Thursday, December 20, 2012

A good student

Yesterday was the holiday party for the center where both girls take taekwondo. There were awards given out and food. I wasn't planning on going, because honestly, rooms full of people I don't know make me crazy. However, I got a heads up that Hannah was going to get one of the awards, and I figured she deserved some spotlight. Sure enough, Hannah got a rather large trophy for Student of the Year. I was told she was their obvious first choice. She is very proud of herself, and we of course are proud of her too!  Norah is a little sad that she didn't get a trophy also, but I think she'll get over it. Of course, there's always next year.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Much Better

Norah's visit with the pediatrician went well. She agreed with me that it didn't seem broken and said she thought it was a serious skin irritation. Hydrocortisone twice a day and a generous layer of aquaphor at night and her toe looks MUCH better than it was. Not enough to stop using it at the moment, but even she seems to feel better about it.

We are gearing up for Christmas here, with a load of gifts under the tree already, everyone is looking forward to the big day. We're deciding on a menu for all of the 3 gatherings being hosted here, and I'm hopeful we can have a fun, peaceful time at all of them!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Questionable Injury

Sunday evening I noticed one of Norah's toes was all swollen and red/purple. She didn't say she had hurt it, and while it looked bad, it didn't seem to bother her much. She walks normal, and basically doesn't complain about it at all unless she can see it. I figured give it a few days and regroup. Last night they had taekwondo, and it still looked bad. So today I'm taking her to the pediatrician to have it looked at. It always looks VERY bad at night, but by morning it just looks like a red bump and hardly swollen at all. I don't know if it's related to her shoes, or how she walks, or the fact that her toes point inward toward her big toe. I guess we'll find out today.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Ho Ho Ho

When I was pregnant with Hannah we decided that we would not do Santa. We would make sure that our kid(s) knew that we chose and purchased the gifts they received and glory and disappointment would be distributed accordingly. I never once told either of these girls that there was no Santa, because I didn't want my kids to be *those* kids. So we simply told them that Santa needs help, and that since he doesn't come to our house, we buy the gifts. It has totally worked fine up until this year. This year when Hannah would normally be right on the edge of when it's socially acceptable to still believe in Santa. When she might be questioning things. This year they ask to go see Santa at the mall. Since the line was short, I indulged them. They climbed up on Santa's lap and told him exactly what they wanted. Dreamlights and The Lorax topped the list, which is funny because I knew that and they are getting both. So I wonder what prompted this. They have seen the wrapping paper I bought for them, so when Hannah rips the paper off The Lorax joyously, there will be no question who wanted her to have it. Yet she trusted us so little to get something she would enjoy, she asked a disturbing old man she's never met who plays with elves.

Thursday, November 29, 2012


Last Monday at Taekwondo, Norah got her final tape that meant she was ready for testing. Then they were closed until this week. We normally go on Wednesday, so we headed over last night for their regular 6:30 class.  The instructor informed me that he was testing other kids, and since Norah was ready, did I want to test her too? Sure, why not. I just happened to have enough cash to pay the testing fee, and so it was. She was thrilled, and is now the proud owner of a green belt. The test was shorter than some of the others, since it took place during normal class time, but she wowed everyone still. We're so proud of her, she's the smartest four year old I know.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

After Green....

Comes Blue :)  Hannah is testing for a new belt at Taekwondo tomorrow night. She's excited, and she definitely knows her stuff. It's been a couple months since the last test, and I think she knows what they want her to more solidly than she did last time. I'm looking forward to a longer break between belts coming from her.  In the last six months she has breezed through white, yellow, orange, and green.

Norah isn't quite ready to be tested. She's finding the increased requirements for the orange belt more difficult, either because she is four, or because she is also difficult. She is getting there though, so I am sure it won't be too long before she's also ready for a new belt.

Sunday, November 4, 2012


At the very end of the first half of the last soccer game of the year, Hannah scored her very first goal. Ever since last year I've been telling her that everytime she scores a goal I'll buy her a donut. I've never had to make good on that bargain, but yesterday we stopped at Dunkin twice.  Once on the way for warm drinks to keep mommies and cousins warm while we cheer, and once on the way home to fill her wish for a chocolate frosted donut. She is so SO thrilled to have scored, and it just so happened that she scored the only goal for the whole game, making it a tie at 1-1 instead of a loss. She is hoping to be able to do some indoor soccer over the winter, and then spring soccer next year.

Friday, October 26, 2012


Life just keeps getting busier.  Today is insanely busy for me.  I worked this morning, bought some groceries and put them all away.  I have to pick up Hannah in a few minutes, and I'm running her over to the park for something special she and I got chosen to do. After that I have to run back to get Norah from Kat, find them dinner, run them to taekwondo, and directly after that go late to Norah's Halloween Dance at school. 

Tonight at the Halloween Dance they are going to be taekwondo girls, and for actual halloween, I have no idea.  They'll pick something out of the dress up trunk, if we don't get hit with a hurricane and Halloween gets canceled again.

Friday, October 12, 2012


Thank goodness we're all feeling better here.  Life is back to it's normal craziness.  Norah is finally doing better about dropping off at school.  I instituted stickers for every day with a good drop off, and something special to do together when she gets five in a row.  She likes it, and the fact that I bought cute stickers helps I'm sure.

