up this morning and didn't cough at all until it was breakfast time, which is huge considering two days ago she literally coughed for nearly two hours straight.  I haven't had to nebulize her since last night, and I'm not going to give her cough medicine before school.  Now if only I knew what had made the difference.  At her doctors appointment on Tuesday the NP put her on Prednisone (oral steriod for Asthma) and Azithromycin (antibiotic) for a possible sinus infection.  I wish I knew which one had helped.  So it could be more definitive what to do for the next time.  Also I'm going to schedule a follow up appointment with her own doctor to talk with her about other choices we can make to control her asthma better. 

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Still sick

Hannah's going on 2.5 weeks of nearly nonstop coughing.  And this morning it's literally nonstop.  I can't send her to school that way, she can't do anything because she's just coughing.  Thankfully it's Tuesday, so even though I have to work, no one is going to Kat's.  And I have Wednesday's off, so if I have to take her to the doctor, I can without skipping anything. 

I know it's her asthma and chances are she's not sick anymore, it's just making her seem that way, but it's seriously frustrating.  Nothing I do or give her medicine-wise makes a difference.  She still coughs and sleeps poorly.  What's even more frustrating is that it's October, so we now have another six months of this garbage. 

Monday, October 11, 2010

Pumpkin Time

Yesterday we hit the pumpkin patch for some fun with the girls.  We tried a new place this year, instead of the same one we always go to.  It didn't disappoint at all, there was a hay maze, corn table, pile of pumpkins to climb on, free face painting, and the popular hayride to the pumpkin patch.  The girls had so much fun, they didn't want to leave when we were finished. 

Thursday, October 7, 2010

And then we got some sleep

Norah hasn't repeated her episode of refusal to sleep.  Thankfully.  Though, sadly I think her problem was related to her jammies.  I think she was overheated in her zip up fleece footies, and couldn't get comfortable.  Stupid me in my sleepy fog didn't realize that.  So the last two nights she's worn lighter two piece PJ's and was much better. 

Also, I see the sun.  As in really see it, shining outside my window.  I'm amazed.  I think I'd forgotten what the world looked like with sun on it.  Sad, but true.  We went to the Big E on Saturday with Sara and Zach, and that was the most recent perfect day.  And the only perfect day I think in the last two weeks.  So we're looking forward to a nice weekend, Hannah has Monday off, and who knows what we'll do over the two days we also have off with her.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Night before last Hannah was coughing and needed her medicine in the middle of the night.  I was also coughing so there was very little sleeping.  Then there was last night.  Steven and I coughing, Hannah is fine.  Norah wakes up at 2:30 and refuses to go back to sleep despite me telling her numerous times it was nighttime and sleeping HAD to happen.  Finally after the millionth trip in to tell her to be quiet, I took her back in my room.  And there she stayed from 3:30 until 7.  I'm exhausted from not sleeping again, and she's perky and happy.  I hate this part of having kids.  HATE.  I'd be a much better parent if I were well rested.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fun Weekend

This weekend was a fun one.  Zach and Sara came up for the weekend, since we haven't seen them in a bit.  And it was a lot of fun.  They got here Friday night after dinner, and just left a few minutes ago.  Yesterday I drove the girls up to Meema's house so they could spend the night.  Then when I got back, we all went to the Big E.  And it is always fun to go, sometimes more fun to go without the girls.  Definitely a ton of fun to go with other people who are adults.  I don't remember the last time we've done that, but it was a blast.  Very memorable to ride the giant slide and be the only ones in line who weren't with kids, or actual kids.  Then today I went and picked up the girls from Meema's, and when we got back home, Grampy and Mimi were here visiting Zach and Sara. 

Now we're just relaxing and hanging out at home while Steven's off practicing his new hobby, Golf.  Insert huge eyeroll here.  I think it's ridiculous, but I guess if it makes him happy, I don't want to stop him.  So sauce is finishing cooking, and there is warm apple crisp that I'm eating out of the pan.  Not that anyone cares, since I'm now the only person in my house who will eat it. :)

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Starting to learn

Hannah has started learning how to read.  First she'd randomly point out sight words that she was familiar with.  Then she'd pick them out randomly from a group of other words, asking why it said "...." there.  Now she's starting to sound out words for herself.  I'm so proud of her, and have to admit that when she read the street sign "Chicopee, next 4 exits" out loud to herself, I was a bit shocked.  It's very cool to watch her learn.  I'm so proud of her.  Speaking of reading and asking questions, she just came over to the computer and said "Mommy, why did you write Chicopee next 4 exits?"  Soon she's going to be reading over my shoulder, and then I might be in trouble....

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Crazy came to town

Hannah has been totally nuts today.  I don't know if her deal is something to do with waking up at 4am coughing and needing her nebulizer.  Or if it's Kindergarten, or if it's Wednesday.  I don't know.  She was totally insane.  Crazy, and miserable.  And worst of all, not listening.  There were lots of problems this afternoon with listening.  Finally I figured we needed a change of pace, so we got word from our friends that they were going to the park.  Thankfully dinner came together fast and both girls ate some, and then played happily at the park for over an hour.  It was lovely.  So it's wonderful that we can get out of the house and get a little less insane.  I'm sure that some people would say that taking them to the park is rewarding them for their craziness.  I don't see it that way, sometimes you just need a break.  Before you break.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Weekends go fast

Even faster now that there is school and work.  I can't believe that it's already Monday again.  Seems like I just did this.  We had a very nice weekend, reasonably quiet and fun.  At Grampy's we took a walk to a park, and ran into someone I went to highschool with.  Then yesterday we stayed home mostly, with the exception of getting my phone replaced AGAIN.  The send button was broken, thankfully it was still under warranty, so the replacement was no problem.  Of course now I've lost all my pictures, videos, and ringtones, but  I guess those are easily replaced.

Hannah's already not feeling well.  Two weeks into school and she's sniffly, coughing, and a bit under the weather.  No fever, and not totally miserable, so off to school she goes. 

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I mad at you

"I mad at you, you NOT my Mommy" 

Two year olds are such a joy.  Insert eyeroll.  Drama personified, that is Norah.  She yells and screams far more than Hannah ever did.  Hannah was very passive in some ways, where Norah is the exact opposite.  She means to let you know exactly what's wrong, and in some cases, to tell you just how to fix it.  She's also shy and quiet around people she's unfamiliar with.  One of the mom's at Hannah's school is just taken with how cute she thinks Norah is.  She talks to her every morning, and the only thing she gets in return is her trying to get closer to me and whispering "I love you mommy".  Because that is the answer to everything.  At least for Norah.

