Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Crystal Ball

I can see the future, and it ends up a lot like this.  Hannah asking to spend the night away.  Me saying yes.  Kat saying yes.  Lots of giggles and silliness.  Me sleeping peacefully. 

I can't wait until I can return the favor for her and keep BOTH her silly monsters here overnight!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I love saying YES!

This morning on the news, the weather was on, and on Sunday for the weekly forecast there were fireworks.  Hannah got all excited that there were fireworks, and were we going to go see them.  I love her face when I say yes.  Yes we can go see fireworks.  That's the plan, even if you didn't already know it.  Because saying yes is WAY more fun than saying no, or maybe, or we'll see.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Almost done

Hannah has about ten days until her pins come out and her cast comes off.  She really seems to be doing well with the cast and how awkward it seems to be sometimes.  Unfortunately giving her a bath can be more trouble than it's worth, but with sweaty, humid weather, I think I'll try a bit more.  Yesterday her hair just stunk.  So into the tub she went, with a garbage bag and some tape.  Hopefully that will remedy the situation a little at least. 

I've also promised her that if she cooperates at the office when they remove everything that she can have a new toy.  Something reasonable and within reason, whatever she wants.  I am hoping not to have utter chaos when they are ready to take everything off.  I don't have any reason to believe it will hurt her, but just because something doesn't hurt hasn't stopped her from freaking out about it anyways.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Hannah had two firsts today.  Today she saw her FIRST movie in a real theater.  Also it was 3D, so that would be a first also.  She said she loved it, though I can't be sure yet since I wasn't with her.  She's finally having her sleepover do over with Mimi and Iza.  At the previous one during school vacation week, Mimi was admitted that night.  So since Mimi had her counts yesterday and all was good, Kat said sleepover tonight and she took all the girls to see Toy Story in 3D.  I talked to Hannah after the movie and she said it was so much fun.  They were getting ready to eat dinner, so I didn't chat long.  I know she'll do fine with the sleepover part.  Since she's already done that part.

Norah loves when Hannah is gone overnight.  She really would have been a perfect only child.  She's so happy and peaceful when it's just her.  Unfortunately for her, she is destined to be the baby, so hopefully she'll grow into it.  She's in bed now, and I'm sure Hannah will be eventually, though I'm sure that some giggling and staying up late will be in order.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Monday, June 21, 2010

Wiggle, Wiggle, YANK!

Hannah is twice as cute with a missing tooth!  I promise to post a picture ASAP, but at the moment the only one I have is on my phone.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

I know a lot of fabulous dads out there, and I hope they all had a fabulous day and/or weekend!

Originally we had plans to go to the Firemens Muster today in  Sterling, but since they held it yesterday (what?  Not on Father's day?) we ended up having people down, including a certain dad, for food.  Hannah was exceptionally happy to see everyone, and even though Norah's feeling a bit under the weather, had a bit of a good time also. 

Speaking of Norah, I don't know how, but she managed to get some kind of a cold.  She's coughing and sniffly, and her eyes are super puffy.  Poor girlie, she's tired and crabby.  She even fell asleep on me while I was talking on the phone.  Hopefully she perks up by next weekend.  Meema wants to take the girls overnight, and of course I'm happy to oblige her!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

School's Out!

There are pictures to come of the adorable graduation that took place yesterday, but as of now I'll just tell you that it was totally cute and I did NOT fall apart.  She's only five, and I'm glad to say that I held it together.  Steven, not so much.  She's his baby, yes we have Norah, but Hannah is a total Daddy's girl. 

The other good news was that now we can hang out with our friends whenever and however we want.  This morning we went to Kat's very early so she could go to work for 8:30, and we headed for home around 7, when Hannah was totally exhausted, and I'm glad I said no to the sleepover.  Next week I hear will be better.  We are already making plans to do fun things while we can.  Parks and pools are out for a bit (parks only because I find lots of careless kids that could hurt her, not that she'd hurt herself) but we're going to probably go see a play tomorrow at Stanley Park!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Orthopedic Surgeon Appointment

I'm sure some of you are waiting with baited breath to find out how Hannah's appointment went today.  She went in at 1 today, and Dr Nichols sent her for some xrays to make sure the pins kept her in the right spot, and sure enough they had.  There were some tears over positioning for one of the xrays, but they were easily remedied with five (yes FIVE) stickers, which oddly enough happened to be just enough for Mimi, Iza, Magi, Norah, AND Hannah! 

Otherwise everything went reasonably well.  Dr Nichols didn't want to recast her in any way, because her cast and pins were set in the sterile surgery environment, taking any of it apart now to recast it a bit smaller and lighter could run the chance of introducing something to her incision or the pins that could lead to infection.  So she keeps her enormous cast for the moment.  She goes back for her next appointment on July 7, and there are sure to be tears then.  Her pins will be removed as well as the cast.  In the office.  Dr Nichols said there was a choice, that they could be removed in the office, or at the hospital in surgery.  I don't want to traumatize Hannah anymore than necessary, but I really feel that the risks of general anesthesia outweigh the possible insanity of having the pins removed while she's awake and possibly watching.  So everything will be done in their office.  I have already promised her the world if she'll cooperate and not freak out.  I have a feeling I won't have to pay up.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Wiggle Wiggle

Hannah has a lot of free, mindless time right now.  Her cast is too heavy for her to do much, and periodically she's still in pain.  So today she's been hanging out on the couch after school.  She did great in class this morning, and ate lunch really well, but then complained of some pain so it was motrin and little einsteins to the rescue.  However, I've noticed that while she's mindlessly watching a show or movie, she's using her other hand to wiggle her loose tooth.  It's very VERY loose right now.  So much so that I can't even figure out how it's still attached.  I tugged on it a bit at her request, and it's still in place.  So who knows how many more days it will be.  She's anxious to see the tooth fairy, and I think with all this free wiggle time, it'll be out sooner rather than later.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sheer Terror