Otherwise life is just it's usual busy.  Hannah has a couple more weeks of soccer, and they're still going to taekwondo twice a week.  Hannah also has CCD on Mondays in preparation for her first communion in the spring.  Kat and I went to a meeting last night at the church about the second graders and how the first communion works.  Hopefully we can get our three "triplets" all in the same section.  Our church does it in two sections because this year they have I guess over 70 second graders.  The dates are either April 13 or April 27.  We chose the 27th, and hopefully we get to keep it.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Busy with being sick

Getting sick is the worst.  There are a zillion run of the mill colds that go around elementary schools all winter.  However, it's only September, and we've already had one really ugly stomach virus hit home.  Hannah was first, then Norah.  It's so sad when they're sick and you can't do anything for them.  I got it next, and spent the day feeling miserable.  Amanda had it too, so the only person to escape unscathed is Steven, which is pretty normal around here.

So we are back to status quo here for the moment.  Hannah has been playing soccer and having fun with it.  She has a game this weekend, and she's hoping to win again.  They finally won their first game last weekend, 1-0, which is a good game to watch.  I love it when they're close games, it means they had to work for it.

Norah is having a few issues here with school.  She cries when I drop her off, which is strange since she was fine the whole first two weeks.  I'm hoping I can find out what is wrong with her so I can fix it for her.  I want her to love going to school and make new friends.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


We are officially a week and a half into the school year!  Hannah seems to like her class and her teacher.  Norah started just on Monday, and so far enjoys herself.  She doesn't seem to miss me, and was offended that I was going to pick her up today after I finished at work.  So, seems good for everyone.  I'm working on lots of homework myself, digging into algebra doesn't make my day, but I guess it makes my transcript look better.

Norah and Hannah both tested for their belts a couple weeks back, and now Hannah is green and Norah is orange.  They still take class twice a week, and are progressing through their sadness that their favorite instructor went back to college.

Hannah had her first soccer game this past weekend, and while they didn't win, they played a great game overall!  There were only six of them, so everyone played the entire game.  They were exhausted and sweaty when they finished, but I was so proud of all those girls!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Testing... testing... 1...2...

There is a group test tonight at Tae Kwon Do, and both girls are ready to be tested.  I paid their fee last night, so all that remains is to be there for 6pm and watch.  They're very excited, though Hannah is a bit nervous about her flying side kick.  I'm debating going out to the store to get a bigger micro sd for my phone, so I can take video's of both girls tests.  I don't think I have enough room for two videos on the card I have now.  They can't wait, though it will be their last "class" with Instructor Matt, since he's going back to school next week.  They'll be super sad when he's gone, he really is SO good with them.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Summer Vacation

I can't believe that school starts for Hannah two weeks from today.  It seems like she JUST got out of school, and here she is going back as a second grader already.  She's so smart and funny, I know she's going to love it.  She already got her teacher assignment, and while it wasn't who she wanted, she's not upset about it. 

Norah starts school three weeks from yesterday, and I can't believe that I'm sending my baby to school.  Real school with teachers and friends... it boggles my mind.  I swear I was just doing preschool with Hannah, and Norah was an infant in a sling or a wrap at every drop off and pick up.  Then she was a scheming toddler, with plans of her own, and an adorable smile.  Somehow she's nearly 4.5, and totally ready to make new friends and have a good time at school.

The girls are testing for belts on Friday at Taekwondo.  Hannah is moving up to a green belt, and Norah's testing for her orange belt.  They're both ready and excited.  Hannah is a little nervous about her breaking (a kicking break instead of a punching break), but she practiced last night, and is going to an extra class tonight to be sure she's very ready.  Norah knows how to do her elbow strike break, but it's hard for her to practice since all the practice boards are too thick for such a tiny girl.  I have faith it will be fine though.

Thursday, August 16, 2012


That time is coming again, and what's more exciting is that this year Norah is joining the fun.  She'll be attending the same preschool Hannah did, just with a different teacher.  Just yesterday I got news that Magi will be going mornings also, just in a different class.  She's really excited to start school, and be a "big girl that goes EVERY DAY!"  Just like Hannah, only for half days instead of all day.  It messes with my work schedule a bit, but I have managed to work it out, and it just might give me more time for my own school work, which starts again right after Labor Day.  Seems like summer just started, even for me, and I finished six weeks earlier than Hannah.

Monday, August 13, 2012


After an eventful vacation, we are home!  Vacation started for me on Friday, and I took the girls with Kat to Six Flags for an afternoon of fun. They went in the water park, Hannah did some slides, and Norah some of the smaller kid things.  Then we hit the rides.  Teacups, roller coasters, and lots of kiddie rides.  We stayed until about 8:30, when they finally decided they were hungry enough to leave and get dinner.

Saturday was a staying home kind of day, but Sunday we went to the Great New England Airshow.  The girls were thrilled to get to sit in lots of different kinds of planes, and Hannah is convinced that the B 2 Stealth Bomber is really Batman's plane.

Monday we headed to the ocean, for a picnic at the beach.  There was lots of swimming in the ocean and digging in the sand.  On our way home we took a long way and stopped at Ikea for some things we needed.  Plates, bowls, and dishtowels.