Hannah seems to have the adjustment to Kindergarten pretty well down.  As we walked up to the school today, one of her friends in her class was behind us, so she made sure that we wait so they could walk together.  I'm glad she's making friends, I worry about that the most.  It's hard anytime in life to have few or no friends.  More when you're little I would guess.  So she has a few, and so far she has been enjoying herself.  She did complain to me this morning that they have to do "morning work".  She seemed confused that she wouldn't get to play all day every day.  Such is life little one.

Friday, September 17, 2010

I need more info

I don't know how she manages to do it, but Hannah tells me very little about what goes on in her school to HER.  I hear all about who got a yellow card, and orange cards.  Who had a ham sandwich for lunch, and who had to go to the nurse because they fell down.  I do not hear what her very favorite things are, what her teacher does with them, or anything else useful.  I'm hoping that as it gets to be less of a novelty, she'll offer up more information on her own.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Day one, down.

Hannah successfully finished her first day of Kindergarten.  Not that I thought she wouldn't.  She had fun, made some new friends, and found a couple she knew from preschool in her class.  She kept saying she didn't have enough time for things.  So I don't know what to think about that.  Not enough time for lunch, not enough time to finish her picture... etc.  So I guess we'll see how it goes as she gets the routine down.  She ate most of her soup at lunch and picked at the other things I sent her.  I think she doesn't want to ask for help, so she didn't eat the cheese stick that I thought for sure she would eat because she couldn't open it.  I had hoped the protein would fill her up, but she snacked like she was starving when she came home, and then ate three plates of dinner.  Pictures to come.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Hannah came running into our room this morning.  "Mommy, MOMMY!  You forgot to give me a bath last night so I can be clean for school"  She absolutely refused to believe that today really was only Sunday, and that she's welcome to have a bath tonight.  It didn't seem to phase her that at 6:15, we were all still in bed trying to sleep.  Normally at that time, Steven's either in the shower, or already out of it.  I love that she's so excited and ready for it.  I worry for her that she'll make friends, eat all her lunch, listen to her teacher, and not be sad that she's gone "all day".  I'll miss her bunches, and hopefully she'll be having too much fun to miss me. 

Friday, September 10, 2010

Food confusion

Hannah is a great eater, I can't argue that.  But as school gets closer, I start to worry about what she eats for breakfast.  I want to be sure she eats something healthy and filling, but she loves cereal and poptarts (not that I buy them often) and other less filling things.  I've been making myself oatmeal for breakfast most mornings, and cooking real oatmeal and adding yummy things makes it easier for me on the days I can't eat lunch because I'm working.  Last night she told me she wanted oatmeal for breakfast.  We've tried this before, and the last time she actually ate a LOT of oatmeal was when she was still eating baby cereal.  So um, 4 1/2 years ago there about.  So this morning I cooked her oatmeal, just enough for her.  Milk and some sugar in it, and M&M's at the bottom so she could dig for treasure.  I don't know how much she's eaten, but she's still sitting at the table and is stirring it.  So I'm thinking it was yet another time it didn't go over well :(

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Less than a week to go...

Today I'm taking Hannah to her new school for her Kindergarten screening.  I'm not really sure why they wait until the last minute, as her first day is next Monday.  There's also a parent orientation on Friday, but I won't be making that since I have to work, and so does Steven.  I'm a little in denial that my big girl is starting Kindergarten already.  Seriously wasn't she just a baby?  Didn't she just go to EI?  Didn't she JUST have her first day of Preschool.  No one is kidding when they tell you time moves faster as you get older. 

Today one of my favorite people takes her girls to their first day of Kindergarten.  I hope there are pictures, and that she holds it together, so that at least one of us can say that we did.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Away

Labor day weekend, traditionally the last long weekend before school, or around school.  At least for us adults.  I have to work today, but it's Steven's last day of vacation before going back to work tomorrow.  So I'll go in for a couple hours later, and maybe we can do something fun later.

Yesterday we went to Six Flags.  We used our free passes from the Cure Kids Cancer walk, but unfortunately they are closed during the week, so our original plan to go on his vacation was scrapped.  We got there yesterday just as they were opening, and it was basically crazy after that.  We spent a couple hours there riding rides, and listening to Norah whine.  Then we headed back to the car to eat lunch.  At that point we all agreed that there were too many people there and it was too crazy.  So instead of using our stamps to get back in, we headed out to go mini golfing instead.  And honestly I think that was a bigger hit.  Norah got to play too, and it was hilariously adorable to watch her put her ball just inches from the cup and tap it in, congratulating herself heartily afterward.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Little Better

My girlies seem to be feeling better.  Hannah's not running a fever anymore, and her sniffles and coughing have decreased.  Norah's hardly sniffly at all, just completely full of attitude.  Not sure if it's because she's Norah, because she's Two, or because she's sick.  I guess only time will tell.  She also had a couple nights where she had night terrors.  Completely terrifying for me and for Steven.  She doesn't have a clue, and honestly if she wasn't bothering Hannah, I know leaving her alone is the way to get it over with the fastest. 

Among other issues, I have a nasty stye.  It's gross, my eye is swollen, and I look like someone punched me in the face.  Clearly that's not what happened, but I can't make it go away any faster.  It's slightly less painful than it was yesterday, but I'm trying to avoid reading and watching too much tv. 

We had a great third day of vacation.  Hannah had her 5 year visit to get her ready for Kindergarten.  She is 44 1/2 inches and 42lbs.  According to her doctor that's right at 50% for both, which is wonderful.  She's exceptionally average I guess.  She also got her flu shot, which was a combined seasonal flu and H1N1.  So she's good.  Norah goes back next week for her flu shot.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


My poor girlies are sick, already.  Not even back to school yet, when I was sure they would be sick.  Hannah was so sick yesterday she had a fever, aches and pains, and managed to vomit up her popsicle.  She seems better this morning, but I remember that kids always feel better in the morning and then get less perky in the afternoon.  It's not shaping up to be a fabulous vacation so far, but hopefully it will get better.  Otherwise I'll just have to be thankful they're sick when Steven is home, and not when he isn't.  At least this way I can still go to work.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Let there be peace

Mimi and Iza had pictures in an art show that was sponsored and held at the local hospital.  There were invitations sent out, and a date set.  They were VERY excited, telling everyone.  Understandably, I mean how cool is that?!  Hannah wanted to go, but of course it was by invitation only, so Kat generously offered to take her with them.  Then when she called to tell me they were on the way to drop her off, she said they were all begging to have a sleepover, and would it be ok.  Sure it's ok!  Norah is perfectly happy to sleep alone in her room, and Hannah will have a great time at their house.  I have said it before, but I can't wait until I can have a house full of her giggly girls here for a sleep over!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Aching for peace and quiet