Hannah's a bit of a drama queen.  She cries about things a lot, and I tend to check her over quickly to decide if she really is fine.  Normally, she is, and when I tell her she's not bleeding and is fine, she runs away.  Friday, she fell outside.  She was playing with Mimi and Iza, and then she came in crying.  My arm hurts Mommy, and crying.  So I lift up her sleeve, and man, her elbow is more twisted than any I've ever witnessed personally.  I knew right then something was very wrong.  I was in for a shock as to just how wrong it would be.  I called her pediatricians office right away, and they had me bring her in.  Her own pedi was able to see her, and after some gentle poking and wiggling, she said she wasn't sure exactly what was wrong, but that some xrays at baystate would clear everything up.  Thankfully Kat had met me at their office, so on my way to the hospital she took Norah with her.  I'm so grateful she did.  After a round of xrays and some pain meds, it was determined that Hannah broke her left humerus (upper arm bone), but down close to her elbow.  It was tricky, and they weren't able to splint it straight.  The orthopedic doctor said she would need surgery.

So then we began the craziness.  I left the ER and picked up her things and some things for Steven.  She's a daddy's girl, so she wanted him to stay with her.  I dropped their things back off, and they still hadn't been given a room, but Steven promised to call later.  I finally went back to pick up Norah, and by now it's very late for her.  She went directly to bed when we got home at 9:30, and slept soundly all night until I had to wake her up at 6:15 Saturday morning.  Steven called to tell me that they were taking Hannah in for surgery at 7, and I needed to be there ASAP.  After a failed IV, a lot of screaming, a half dozen stickers, and a teddy bear, Hannah was in waiting for surgery.  We talked over everything, and the orthopedic surgeon told us she would insert four pins into Hannah's arm to secure the bones in the correct formation.  They are sticking out of her skin, though you can't see them since her cast at the moment is enormous.  After the surgery we stayed with her in recovery until someone could bring her back up to her room.  Ten hours, two doses of antibiotics, and several trips in and  out of the hospital, we were finally home last night at around 8:30.  She was so insanely thankful to be home.  She slept well, and woke up sore and cranky this morning.  But she perked up when we headed out for the Walk in the Parks at Six Flags. 

So she'll go for a follow up appointment on Tuesday with the Surgeon to see how her swelling is and I don't know if she'll get a lighter more permanent cast.  She has a very hard time with this one, she can hardly move.  I'll update everyone with everything as I get it!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Busy Busy

After spending the night at Meema's on Saturday night, and a nap on the way home Sunday, Monday was a welcome relief.  There was time to go to the park, popsicles after, and a noticeable abscence of bathtime before bed.

Today Hannah played hookey from school because Mimi had a long clinic day.  She got a spinal tap, so we stayed there all morning and into late this afternoon.  She was pretty wiped, so basically slept from when they got home until we left.  Hannah was sad that she couldn't say goodbye, but I'm sure we'll get to see them again one day this week.  Like Sunday, when we do the Walk in the Park at Six Flags for Cure Kids Cancer.  You remember that, right?  I posted the link here about a month ago, looking for donations.  Anyways, we're definitely doing that, and I'll take pictures!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Short weeks

I don't just love holiday weekends for the long weekend aspect, but for the short week aspect.  It seems like this week has flown by rather quickly.  Hannah will be out of school in about ten days, and we're busy making plans for the summer.  This weekend we have a wedding to go to, and I'm excited for a night out with Steven, and we're still waiting to hear the verdict on if Zach is coming up again. 

Next week is silly week at school for Hannah, and the week after is only three days left of school.  Crazy how fast it all went by.  Kat and I were talking about how quiet it's going to be in the fall with the three oldest in school all day.  She even asked what I thought about Magi starting at Hannah's school in November after she turns 3, which of course is an option, but I think Norah would get bored. 

We were also invited to NH in July with some friends of our family.  They're renting a house near a kid friendly amusement park for two weeks.  Kat and I were discussing the implications of us going together, going separately, etc..  I would love to go, and the girls would love it also, so I guess we plan out our finances and see how far that gets us!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Holiday Weekend

If you ask Hannah we had a fabulous holiday weekend.  Thursday morning, Zach asked if he could come up that night instead of the next day.  Of course we didn't mind, he's no trouble, so he got here about 9.  Hannah was already in bed, but slept nicely with the promise she'd see him on Friday.  And so she did.  He's working day's now, so he got up before we left for school.  She was over the moon!  Then she had Vehicle Day at school.  She got to sit in a Mail Truck, a UPS Truck, a city snowplow, a Fire Truck, and a Police water rescue boat.  She was very excited.

Friday night Sara came down very late, and Hannah was thrilled to go wake them up on Saturday.  We had a nice peaceful day, finished our shopping for the party, cleaned the house, and spent most of the day outside.  The adults stayed up late playing Apples to Apples outside in the gazebo, and then some of the adults wished to sleep in on Sunday morning.  Not that they got their wish.

Sunday was another nice day.  Gorgeous outside, and a little yardwork.  I pulled weeds and Steven mowed the lawn.  Then we headed to the park for some kite flying.  Hannah got to fly her Pink Elephant kite with Zach and Sara, then they played for a while on the playground before we went home to grill dinner. 

Monday we had a cook out and lots of people over.  There was an ice cream cake for Zach (his birthday is Today), lots of yummy wings and other bbq food, tons of friends, and lots of fun all around.  There are tons of pictures HERE, and I'll be posting them on the girls share site through shutterfly sometime today I think.