Tuesday was fun because we hit the Springfield Museums and got to play in the Lego exhibit.  The girls and even Steven had a fabulous time building and being in awe of the massisve lego sculptures.  There were lots of other interesting things, including a huge Tyrannosaurus Rex that terrified the life out of Norah.

Wednesday started the big fun.  We got in the car early in the morning and headed down to Delaware to visit Sara and Zach and Baby Carlee.  After a long ride, we finally got there around 2:30, and spent the rest of the day snuggling Carlee and catching up.

Thursday Sara and I took the cousins to the pool while Steven golfed and Zach slept, then we did the Dover AFB Air Museum, got amazing $1 ice cream, and grilled out for dinner.  It was inhaled by everyone and enjoyed immensely. 

Friday we thought our day would be spoiled, because it rained and thundered crazily when we got up in the morning.  Fortunately for us, the weather changed and it was perfect to head to Longwood Gardens like we planned.  We spent a lot of time there walking and taking pictures.  We had a fabulous dinner and headed back until very late, catching about half of the fountain light show.  After a long ride back, the girls were informed they had to sleep in.

Saturday we all got up around 8:30, and after cooking a big breakfast, we packed up and headed for home.  We pulled in around 5:45, and as much as we hated leaving Delaware, it was nice to be home in our own space and our own beds.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I'm counting down the days until we're on vacation.  I'm officially done working about noon on Thursday (two days from now, yay!) but Steven isn't off until late Saturday night.  We have some fun plans, and I can't wait to get started.  I know it will all go by much too fast, especially the part in Delaware where I get to see my fabulous new niece!  We skyped Sara over the weekend and got to "see" Carlee, but it's not the same as when I get to smush those cheeks in person.  I hope to have tons of pictures, since we'll be staying with them, and already made plans to go to a gorgeous garden for a light show the night before we leave. 

Monday, July 23, 2012

Yellow Yellow

Norah passed her yellow belt test!  She's super proud of herself, and her instructors are impressed with her ability to learn and remember.  She got her yellow belt at 6:45, and by the end of class at 7:15 she already had her first tape stripe.  She's amazing, and we are so proud of her.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hot Hot Hot

It's been so hot this year, I think we've had the AC more on than off.  I don't mind summer, and I try not to complain about the heat because I do more than my share of complaining about the cold and winter.  The girls have a hard time playing outside for more than a few minutes when it's this hot and sticky, so they spend a lot of time inside playing.

Saturday we weren't able to go visit our friends in NJ, so instead I took them to Forest Park, and they played at the playground and got to go in the splash park.  Sunday they had a birthday pool party, and then we had a cook out at one of Steven's work friends house with a bunch of the families and their kids.  Monday we crashed Maria's pool, and both of the girls can "swim" with their floaties on.  Tuesday Meme took Amanda and I out for a birthday lunch with the girls, and then they had a sleepover at her house after tae kwon do. 

Norah is ready to test at tae kwon do, she's all set to get a yellow belt, and Hannah's moving right along, learning all her orange belt requirements in typical fashion for her.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


So our day didn't exactly go as planned, but the girls had a great time anyways.  We managed to leave the house around 8am, and got to the beach around 10.  It was cloudy, but so far, just cloudy.  I can do cloudy at the beach, less worry about too much heat and sun.  Not too long after we set up, it started to rain.  Basically a heavy sprinkle, but enough that I covered the camera and the phones to be on the safe side.  The girls went in the water, Hannah all the way in, courtesy of a rogue wave.  They had a blast, ate a picnic lunch, and played in the sand.  The rain kept coming back, though.  So we made the executive decision to head to Grampy's house early.   They had almost as much fun there as they did at the beach.  They're already asking when we're going back.  I may need to suck it up and take them one Sunday when it's just me.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Fourth!

So far it's a happy holiday here.  Last night we hit the fireworks one town over, and the girls loved them.  I drove over around 7:30 to get a parking spot, and Steven was fortunate enough to get the last spot in that lot when he got there to meet us around 9.  Norah was totally enamoured of the fireworks, grinning like a little ham and telling us how pretty they all are.  We didn't see any fireworks last year because we were in New Hampshire, celebrating Sara and Zach's wedding.  Two years ago we sat in the same place, with Sara and Zach, and weirdly enough, Norah totally remembered.  When we got to the grassy field we always sit in, she said "I was here with Zach and Sara".  Awwwww

Today I have to work, and the girls were up MUCH too early, despite being up until nearly 11pm.  So I'll drop them off at Meme's house for a little bit, and hopefully then come home to relax.  Early bedtime for everyone I'm thinking.  Saturday we are talking about going to the beach for the day.  We haven't been since Hannah was 2 and I was pregnant with Norah.  I feel a bit guilty about that, but it is majorly inconvenient to hit the ocean for the day with a small baby.  Last year we went to Rockport, but that's not really the beach.  So I'm going to go to the dollar store for some new sand toys, and maybe new bubbles.  I'm sure Norah's first experience with going to the actual beach will be priceless!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Holiday Week

It always feels wrong when a major holiday falls on Wednesday.  Like it's permission for people to party on two consecutive weekends for no apparent reason.  It also messes with the idea of people having a long weekend.  Who in the world wants to have a day off in the middle of the week.  That's teasing.  Of course, I already have Wednesdays off, so this doesn't affect me in any normal kind of way.  Steven also doesn't normally get any holidays off, so the girls haven't seen him at all. 