Oh the drama of five year olds, and of two year olds, but especially five year olds.  Everything is terrible, horrible, no good, and very bad.  Ugh!  Hannah is excited to start school, and honestly I'm pretty excited for her to do it.  I know there will be some of the sadness with sending your big kid off to Kindergarten, but honestly I really think not only will it be good for her, but good for me also, and good for Norah.  Norah is missing the one on one time she had for a few hours when Hannah was in school last year, and I will be back at work this year, but I really think she'll benefit from it.  I'm hopeful that everyone will be happy and that school will make everyone's lives easier, though I'm SURE that can't be true.  The school department still hasn't bothered to tell me what school she'll be attending, and school starts in less than 3 weeks.  Talk about getting down to the wire.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

It was a party

Sara is leaving us.  She's really truly moving to Delaware.  We had a party yesterday at the parents house, lots of friends and family over and ate yummy food and just hung out.  I don't know what will really happen when Sara comes here Tuesday night.  She's spending the night here after her last day of work, and then driving to Delaware and Zach on Wednesday.  I am really sure that Hannah doesn't get it, and I know that she'll be sad when Sara leaves, but won't get it.  She still doesn't get that Zach is already there and there most of the time.  Every time we're going to see Sara, she asks if Zach will be there.  Which sometimes he is, but mostly he's not.  The air force requires lots of his time.  I'm sad just thinking about her leaving, because I do understand.  I know she'll be happier where she can be with Zach, and I only want her to be happy.  Hopefully we can see them reasonably frequently.  She has a job interview next week, so we're wishing her good luck with that.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Practically Perfect

Hannah checkup went well and was over quickly.  A few xrays (that she sat alone and did NOT need to hold my hand) and we were in to see the doctor.  When she came in she had a look at her pin holes, and had her straighten and bend to get an idea of her range of motion compared to the other side.  She has a slightly smaller range on her left arm, but she said that should dissipate in the next few weeks.  Otherwise she said we were discharged and only needed to come back in to be seen if there was something I perceived as an issue.  Then it was back to Kat's so we could hang out there for Clinic day and work time.  Hannah has nearly forgotten about her broken arm, which makes me happy. 

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Six Weeks

Hannah goes tomorrow for her six week checkup with the orthopedic surgeon.  I'm assuming everything will check out fine because she has absolutely no issue with using her arm.  She's been good basically for about three weeks now.  She uses it, and hasn't once complained about anything related to it really.  She's still a drama queen, so she cries if she hits it, or any other body part.  So I guess we're back to status quo.  Which is good.  Though we'll know for sure tomorrow since I'm assuming they'll xray her again to be absolutely sure.  Then it's back to Kat's so Mimi can get her counts done at the clinic.  A busy day for our day off.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday Again

Just like every week.  I love weekends, I adore them.  I live for them.  I feel much more strongly about weekends now that I'm working.  Not that I mind working so terribly, but I do prefer to be home with my kids whenever possible.

We went to the Zoo and our friends house to play on Saturday.  Steven had some plans to go to the dump and clean in the basement, so he didn't join us this time.  We had so much fun, walking all over the zoo until nearly 1:30.  Surprisingly my kids weren't complaining of starvation, so we went and had lunch after that at a picnic in the park.  Then we headed back to the house for some playing, some more food, and an enormous spider. 

This weekend coming up is the airshow, so I guess the plan is to do that one day this weekend.  And I've been in talks with my friend Janice to have her and her kids come down and play after the airshow, since she's planning to go also.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

A first

Today the girls had their first non family babysitter.  And yes I realize Kat watches them all the time, but seriously, she's like another mom to them.  She doesn't count as "not family".  Heck Massachusetts DID legalize same sex marriage.  Kidding!

So this morning a neighbor girl came over to watch the girls while I went to work.  She and her sister had come over previously to meet the girls and see how it went.  That was the week before I started work, and now here we are.  She apparently had a great time with them, and the girls didn't even seem to notice that I had left, and barely gave me ten seconds of their time when I got back.  They adored her, and were sadder when it was time for HER to leave than they were when I left for work.  So it was good all around apparently.  She loved them and said they were so good she'd watch them anytime.  Super!

Now to find out if she wants to watch five girls.... Hmmmmmmm.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I'm a planner.  I admit it.  I love lists, and knowing what's going to happen when we do something.  Unlike some planners, I don't mind when we start to do something and things don't quite go the way we plan.  But I like to have a semblance of order when we do things.  That's why I plan ahead.  So for a few weeks now, we've been planning with some friends to go to the zoo.  We make the trip every year, and so far we haven't made it down this summer.  The time has come, and since we're all free this weekend, the plan is that we go to the zoo on Saturday.  Of course, my kids don't know that, and neither do Kat's.  In fact, I wonder if the other friend we're meeting who lives locally to the zoo has even told her kids?  I know they'll have a blast, though we'll miss Steven, since he's staying home to do house related things.  He loves to come with us, so I was a little sad when he said I should definitely go without him.  I don't mind going alone, but I prefer him to come with us. 

Monday, August 9, 2010

Summer Vacation

I think in the last week Hannah's had too much of her summer vacation.  First we had company last weekend, then hanging out with her friends while I worked, and Meme.  Then two day's with Grampy and Mimi, one night home, and another day away with Meema and an overnight stay.  Poor kid was exhausted yesterday, she slept the entire way home from Meema's house, and unfortunately paid for it when it was bedtime.  They went to bed at 7:15, and when I checked around 8:15, Norah was sound asleep, but Hannah was still tossing and saying she couldn't fall asleep.  I don't know what to tell her besides to rest and close her eyes and think of nice things.  I remember being younger and not being able to fall asleep.  It stinks being patted and told it's fine and to keep trying.  I never liked it, and I'm sure that she doesn't either.  But when I checked at 8:30, she was asleep. 

Norah also spent her first night in underwear, which is great!  She's been dry nearly every night for over two weeks, so clearly it was the right step.  Now if she'd just sleep better, we'd all be happier.  I don't know what her deal is, but her sleeping leaves a LOT to be desired.  Yes, I know, it always has.  She's just a terrible sleeper.  Nothing I can do but keep going in and reassuring her and telling her it's still time to sleep.  Someday I'll want her to wake up... right?