July is a busy month for us this year.  This coming weekend there is a birthday party we should go to, next weekend we're going to NJ to visit our fabulous friends, my birthday comes after that, and then a cookout party with my mom that weekend, and a picnic at a park locally for a end of softball season party.  July is going to go by so fast, it will be August before we know it, which is fine by me, then I get to go meet my new niece Carlee!

Saturday, June 30, 2012


That's what Instructor Matt told her about her testing on Thursday night.  She did so well, and we are so proud of her, and more importantly, she is so proud of herself!  I knew she'd do fine, but she was just a bit nervous.  Some kids from our dojang are on their way to the junior olympics this weekend, so there were no real boards left to break, so she broke a very thick practice board in lieu of a real one.  She did it, and with no help, you can tell watching the video, and speaking of the video.... here it is.  Almost 8 minutes long, but it covers all her actual knowledge.  I was running out of room on my phone, so I stopped before the home report, and the actual changing of her belt, but she did in fact get a brand new orange belt and a promotion to the "advanced" level classes.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Recently I bought a bunch of used books that were books I enjoyed as a child.  The secret garden, Charlotte's Web, Harriet the Spy... and I've been reading them to/with the girls at night.  We finished Charlotte's Web the other day, and the end is very sad.  I remember being eight when I first read it.  I was home for a week from school with my first round of chicken pox.  I don't remember if I cried then, but honestly I in no way expected that Hannah would.  I didn't know if she was really old enough to grasp what was going on.  She totally did though.  She cried when Charlotte died, and then insisted once we were finished that it was the saddest thing to happen, ever. 

I don't know if I agree about ever, but it is pretty darn sad.  I love that little girl!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Today it's supposed to hit 97 here, which is pretty hot for only the first day of summer!  I think technically summer doesn't even start until 7 something tonight.... But I'll take it, I prefer hot to cold anyways.

Hannah's last day of school is Friday, though she lucked out and they called tomorrow a half day as well as Friday, since it's supposed to be around 100 tomorrow.  I'm not sure if she even knows that yet, I got the phone call on my way home from work around lunchtime.  We've had some busy days lately, and I think they're paying the price.  Norah is napping at the moment directly behind me on the couch.  If you complain to me that you're tired, and I say go lay down... and you fall asleep, then I must have been right.  Hopefully she's not getting sick, I'm just getting over a terrible cold.

The girls had taekwondo last night.  Hannah's ready to be tested again.  Seems really fast, but she truly does know what they want her to know to get her orange belt, so I guess we'll see when they want to test her.  I'd like to hold off a bit longer, since I like having them in the same class for the moment.  Norah absolutely adores it, and practices all the time.

Friday, June 8, 2012


Norah wants to be just like her big sister.  She wants to eat the same breakfast, wear the same kind of clothes, and play with the same toys.  They do say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and Hannah should be immensely flattered.  Hannah handles it really well for the most part.  She looks out for her sister and helps her when she can.  I can't help but think that their birth order helps with this a lot.  If Hannah had been the second child, there is no way that Norah would have been such a caring, helpful big sister.  It's just not in her nature, no matter how much I nurture it.

Along with all the other things Norah wants to do, Taekwondo is now added to the pot.  Funny enough, she's actually pretty good at it for 4, and even Instructor Matt(the one instructor Hannah has a crush on) was surprised to see that she already knows her basic motions to ten and can count in Korean.  I wouldn't be surprised if Norah is testing for a yellow belt before Hannah tests for her orange.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


So far, June has been less than pleasant.  Yes I realize we're only a few days in, but the weather is awful.  After school Norah always asks Hannah if she wants to go play outside.  It's so ingrained in her, she doesn't even realize she's saying it.  She asked yesterday, and was disappointed to be reminded that it's raining again, and that playing inside is really the only option.  Rain means that Hannah's game on Saturday was cancelled, and practice was also.  She has another game on Saturday this week, and so far the weather is supposed to cooperate, though that can change.  I guess they aren't going to learn anything about playing the game though, I swear they've only had two practices all season, which doesn't do much for their self esteem when they lose.

Norah is asking to to taekwondo with Hannah, so tonight when I take Hannah for her regular class I told Norah she could take a trial class.  If she can do it and likes it, I'll figure out how to sign her up also.  I know they give families a deal when they sign up with more than one kid.  We shall see if she actually likes it.

Monday, May 28, 2012


So far it's been a busy weekend here, though at least in this house it's over.  Steven and I both have to work today, so it's a regular Monday except that Hannah is out of school.

Saturday Steven was home as usual, so we all went to Hannah's softball game.  It was sticky, but they all tried their best and got some hits and some runs.  Then we went out to pick out some vegetable plants.  So our garden is officially in.  The girls helped plant everything, and if even half of what we planted grows, we'll have quite the assortment of veggies and fruits to eat.  Norah picked watermelons, and Hannah picked strawberries, plus the regular things we normally get like cucumbers, tomatoes, and peppers.  We're also trying butternut squash this year, and we have zucchini again. 

Yesterday the girls and I headed up to visit Grampy and Mimi, and the girls had a great time playing outside and being spoiled.  It was a beautiful day, and very relaxing.  Only would have been better if I had gotten home with them at bedtime and our annoying neighbors hadn't been having a huge party.  Huge is fine, loud and obnoxious isn't.  Fortunately someone was more annoyed than we were, because about 8:45 the police showed up, and after that it was much more peaceful!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

When are we....

Going to see Sara and Zach?  Having pancakes for dinner?  Having a sleepover at Kat's?  Going to leave for the park?  Seeing Grampy and Mimi? 

Fun things are hard to wait for, and since the unofficial start of summer is this weekend, I think we'll be having more fun things to wait for than usual.  We're on vacation in August, and we'll be going to visit Sara, Zach, and Baby Carlee.  We can't go see Grampy and Mimi as often as we'd like, but that has something to do with a certain someone's softball game schedule.

Friday night Hannah is being tested for her yellow belt in taekwondo.  She's excited, but she knows everything she needs to.  They told her at class last night she was ready to be tested.  I'll be sure to have my camera and phone ready for a video.  She's really looking forward to it, and it's fun for me to watch her learn.  She busts out with 1 to 10 in korean regularly, and she can kick shockingly high for someone small.

Norah has a dentists appointment today.  She's not bothered by it in the least, in fact she's been asking all morning when we're going to leave.  Hopefully she's taken great care of her teeth and no more cavities are present.  I don't know why she had two last time... she brushes twice a day, and doesn't eat junk or drink juice.  They said some kids are just prone to it and have soft teeth.  So I'm crossing my fingers that everything looks good. 

Monday, May 21, 2012

Boring or Relaxing?

Norah falls asleep every time we go to church.  I don't know what it is, and it doesn't seem to matter what time it is.  9am?  Sleeping by the homily.  11am? Dozing by the Gloria.  Anything later than that and I swear she's sleeping before he's finished welcoming us to mass.  I don't know what it is, and I will say that during mass I'm thrilled she's super lightweight for a four year old.  I don't have any issues holding her with all the standing and sitting.  In fact she usually only wakes up right before the Eucharist because I have a much harder time holding her and kneeling.  So now I'm left wondering... is she ultra bored, or super relaxed?

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


It's great for the grass, but man it's awful for playing outside.  It's rained just about every weekday for something like three weeks now.  Norah's annoyed that on my days off we can't go outside, and softball practice was cancelled yet again.  They need the practice, but what can you do.

Fortunately Mother's Day weekend was insanely gorgeous.  The girls spent the weekend with Meema, hanging out there and being spoiled in general.  After my final and some boring house related things Saturday, Steven and I headed into Boston.  Mostly to just walk around and be together, and that's exactly what we did.  Takeout on the way home and watching tv capped off a peaceful day.  Sunday it was up to me to pick up the monkeys from Meema, and she was nice enough to make us dinner also. 

Hannah is really taking to taekwondo.  There is a belt test next Friday, I'll be interested to see if they think she'll be ready to test for her yellow belt then.  She's working really hard.  She knows the ten basic movements, and eight more for something else.  She knows her stance, her breaking, and how to count to ten in Korean.  She's a smart cookie that one.  I'm proud of her.

Norah has been somewhat less than herself.  I'm not sure if it's the cold that made us all pretty miserable last week or what.  She's been falling asleep, which isn't like her... and getting up much too early, which just perpetuates the cycle.  Hopefully it's just four year old randomness.

Monday, May 7, 2012


Things are going to be a bit chaotic coming up, so what's going on in our house is basically this:  Hannah loves taekwondo, and she'll be testing for her yellow belt soon.  She's learning fast, and everyone is impressed with her.  Norah is being screened for preschool this week, and hopefully will have a spot for this fall, since next year she'll be a Kindergartener.  This is my last week of school, and I'm very much looking forward to having the summer to relax.  Next semester I'm taking English and Math to continue my effort to get the less fun stuff out of the way first.

Hannah and I are both a bit under the weather, she's got the characteristic cough, and my throat is killing me.  Hopefully we can both kick it so we can enjoy Mother's Day weekend coming up.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Lover and Fighter

Man, no one warns you about those second children.  I love her to death, she's funny and fabulous.  Quirky and sweet.  She's snuggly and loveable... most of what comes out of her mouth following "Mommy" is "I Love you!"  She picks at her sister and Magi (who might as well be her sister) and intentionally pisses them off.  She thinks because she's little and cute, punishment will be minimal.  Instigating trouble isn't good no matter who you are, so she sits on her own to think about what she should do or say, and the tears flow.  I should have named her Norah Trouble, instead of Norah Anne.  Something about 4.... I remember it wasn't all roses with Hannah either.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Hannah took her first class tonight, and she was so proud of herself.  She got a yellow stripe on her white belt, and knew everything she was supposed to know and do for them.  She paid attention and listened.  Some of those are hard for her sometimes, she gets distracted easily.  I think it's great that she likes it so much.  Hopefully she can finish the month of free classes and we can figure out a way to keep her in to take more.