Thursday, August 5, 2010

So Sad

Poor Norah, she doesn't know what to do without her sister.  I'm not sure why, but yesterday when we dropped Hannah off at Grampy's work, she cried.  She was so sad that Hannah was going to Grampy's house, and she was coming home with us.  She keeps asking me "where's Hannah?" and even asked to talk to her when she called last night to say good night.  We all miss Hannah, that's true, but seems like no one misses her like Norah.  I love how much she loves her sister.  It makes me all melty that they're such sweet girls who geniunely care, regardless of some of their problems.  I hope they can be best friends when they grow up.  If they don't kill each other when they're teenagers.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Getting Ready

Hannah is so excited.  Tomorrow I am taking her up to Grampy's work, and she's having her first TWO sleepovers in a row.  She'll stay Wednesday night and Thursday night, and Grampy and Mimi (if she's not working) will bring her home Friday after I get out of work.  I know he's taking her to a big truck night at the local library, and he said for her to bring a bathing suit... so I am assuming something else fun too.  Maybe not just a sprinkler, though she'd think that was plenty fun.

I'm still trying to get back into the swing of working.  It's rough because I don't have a set schedule every week.  Last week I had just my own people, this week someone's on vacation so I'm doing a couple of hers as well as my own.  Who knows what next week will be like.  I'm having a hard time not missing my girls, even when I know they're having a blast without me.  Yesterday when I got back to the house, they both yelled Mommy, gave me a hug, and then went to keep playing with their friends.  I didn't see them again for an hour. 

Friday, July 30, 2010

Finally Friday

This week seemed very long to me.  Maybe because we have fun stuff planned for the weekend.  I don't know.  I did my work thing, and it was just like I remembered it.  Very much, only it's difficult to switch gears from doing things the way I do them, to doing things they way they insist they be done.  It'll get easier I'm sure.

Wednesday Kat called us and invited us to go swimming, so we all went up the street to a friend's house and swam in her fabulous pool.  Even Norah wanted to go in, which is saying something.  I didn't bring my suit, since I don't really have one, so Kat obliged and took Norah for a swim.  Then Hannah stayed for a sleepover. 

Norah is still doing really well in her underwear.  She's dry 100% of the time for the last few days, we just have some issues with pooping.  I hear that's harder to get, so we're cutting her some slack.  She's even waking up dry, so I'm thinking we might take the plunge and try underwear to bed this weekend.  Interesting.

Monday, July 26, 2010

First day

Today is my first day back to work in about 5 1/2 years.  It'll be fine.  Only three hours and right up the street from Kat's house.  So I don't have to leave right away, and will be right back.

It's also the first day that Norah will be going an entire day in underwear in someone elses house.  Yesterday she did great while we were out running errands, and stayed dry all day.  She's still having trouble pooping, but I expected that.  She's very proud of herself, and of course I'm proud of her also!  She's such a big girl, I can't believe she did it all on her own and is totally initiating herself.  In fact, she's waking up dry and peeing when she wakes up.  Which is amazing to me, but if I remember a certain other two year old who is potty trained did that at first.  So I'm fully expecting that to stop :)

Friday, July 23, 2010

Fun Coming Up

Tomorrow we're making the long drive to visit our friends in New Jersey.  It's only 2.5 hours, so not totally ridiculous, but long for the girls.  Especially since Norah has decided as of yesterday, to potty train.  She spent the day in underwear yesterday, with only a few accidents and plenty of successes and M&M's.  We'll see how today goes and debate what to do about the drive tomorrow.  Probably a diaper is easiest, simply because little ones learning lack control, lol.  If she said she had to pee and we pull over, unstrap her, etc...  So I'm think that's how it will go.

Hopefully we can get all our errands done today.  I have to stop by the office and have my TB skin test read this morning, then probably some groceries.  And fill my van up with gas so we don't have to do that in the morning.  I'm really excited for tomorrow, and hopefully everything goes as planned this time!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hi Ho, Hi ho...

We all know where the dwarves were going when they sang that song... and now so am I.  Norah is big enough now that she doesn't mind being with other people, and Hannah will be in Kindergarten in September.  So I'm starting back to work next week.  It's a huge change for me, and I'm actually a little stressed about it.  I don't want to screw up my kids in any way, but the reality is, in this economy, one income doesn't go as far as you need it.  Hannah seems very confused as to what exactly I'll be doing.  I can't seem to explain it other than I'm basically doing the same stuff I do at home.  Just getting paid, and it's for elderly people, not little ones like them.  So as of right now I'm working Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.  I'm sure she'll try to fill me up a bit, probably on Fridays.  And of course I'm still watching Kat's Monkeys whenever I'm not working and she is. 

I'm mostly hoping that we can all adjust to this easily.  I didn't make this decision without a lot of thought. 

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Happy Monday

You know, for a change!  Yesterday morning I got a phone call that we should come up for lunch to see Gabe and Ellie.  Hannah was thrilled, because we don't see them enough, and there was promise of a pool, and of course they have a swing set.  They also live down the street from a really great playground.  So we hung out there for a good part of the afternoon.  It's SO nice that all four kids are old enough to play and let us chat for a few minutes at a time.  I got some really great photos of the kids playing, and I wish I'd gotten pictures of Norah and Ellie at the easel, but painting themselves, not the paper.  I have a couple of the aftermath though.

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Today everyone that was planning to came over to celebrate my birthday.  Meema and Uncle Dave showed up early with Amanda and Gary.  Then later Donny came with Allison and her kids Bradly and Zachary.  It was lots of fun.  The kids played outside for hours, and we ate some fabulous wings that Steven made, and watched them all have fun.  Despite one mishap for each boy with falling down, they all had a great time.  I did too.  I'm looking forward to tomorrow when we can celebrate as just us.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Almost time

My birthday is coming up on Sunday, and some of my favorite people are going away for the weekend and all of next week.  Camp Sunshine will be so SO much fun for them, I know they're looking forward to it!  So tonight, Steven offered to look over their van to be sure it was safe to drive all the way up there.  So I cooked dinner for everyone.  Tomato soup was the request, and since it was easy enough and required very little of me, we had exactly that.  Only Kat thought she needed to celebrate my birthday early with me, so she brought ice cream cake!  Yum!  I love it, and I love her.  I feel so special.  And I got flowers and a pretty balloon.  Heck it's not even my birthday and I'm pretty spoiled. 

So tomorrow I get to run all the errands and do all the cleaning that means we're having company for the weekend.  And who knows what Sunday will bring.  Hopefully it will bring me not cooking OR cleaning :)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Only Tuesday

And we're already looking forward to the weekend!  Saturday we're having people over.  Meema and Uncle Dave, Amanda and Gary, and Uncle Donny and his girlfriend, Allison.  We're meeting her for the first time, and she's bringing her two boys.  I don't think Hannah understands that more kids are coming over to play, but hopefully she'll remember how to play with boys.  She does great with Michael and with David, so hopefully she'll do great.  Norah plays with anyone, and no one.  It's hard to keep track of what she'll do/not do.  It's never the same, such is life with a two year old I guess.