Friday, April 27, 2012


Wednesday after school Hannah's school had a "graduation" for the first graders who have been taking taekwondo as part of their gym class.  They have an association with a local place who comes to the school to teach the kids.  She's been telling me about it sporadically, but nothing much other than that some of the kids got to break boards during class, but it hadn't been her turn yet.  Then they announced the graduation, and she was desperate to go because they said everyone would get to break a board.  So despite having a doctors appointment right before it started, we managed to get there on time.  It was very impressive to watch all the kids be so attentive and follow directions.  They were all so enthusiastic.  The owner talked first and said how they had ordered boards and were supposed to get half inch children's boards, but instead they were sent full inch adult boards, but not to worry they'd all do fine.  Fine they did, every kid broke their board.  Hannah was very excited to have broken it, and now she's insisting she wants to take taekwondo regularly.  We're looking into that, as I refuse to let her do more than one sport at a time, so it would have to wait until after softball is done.

Here is the video of Hannah breaking the board, sorry it's twisted, but I forget to hold my phone the right way and I can't always rotate it.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Apparently Hannah's playing softball, but then according to her coach it's a team for 8, 9, and 10 year olds, so all the girls who are 7 may not get to play.  Not so much a rules thing, but her coach is worried someone will get hurt.  So they had practice last week, and it didn't go too badly.  Besides it being a gazillion degrees out, they all had a good time.  They practiced catching and throwing, then Coach Shannon pitched to them so they could practice hitting.  They all got a hit, and Hannah was the only one who could hit on the first pitch.  I've always thought she had an eye for it, but I guess some more practice will really show what's what.

I threw the ball with her in the backyard the other day, and she's not too bad at throwing it where she wants it to go, as long as she pays attention.  Catching is another story, but again, practice is all she needs.  I will say that I was surprised how quick it all comes back.  I had no problems catching or throwing.  Too bad my good glove has disappeared in the moves and kids that happened post marriage.

Thursday, April 12, 2012


You can tell they're ready for spring.  Hannah rides her bike now without training wheels, and it never fails, if the weather is even moderately nice she's outside riding it in the backyard.  I wish we had a bit more room so she could really get going, but she's doing really well!  Even Norah can pedal her bike now, where she couldn't before.  I'm eagerly anticipating the end of school for me so we can do more things more often.

Hannah's starting baseball/softball/whatever you call it with seven year olds.  Practice was cancelled this week due to cold and wind on Monday, but her first practice will be this coming Monday.  She's excited, and I love that she wants to play a team sport.  I think it holds a lot of value to learn to play on a team, listen to a coach, win as a group, or lose as a group.  I'm not a sports kind of person, so I'd love if she was more into it than I am.  I'm not sedentary, but I don't enjoy running around like a lunatic.  Fortunately, she's seven, so lunacy is her specialty.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy Belated Easter

Well, we celebrated on time, but now that I'm mostly done with schoolwork, I'm here to mention it.  We had a great weekend!  Janice came to visit with her four fabulous children, and everyone played outside and got along well.  There were only a couple very minor issues, which is always great with that many kids.  Dinner was delicious, I made this chicken, though it didn't look like her picture, it was insanely delicious!  Hardly any leftovers, though I did scrounge enough to make a killer chicken salad yesterday for lunch for Norah and I.  Easter brought baskets from a bunny, and pretty dresses for church.  Well, they already had the dresses, we just added some cute sweaters.  I'll have some pictures up as soon as I find a free second to download the camera.  They hunted eggs at Meme's house after church, and got some delectable looking Lindt chocolate bunnies in their baskets from her.  Topping the evening off was some homework for me, and early bedtime for the sugar-soaked kiddos.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Fools

I literally cannot believe it's April already.  We had such gorgeous weather in March, and April is here with her showers, just the way you'd expect.  Rainy Sunday's mean things get done in a good way though.  The girls played mostly well today and I got a ton of homework done over this weekend, especially today.  We went to church this morning to get our palms, and Steven is back to working Sundays again, though since next week is Easter, he'll be off and home with us. 

Last night the girls had a movie night with Heather, Kayla, and eventually, Amanda.  They stayed up much too late and the result is they went to bed very early tonight.  Weird to put them to bed when their room isn't completely dark, but I guess they'd better get used to it, since it's even more so in the Summer.  Steven, Donny, and I went to Mythbusters Live last night at the Bushnell Theater.  It was really good, more than I expected.  Very kid friendly, though I was glad not to have brought mine.  Everyone had a good time, but staying up late isn't doing me any favors today.

In other news, I had an appointment with the rheumatologist on Monday, and yesterday my results of the bloodwork came in the mail.  My thyroid is low, and he wants to retest it.  So if I do in fact have hypothyroidism, it explains so much.  My hair falls out in clumps, always cold, Raynaud's disease... In fact the only classic symptom I don't have have is weight gain.  I'm ok with that though.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Birthday Weekend Extravaganza

Ok not quite, but the girls had a good time.  Saturday was the birthday party, so the girls helped clean the house, and then headed off to do errands with Daddy while I worked on some homework.  Then, around 4pm a host of little girls showed up, and they giggled and played for about an hour and a half until the pizza showed up.  They ate pizza, cake, ice cream, and watched Hannah open her gifts.  She was genuinely pleased with everything she got, and is even getting excited to make out her thank you cards.  Then, the best surprise, she found out she was getting to have her friends sleep over.  Unfortunately Mimi decided she would rather sleep at home, so we had four giggly girls here overnight.  They finally settled down after minor threats, and slept great until 6:30 Sunday morning.  An early start isn't my favorite, but they all played reasonably well until Kat came to get her monkeys. 

Sunday was exciting for the girls because Grampy and Mimi were coming to visit, and they know they can always get walked up to the park to play when they come.  Not that I don't take them to the park, but I usually go to a nicer one that we have to drive to.  They spent most of the weekend outside in our gorgeous, non-spring like weather, and are still enjoying it even now.  Norah is outside playing while Amanda and I finish homework.  Well, I'm finished, for now. 

Friday, March 16, 2012

Four Year Appointment

Today was Norah's 4 year well child check, and all checks out.  She weighed in at 31lbs, which is heavier than I anticipated, and 38" tall.  No supermodel height, but big enough.  Her doctor is very pleased with her and says that some of her quirks are just how she is, and some she may outgrow.  She took her four shots like a champ, and now aside from a seasonal flu shot every year, she's finished with yearly shots until she's 11 or they change the rules, whichever happens first!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sporadic posting

I realize since January the posting here hasn't been awesome.  There isn't a whole lot going on, but I'm also massively busy with school work.  This week so far is the absolute worst with 4 homeworks, a quiz, and a test in algebra and a lecture, notes, a quiz, a lab, and studying for a test in biology.  Add all of that to my regular things I need to get done around here and it's pretty much a circus.

This weekend the girls are going to Meema's on Saturday for a sleepover, and I'm taking Steven out since it's his birthday.  We're doing a quick trip to Ikea, with possibly a stop at Sonic on the way home.  Then I don't know what else we'll do, but it will be fun and quiet, hopefully.  And hopefully I'll have finished all my pending school work that is due before my spring break next week.  No trips anywhere warm and wonderful for me.  However, I think reading a book I'm actually interested in, and being able to play with the girls after dinner will make it fabulous regardless

Sunday, March 4, 2012


Norah had a fabulous birthday weekend.  Saturday after a couple quick errands we headed down to the CT Science Center for some fun.  We spent quite the day there, exploring and playing.  Both girls loved it the first time, and even again so soon, they loved it again.  They're excited to go back for the dinosaur exhibit that opens next month.  After that we headed home for a break, and then out to dinner at Red Robin.  Norah and Hannah were sung to after dinner and got ice cream sundaes along with dinner.  Then it was home to dance along with the wii.  This morning they woke up early and we did some errands, but the best part for Norah was that Daddy made chicken wings with our pizza for dinner.  Norah loves chicken wings, and she had second helpings of them tonight.  So far she's enjoying being four.

Hannah is looking forward to her birthday next Monday, and her birthday party on the 17th.  She's inviting some of her friends from school, that will be a first.  Up until now it's always been family friends who also had kids of a similar age.  So we'll see how that goes.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Happy Fourth Birthday Norah!

Four years ago we had a beautiful baby girl, and she's just as beautiful now, if a bit more complicated.  Norah is fun all wrapped up in an especially cute package.  She's hilarious and sweet and loveable.  She has been telling us all day "I'm FOW-er"  You sure are four now baby.  She gets sarcasm and jokes, has fabulous timing, and is all around wonderful.  I think I'll keep her.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Four Years Ago

We were sitting down to dinner out.  Our last dinner out in a while.  We hit Olive Garden, and I enjoyed freaking the waitress out because I kept having random contractions.  Four years ago I had an email conversation with my friend Joanna about how there was NO WAY I was in labor, and I would talk with her the next day.  Four years ago I timed contractions until I got too tired and they were ridiculous anyways and went to bed.  Four years ago tomorrow morning, I had a sweet baby girl.  The last one we're having in this house.  She's so SO excited to celebrate her birthday tomorrow.  Crockpot chicken, chocolate cupcakes, and birthday gifts sounds like heaven to someone who is going to be four.

Friday, February 24, 2012


I realized as I was making our menu for the next week that Norah's birthday is next week.  The deal in our house is that on your birthday you get to pick what we eat for dinner.  So in one week we'll be eating crock pot chicken and having cake and birthday gifts.  She'll also have school, since this week is a week off.  So far she seems fairly oblivious to the fact that her birthday really is almost here.  I mentioned it yesterday and she seemed excited, but she hasn't mentioned it again since.

I also need to get on the ball with the party.  We're planning at pizza/movie night party and Hannah gets to invite a couple friends from school, as well as some of her other friends that she doesn't go to school with.  We're planning it for St. Patrick's day, so the weekend after her birthday, but I guess I really need to start thinking about it now.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

February Stinks

Or I guess it must, since I never seem to have much to say in February.  We don't have any snow, and in fact it's been in the 50's here some days, so the girls have been outside playing more than they might otherwise.  This week is vacation week, which they got to keep because we haven't had any more snow days since October's freak snowstorm.  So yesterday they played happily at Kat's house, and then Daddy came home early.  We also watched a repeat of Westminster Kennel Club dog show, which I missed last week.  Norah thought the Komondor was silly and said "Mommy, him looks like noodles"  Yes, him does.  I'll be so sad when she gets her personal pronouns correct, instead of saying him and hims instead of he and his.

Today they stayed at Meme's while I went to work, and they decided they wanted to sleep over, so I dropped them back off around 3:30.  So now I'm doing homework and deciding what to eat for dinner since I now no longer am required to actually cook.