Then of course, Sunday is my birthday.  I'll be 29 this year.  I don't think we have plans for my actual birthday, and since Mimi and family are headed up to Camp Sunshine for a week, Kat and I will have to celebrate another day.  Steven asked me the other day what I want, and honestly I'm not sure. 

Monday, July 12, 2010

Back again

The tooth fairy made a surprise visit here last night.  About 25 minutes after I put them in bed last night, sitting on the couch watching tv, I hear Hannah come out to the gate and excitedly whisper "Mommy!" as loud as she dared.  She apparently wiggled her tooth right out, and had to tell me right then.  Which of course is fair, since if she put it out for the tooth fairy without telling me, she might not have made the trip. 

So she rinsed her mouth, we dabbed the tiny drop of blood, and got her a bag to put her tooth in.  Then she was tucked right back in, and headed off to dream about what the tooth fairy would bring her this time. 

As it so happens, she was ecstatic over the "dollar and money" she got.  ($1.50) And she popped it right in her piggy bank.

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Right now it's silent in my living room.  Toy Story is playing, and even though it's about five minutes to bedtime, they're both completely rapt and into it.  They got to have ice cream on the floor, and they're watching peacefully.  This sort of quiet really only happens when they're in bed sleeping, so peace and quiet while they're awake is a treasure for sure. 

At least until I tell them it really is time to go to bed.

Friday, July 9, 2010

A change

As much as I adore the previous photo, I thought maybe something a bit more recent might be more appropriate.  Add to that the new layouts offered, and I couldn't say no.  Fluffy dandelions are a favorite "flower" here, so they are absolutely the right choice. 

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Pins are officially out!

And Hannah couldn't be happier.  We showed up a hair early for her 8:45 appointment, but didn't get taken back until well after 9.  After some xrays, we were shown to a room to wait for Dr. Nichols.  When she came in, she showed me the xrays and said that everything looked favorable for removing the cast/pins right then, if we were agreeable to that.  We were indeed.  Hannah had a borrowed Nintendo DS to play with, and it miraculously kept her occupied for quite a bit of the procedure.  There was a lot less to it than I thought there would be.  First she cut off the ace bandage, then she picked apart the layers and pried off the actual splint that was protecting her elbow.  A bit more trimming, and her naked, skinny arm was out in view.  Hannah didn't notice much until the pins were actually being removed, and then she cried.  I don't blame her, it looked very painful considering how hard they were being pulled and twisted.  She calmed down quickly (for her) and got to hold her pins and play with the scissors and tools that Dr. Nichols had used.  After a thick gauze pad and a stretchy bandage, we were good to go.  The bandage comes off tomorrow, when the holes have had a chance to close up on their own.  After that, she has a follow up appointment on August 18, and we were told that by then she should be back to nearly full 100% usage!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Today's the Day!

I'm leaving in about half an hour to take Norah to Kat's house so that Hannah and I can go to the Orthopedist.  Her pins come out and her cast comes off today.  She's feeling a bit nervous, as am I.  I'm hoping that Kat's offer of their DS to distract her will work.  She's excited to take it with her, but I'm afraid that I'll have the kid that nothing will calm her.  She's a daddy's girl, and today she has to make due with me.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Holiday Weekends Rock!

We had a great Fourth of July holiday weekend.  Zach came up on Thursday night after work, and Sara came down after work Friday.  Saturday we just hung out, and then headed to some fireworks in the next town over.  Sara and Zach brought them glow necklaces and bracelets, and they both watched the show happily the whole time.  Norah thought they were a bit loud, but she wasn't scared as I was worried she'd be.  They passed out and slept until EIGHT the next morning, which is unheard of.  Sunday we stuck around home and played outside.  Steven set up the pool for them, and they took a quick dip, though Hannah's dip was quite a bit less than Norah's.  Yesterday there was more playing outside, and then playing inside in the AC because it was so hot.  We're in the middle of a crazy heatwave, and today it's supposed to top out at over 100 here. 

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Crystal Ball

I can see the future, and it ends up a lot like this.  Hannah asking to spend the night away.  Me saying yes.  Kat saying yes.  Lots of giggles and silliness.  Me sleeping peacefully. 

I can't wait until I can return the favor for her and keep BOTH her silly monsters here overnight!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I love saying YES!

This morning on the news, the weather was on, and on Sunday for the weekly forecast there were fireworks.  Hannah got all excited that there were fireworks, and were we going to go see them.  I love her face when I say yes.  Yes we can go see fireworks.  That's the plan, even if you didn't already know it.  Because saying yes is WAY more fun than saying no, or maybe, or we'll see.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Almost done

Hannah has about ten days until her pins come out and her cast comes off.  She really seems to be doing well with the cast and how awkward it seems to be sometimes.  Unfortunately giving her a bath can be more trouble than it's worth, but with sweaty, humid weather, I think I'll try a bit more.  Yesterday her hair just stunk.  So into the tub she went, with a garbage bag and some tape.  Hopefully that will remedy the situation a little at least. 

I've also promised her that if she cooperates at the office when they remove everything that she can have a new toy.  Something reasonable and within reason, whatever she wants.  I am hoping not to have utter chaos when they are ready to take everything off.  I don't have any reason to believe it will hurt her, but just because something doesn't hurt hasn't stopped her from freaking out about it anyways.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Hannah had two firsts today.  Today she saw her FIRST movie in a real theater.  Also it was 3D, so that would be a first also.  She said she loved it, though I can't be sure yet since I wasn't with her.  She's finally having her sleepover do over with Mimi and Iza.  At the previous one during school vacation week, Mimi was admitted that night.  So since Mimi had her counts yesterday and all was good, Kat said sleepover tonight and she took all the girls to see Toy Story in 3D.  I talked to Hannah after the movie and she said it was so much fun.  They were getting ready to eat dinner, so I didn't chat long.  I know she'll do fine with the sleepover part.  Since she's already done that part.

Norah loves when Hannah is gone overnight.  She really would have been a perfect only child.  She's so happy and peaceful when it's just her.  Unfortunately for her, she is destined to be the baby, so hopefully she'll grow into it.  She's in bed now, and I'm sure Hannah will be eventually, though I'm sure that some giggling and staying up late will be in order.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Monday, June 21, 2010

Wiggle, Wiggle, YANK!

Hannah is twice as cute with a missing tooth!  I promise to post a picture ASAP, but at the moment the only one I have is on my phone.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

I know a lot of fabulous dads out there, and I hope they all had a fabulous day and/or weekend!