Tomorrow is my last day of "work" for the week, and this weekend we're going to visit Grampy and Mimi's house and have a big slumber party with Auntie Sara and Zach.  They're up visiting and we're sad they aren't coming to visit here at our house, but it will be nice to see them at Grampy's house.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Fun Month

February seems to be a fun month in addition to being a short month.  So far we have gone to the Connecticut Science Center, had friends over, made plans for vacation, and have a weekend slumber party planned at Grampy and Mimi's house while Auntie Sara and Uncle Zach are visiting.  It's been so busy, and my computer time is limited both by my need to study and by the fact that my right hand is bothering me quite a bit.  Not enough for me to bother going to a doctor about it, but enough that I'm sleeping with a brace on my wrist and trying to avoid both typing and using the mouse with my right hand.  That's part of why I haven't updated recently.  The other part is just plain being busy.  I spent a lot of time thinking about how life would be easier once the girls were more self sufficient, and while it IS technically easier, it's must busier.

Now for a Hannah funny.  I was studying biology last night and Hannah asked what I was reading.  I told here we are learning about membranes and cell transport.  So she says "Men-brains?  Like Daddy has?"  I cracked up!

Monday, January 30, 2012


I live for weekends these days.  I don't get a break from homework, which is kicking my butt daily this semester, but the girls have more people who love them and want to hang out with them.  They spent all of this past weekend with Meema, who they adore.  And she them, obviously.  They had a great time, and Steven and I headed into Boston to meet up with some friends of mine for dinner.  It was a great (late) night, and everyone had a great time.  The girls were happy to see me (and Heather) yesterday morning.  However I seem to have picked up whatever bug they've been passing around, so now I'm congested with an insanely sore throat.  And of course Biology and Algebra wait for no one.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Somehow there seems to be more sickness going around this winter than last.  Hannah's sick (still or again, not sure) with a horrible cough.  She's barking and miserable.  I don't blame her, coughing is no fun, and worse at night.  Fortunately for her it doesn't really wake her up much, she mostly coughs in in her sleep.  It only disturbs other people who can hear her.  I'm starting to be able to sleep through it.  She's old enough now that she'll come get me if she needs something.  Steven can't always though, and boy he complains like there's something I could do about it.  I mean, if she's had albuterol, cough syrup, and vapor rub on her chest, there isn't much more I could do.  She keeps a water bottle in bed with her, and drinks if she needs it.  I really think all the bases are covered.

In other news, school started for me this week.  I'm feeling ridiculously dumb because the algebra isn't making any sense.  I swear I studied for 2 hours tonight and finally was confident enough to attempt the homework assigned.  And by tomorrow I'm sure I will have forgotten completely.  Sad but true I'm thinking.

Norah is her hilarious little self.  She's started talking funny, and I'm not sure why.  No one says "Cay UHT" instead of "Cat" here, well except her.  But she's goofy and fun, and I'm glad.  Even when I want to send her to the moon.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


While I've been enjoying my winter break from school, life has paraded on as normal.  Chaos reigns, but in a good way.  We've just been really busy.  The first week back to school was rough for the girls, but it got a bit better last week.  Yesterday Hannah had the day off, so after I got home from work we just stayed home and relaxed.  We needed it after our weekend.  Thursday Norah was running a fever of 103.  Weird for her, since she rarely gets sick.  I ran out for something to bring it down, and sure enough an hour later she was cooling down nicely.  She woke up hot again, so more meds brought it down to normal, and she was off doing her normal thing.  Fortunately Saturday she woke up cool, and stayed that way all day.  I still don't know what it was, but it left in enough time to have some friends come over for dinner as planned on Sunday.  We got to snuggle a little baby and spend time with friends we don't get to see often enough.  There was a total of 17 people here for dinner, and the house sounded every bit of it.  I love that kind of happy noise, it's my favorite.  All the kids got along well, as usual, well except Magi and Norah.  They always have issues, you'd think they were sisters.

So hopefully we're back to normal and virus free.  No one else got sick with whatever it was Norah had, and I'm pleased to say that.  We've got some snow, some of the first of the year following the freak Halloween storm.  Nothing major, just enough to make stuff messy.  I'm hoping this is how the winter will be.  Next week I start back to school, and hopefully I can balance everything as well as I did last semester.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

We had a very quiet, peaceful New Year's weekend.  The girls were dropped off at Grampy and Mimi's on Friday after lunch, so I spent a few hours home before Steven got back.  I took down all the decorations, and packed everything up neatly.  All we had to do Saturday was take the tree down and put it away, and of course vacuum, because even plastic trees shed needles like you wouldn't believe. 

Saturday Steven did some work on Amanda's car, and then we took mine to the tire place to fix my nearly flat tire.  I had a screw in it, so it was leaking.  But we had a snack at Dunkin Donuts and then finished up our grocery shopping.  After that we did a little shopping with our Christmas money, and then had dinner out courtesy of a lovely gift card.  Our peaceful evening was interrupted around 11 when Steven got called into work.  So he left, and I went to sleep.  He slept in late on Sunday, then we cleaned and did some more shopping before the girls came home.

I had to work today, as did he, but the girls are still recovering from their long weekend.  Norah slept in until 8, and only woke up then because we had to leave so I could go to work.  Hannah is exceptionally cranky today, and I'm hoping that an early bedtime will remedy that.