Originally we had plans to go to the Firemens Muster today in  Sterling, but since they held it yesterday (what?  Not on Father's day?) we ended up having people down, including a certain dad, for food.  Hannah was exceptionally happy to see everyone, and even though Norah's feeling a bit under the weather, had a bit of a good time also. 

Speaking of Norah, I don't know how, but she managed to get some kind of a cold.  She's coughing and sniffly, and her eyes are super puffy.  Poor girlie, she's tired and crabby.  She even fell asleep on me while I was talking on the phone.  Hopefully she perks up by next weekend.  Meema wants to take the girls overnight, and of course I'm happy to oblige her!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

School's Out!

There are pictures to come of the adorable graduation that took place yesterday, but as of now I'll just tell you that it was totally cute and I did NOT fall apart.  She's only five, and I'm glad to say that I held it together.  Steven, not so much.  She's his baby, yes we have Norah, but Hannah is a total Daddy's girl. 

The other good news was that now we can hang out with our friends whenever and however we want.  This morning we went to Kat's very early so she could go to work for 8:30, and we headed for home around 7, when Hannah was totally exhausted, and I'm glad I said no to the sleepover.  Next week I hear will be better.  We are already making plans to do fun things while we can.  Parks and pools are out for a bit (parks only because I find lots of careless kids that could hurt her, not that she'd hurt herself) but we're going to probably go see a play tomorrow at Stanley Park!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Orthopedic Surgeon Appointment

I'm sure some of you are waiting with baited breath to find out how Hannah's appointment went today.  She went in at 1 today, and Dr Nichols sent her for some xrays to make sure the pins kept her in the right spot, and sure enough they had.  There were some tears over positioning for one of the xrays, but they were easily remedied with five (yes FIVE) stickers, which oddly enough happened to be just enough for Mimi, Iza, Magi, Norah, AND Hannah! 

Otherwise everything went reasonably well.  Dr Nichols didn't want to recast her in any way, because her cast and pins were set in the sterile surgery environment, taking any of it apart now to recast it a bit smaller and lighter could run the chance of introducing something to her incision or the pins that could lead to infection.  So she keeps her enormous cast for the moment.  She goes back for her next appointment on July 7, and there are sure to be tears then.  Her pins will be removed as well as the cast.  In the office.  Dr Nichols said there was a choice, that they could be removed in the office, or at the hospital in surgery.  I don't want to traumatize Hannah anymore than necessary, but I really feel that the risks of general anesthesia outweigh the possible insanity of having the pins removed while she's awake and possibly watching.  So everything will be done in their office.  I have already promised her the world if she'll cooperate and not freak out.  I have a feeling I won't have to pay up.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Wiggle Wiggle

Hannah has a lot of free, mindless time right now.  Her cast is too heavy for her to do much, and periodically she's still in pain.  So today she's been hanging out on the couch after school.  She did great in class this morning, and ate lunch really well, but then complained of some pain so it was motrin and little einsteins to the rescue.  However, I've noticed that while she's mindlessly watching a show or movie, she's using her other hand to wiggle her loose tooth.  It's very VERY loose right now.  So much so that I can't even figure out how it's still attached.  I tugged on it a bit at her request, and it's still in place.  So who knows how many more days it will be.  She's anxious to see the tooth fairy, and I think with all this free wiggle time, it'll be out sooner rather than later.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sheer Terror

Hannah's a bit of a drama queen.  She cries about things a lot, and I tend to check her over quickly to decide if she really is fine.  Normally, she is, and when I tell her she's not bleeding and is fine, she runs away.  Friday, she fell outside.  She was playing with Mimi and Iza, and then she came in crying.  My arm hurts Mommy, and crying.  So I lift up her sleeve, and man, her elbow is more twisted than any I've ever witnessed personally.  I knew right then something was very wrong.  I was in for a shock as to just how wrong it would be.  I called her pediatricians office right away, and they had me bring her in.  Her own pedi was able to see her, and after some gentle poking and wiggling, she said she wasn't sure exactly what was wrong, but that some xrays at baystate would clear everything up.  Thankfully Kat had met me at their office, so on my way to the hospital she took Norah with her.  I'm so grateful she did.  After a round of xrays and some pain meds, it was determined that Hannah broke her left humerus (upper arm bone), but down close to her elbow.  It was tricky, and they weren't able to splint it straight.  The orthopedic doctor said she would need surgery.

So then we began the craziness.  I left the ER and picked up her things and some things for Steven.  She's a daddy's girl, so she wanted him to stay with her.  I dropped their things back off, and they still hadn't been given a room, but Steven promised to call later.  I finally went back to pick up Norah, and by now it's very late for her.  She went directly to bed when we got home at 9:30, and slept soundly all night until I had to wake her up at 6:15 Saturday morning.  Steven called to tell me that they were taking Hannah in for surgery at 7, and I needed to be there ASAP.  After a failed IV, a lot of screaming, a half dozen stickers, and a teddy bear, Hannah was in waiting for surgery.  We talked over everything, and the orthopedic surgeon told us she would insert four pins into Hannah's arm to secure the bones in the correct formation.  They are sticking out of her skin, though you can't see them since her cast at the moment is enormous.  After the surgery we stayed with her in recovery until someone could bring her back up to her room.  Ten hours, two doses of antibiotics, and several trips in and  out of the hospital, we were finally home last night at around 8:30.  She was so insanely thankful to be home.  She slept well, and woke up sore and cranky this morning.  But she perked up when we headed out for the Walk in the Parks at Six Flags. 

So she'll go for a follow up appointment on Tuesday with the Surgeon to see how her swelling is and I don't know if she'll get a lighter more permanent cast.  She has a very hard time with this one, she can hardly move.  I'll update everyone with everything as I get it!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Busy Busy

After spending the night at Meema's on Saturday night, and a nap on the way home Sunday, Monday was a welcome relief.  There was time to go to the park, popsicles after, and a noticeable abscence of bathtime before bed.

Today Hannah played hookey from school because Mimi had a long clinic day.  She got a spinal tap, so we stayed there all morning and into late this afternoon.  She was pretty wiped, so basically slept from when they got home until we left.  Hannah was sad that she couldn't say goodbye, but I'm sure we'll get to see them again one day this week.  Like Sunday, when we do the Walk in the Park at Six Flags for Cure Kids Cancer.  You remember that, right?  I posted the link here about a month ago, looking for donations.  Anyways, we're definitely doing that, and I'll take pictures!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Short weeks

I don't just love holiday weekends for the long weekend aspect, but for the short week aspect.  It seems like this week has flown by rather quickly.  Hannah will be out of school in about ten days, and we're busy making plans for the summer.  This weekend we have a wedding to go to, and I'm excited for a night out with Steven, and we're still waiting to hear the verdict on if Zach is coming up again. 

Next week is silly week at school for Hannah, and the week after is only three days left of school.  Crazy how fast it all went by.  Kat and I were talking about how quiet it's going to be in the fall with the three oldest in school all day.  She even asked what I thought about Magi starting at Hannah's school in November after she turns 3, which of course is an option, but I think Norah would get bored. 

We were also invited to NH in July with some friends of our family.  They're renting a house near a kid friendly amusement park for two weeks.  Kat and I were discussing the implications of us going together, going separately, etc..  I would love to go, and the girls would love it also, so I guess we plan out our finances and see how far that gets us!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Holiday Weekend

If you ask Hannah we had a fabulous holiday weekend.  Thursday morning, Zach asked if he could come up that night instead of the next day.  Of course we didn't mind, he's no trouble, so he got here about 9.  Hannah was already in bed, but slept nicely with the promise she'd see him on Friday.  And so she did.  He's working day's now, so he got up before we left for school.  She was over the moon!  Then she had Vehicle Day at school.  She got to sit in a Mail Truck, a UPS Truck, a city snowplow, a Fire Truck, and a Police water rescue boat.  She was very excited.

Friday night Sara came down very late, and Hannah was thrilled to go wake them up on Saturday.  We had a nice peaceful day, finished our shopping for the party, cleaned the house, and spent most of the day outside.  The adults stayed up late playing Apples to Apples outside in the gazebo, and then some of the adults wished to sleep in on Sunday morning.  Not that they got their wish.

Sunday was another nice day.  Gorgeous outside, and a little yardwork.  I pulled weeds and Steven mowed the lawn.  Then we headed to the park for some kite flying.  Hannah got to fly her Pink Elephant kite with Zach and Sara, then they played for a while on the playground before we went home to grill dinner. 

Monday we had a cook out and lots of people over.  There was an ice cream cake for Zach (his birthday is Today), lots of yummy wings and other bbq food, tons of friends, and lots of fun all around.  There are tons of pictures HERE, and I'll be posting them on the girls share site through shutterfly sometime today I think.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The perils of eating fruit

Yesterday there was a lot of fruit eaten.  And not just regular fruit, but red fruit.  Strawberries, cherries, and watermelon.  All yummy and healthy.  I couldn't complain, and didn't even though an hour before dinner my girls helped a few others eat an entire half a watermelon.  They still ate dinner.  However, the end of good fruit things ended there.  This morning when Norah got up she had her diaper changed and got dressed.  Then a few minutes later I realized she needed a change again, only if I ever see pink poop again, it will be too soon!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Getting Ready

This coming weekend is Memorial Day weekend, the unofficial start of summer!  I'm excited for the girls to have a fabulous summer.  I have plans to take them places and do things we didn't get to do last year because Norah was too little and nap dependant.  Now naps rarely happen, and usually only in a car, so I'm excited to do some new things with both of them.  We have passes to two different museums, and one of them participates in the ACM reciprocal program, which means I can get them in free to lots of other museums also!

The best news though came Saturday afternoon.  Zach texted me to tell me that he got the weekend off, so he'll be here on Friday afternoon.  I wanted to keep it a secret from Hannah, but she overheard Steven and I chatting about it on the way home Saturday night.  And she guessed that Auntie Sara and Zach were coming for the weekend!  She's over the moon excited about it, and started asking me yesterday when it was going to be Friday. 

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Strange Guilt

As a mom, I spend a lot of time feeling guilty.  Did we read enough books today?  Am I patient enough with them?  Should I really have yelled "get your toys out of the kitchen now or I'll toss them all" or was asking nicely the first six times enough?  Ok you get the picture.  One strange thing I feel guilt over is what my kids eat.  People without kids would think, what makes you think you have any push in what your kids eat?  And it's true, I often don't have anything to do with what they choose to eat.  Except that I do.  I do NOT have picky kids.  I'm very blessed and they can be wonderful eaters, giving me suggestions for what they'd like for dinner, and choosing things that are kid friendly but also healthy.  My kids love tacos and enchiladas, pasta with just about any kind of sauce, meatloaf, roast chicken or pot roast, chicken wings, baked chicken tenders, veggies in most forms (though I will never cook them turnip).  I'm very lucky, but then there are busy days.  Days where I realize I've forgotten to defrost something until VERY late.  Days that everyone is cranky and loud.  Days where they've picked on snacks most of the day and who knows what they want to eat later.  Days where we have chicken nuggets and tater tots for dinner.  Grown ups don't eat chicken nuggets and tater tots for dinner.  Except when they have kids.  And I feel guilty for serving it.  It's NOT nutrious, though better than nothing, obviously.  I make meat sauce from scratch.  I buy fresh fruit and veggies whenever possible.  They rarely have dessert, mostly because they don't ask.  Fruit is their favorite snack.  And I feel guilty for the one dinner that we all had chicken nuggets and fish sticks and tater tots. 

Being a mom is tough on the psyche.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Fun Weekends!

This weekend was my Mom's birthday, and since she was stuck working last weekend (Mother's Day) she wanted to take the girls overnight.  And so she did.  Steven and I went to a few tagsales, and got dinner, did some shopping and watched a movie at home.  It was very nice, and the girls had a good time playing with their cousins at Meema's house. 

Of course yesterday was a different story.  As we got into the jeep to go pick them up, it wasn't running right.  Steven didn't think it was safe to drive an hour away, and even if we made it, fixing it up there would be nearly impossible.  So we begged them to bring the girls back, along with the planned dinner food and we'd eat here while Steven attempted to fix her jeep.  As it turns out, it wasn't an easy fix, so my van went back up to their house with them so Mom could work today.  So Hannah's skipping school because I have no way to get her there.  All my carseats are in the van, and driving the two of them in Steven's truck would be interesting to say the least.

Unfortunately all this also means that we spent too much money on fixing other people's cars, we can't go to NJ next weekend like we planned to visit our friends.  Gas money, toll money, and possible rental car money if my van acts up is all gone.  Laurie and I are both disappointed, but at least we hadn't told the kids yet that we were going.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

All Girl Party

Kat called me early yesterday to ask if I could come over while she ran Mimi over to the clinic for counts.  Of course I don't mind, so Norah and I went over after dropping off Hannah and stayed for lunch.  We decided to go to the park in the afternoon and try to fly a kite, and then since dinner all together was out of the question, we settled on a movie/PJ night after dinner.  So we trekked back over after dinner to watch Barbie and the Diamond Castle, eat popcorn and strawberries, and the little ones to wear PJ's.  They all had a lovely time best I could tell, and I never mind company on the nights Steven works late.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mother's Day Weekend.

We had a very nice weekend here.  Saturday we ran to the store and did errands.  Then over to Kat's for some company while Steven fixed their van.  Then we went to the greenhouse and bought the plants for our new vegetable garden.  We got tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, cauliflower, and cantaloupe.  So far the only thing that looks like it won't take is the cantaloupe.  Which is too bad, the girls love it.  Then, we were off to the mall for my gift, shopping at Sephora.  After that we hit Savers, and then dinner at Olive Garden.  It was really too nice. 

Yesterday we just hung out in the morning, then the girls and I drove up to Eric Carle for a play.  Hansel and Gretel; a Grimm tale.  It was part Hansel and Gretel and part of another story about three gold hairs.  It was really well done, and the girls were thrilled to meet the actors after, get their programs signed, and go backstage.  They got to all try on the witch mask, and Hannah even did a witchy laugh, which made everyone else laugh too.  Then it was home for dinner that someone besides me cooked.

All in all, a lovely weekend.  Now tonight I get to go out with my fabulous friend Joanna for dinner, and I'm very excited for that also.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Confusing Weather

We've had a lot of strange weather lately.  Mostly windy and some rain, and random nice days mixed in.  Tuesday afternoon we had so much wind that a lot of trees were brought down, including part of my neighbors tree.  I actually had Gary take down my windchime because I was afraid the string would break and send it flying into my van.  And of course yesterday was gorgeous.  Perfectly sunny, just the right breeze, not humid.  It was gorgeous.  Kat and I headed over to the Mr Potato Head Park in Longmeadow to let the girls play.  And play they did.  We were there for nearly three hours.  They had a fabulous time, and then more than half the girlies slept on the way back to my house.  In fact Magi slept so long that Kat had to take her out of my van when she was leaving and put her back in her own.

The biggest problem with confusing weather is that I hardly know how to dress them.  Do they wear jeans and t shirts?  Capris?  Skirts?  Shorts?  Ugh, it's enough to make their dressers overflow with clothing, and yet none of it seems appropriate.  So today it's already 60* out, and supposed to be sunny later.  So capris and t shirts it is...

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sleeping Beauty

This is apparently Hannah and Norah's new favorite game to play.  Hannah will tell Norah "I'm going to be Sleeping Beauty, and you have to kiss me"  So Hannah lays down somewhere, and closes her eyes.  Norah leans over and makes nice smacking noises on her face, and they both get up giggling.  It's cute, and sweet, and something I know will disappear as time passes.  They won't always be like that.  Heck, they aren't always like that now.  I take what I can get.  And right now, it's pretty sweet.

Monday, May 3, 2010

A Walk in the Park

We're signed up to walk with Mimi's team at the Walk in the Park next month to benefit Baystate Children's Hospital, right here in Springfield.  It's for children's cancer, and obviously that cause is near to everyone who knows Mimi.  She rocks, and I have no doubt that all the other kids that suffer from cancer rock also.  So we're giving back, and asking you to also.  Click the link below to donate safely online and help me meet my goal.

Purple Sock Monkeys

ETA:  Steven and Hannah are both registered also and need help meeting their goals :D

Family Weekend

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away

We are into the fourth straight day of rain/wind/cloudiness. It's gross outside, and it's gross inside. Outside because of the weather, inside because of the crazy children. They're all nutty, running around like lunatics. The picking at each other is getting to an all time high. I keep trying to think of things they can do together that will make them happy AND make my house a bit less messy. But so far, nothing has come up like that. It seems to be either happy and messy, or just messy.

The good news is that after tomorrow we're getting some gorgeous weather for the weekend. Hannah was excited when she found out we'll be going to visit Grampy and Mimi on Saturday, and I'm waiting on Kat to find out if we're all going to try to go to the Eric Carle museum for Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Growing maybe?

Hannah surprised me on Friday afternoon by taking a nap with Norah. They slept peacefully for an entire hour, and I was totally shocked, and more than a little worried. She never naps. Rarely even when she's sick, so a nap was almost unheard of here. Especially when Norah's naptime means things like Markers, Paint, and things with tiny pieces like her Operation game. Yet when they woke up, they ran around like crazy people, and were totally fine.

Fast Forward to today. I think it finally dawned on me why she napped, and I only noticed it from her eating habits. Saturday she basically spent all day eating. At the birthday party, at Grampy's house, on the way home from Grampy's house instead of sleeping. Yesterday she ate quite a bit, but then for dinner took the cake with THREE servings of soup (homemade tomato with noodles/veggies), two slices of bread, and an entire glass of milk. Then for lunch today she asked for more soup, then a sandwich and cheetos like Norah has. And eating it all. So I think she must be growing, because nothing else explains that sort of eating. Even for her. And I've rarely had cause to complain about her eating habits.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Coming to the end

Today is the last official day of Hannah's spring vacation. Yesterday we went to the park to play, and then home for lunch. Today we're heading to Northampton for the Carried Child meeting. Our vacation didn't go as planned, but it was still fun. Tomorrow Hannah has a friend's birthday party, and Sunday I think we're just going to stay home and do nothing. Sounds good to me. I haven't done any sewing in probably a month, so I think I'd like to do some this weekend. I guess we'll see how it goes. Norah is still demanding of my time, and unfortunately with the way she is napping these days, I'm guessing that when Hannah goes to school full time in the fall, she won't be napping at all.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

2 for 2

Yesterday Mimi did not get to leave, she was feeling worse and vomiting again, so they kept her. I had Iza and Magi here for the afternoon, but Iza and Hannah were asking if they could have another sleepover here. It was fine by me but I wanted them to talk to Kat. And talk they did, less than 2 seconds after she walked in the door. Of course it was fine with her also, so last night the girls had another sleepover, but here.

I set up the toddler bed mattress on the floor in their room with pillow and blankets for Iza. Then they had baths, snacks, and a movie. About 7:45 Norah was sitting with me and demanded "Bed Mommy, NOW!" and I took her and rocked her for a few, and then put her in bed. Five minutes later when I realized the big girls were exhausted also and sent them to bed, Norah was already out cold. It's 7:15-ish now and Norah woke up an hour ago, and Iza is still sleeping. Hannah wanted to sleep late, but I think our family routine is too ingrained in her. She hears Steven getting ready and just has to get up. Fine by me, I like early mornings and early bedtimes at night. Much better than late nights.