Tuesday, August 31, 2010


My poor girlies are sick, already.  Not even back to school yet, when I was sure they would be sick.  Hannah was so sick yesterday she had a fever, aches and pains, and managed to vomit up her popsicle.  She seems better this morning, but I remember that kids always feel better in the morning and then get less perky in the afternoon.  It's not shaping up to be a fabulous vacation so far, but hopefully it will get better.  Otherwise I'll just have to be thankful they're sick when Steven is home, and not when he isn't.  At least this way I can still go to work.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Let there be peace

Mimi and Iza had pictures in an art show that was sponsored and held at the local hospital.  There were invitations sent out, and a date set.  They were VERY excited, telling everyone.  Understandably, I mean how cool is that?!  Hannah wanted to go, but of course it was by invitation only, so Kat generously offered to take her with them.  Then when she called to tell me they were on the way to drop her off, she said they were all begging to have a sleepover, and would it be ok.  Sure it's ok!  Norah is perfectly happy to sleep alone in her room, and Hannah will have a great time at their house.  I have said it before, but I can't wait until I can have a house full of her giggly girls here for a sleep over!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Aching for peace and quiet

Oh the drama of five year olds, and of two year olds, but especially five year olds.  Everything is terrible, horrible, no good, and very bad.  Ugh!  Hannah is excited to start school, and honestly I'm pretty excited for her to do it.  I know there will be some of the sadness with sending your big kid off to Kindergarten, but honestly I really think not only will it be good for her, but good for me also, and good for Norah.  Norah is missing the one on one time she had for a few hours when Hannah was in school last year, and I will be back at work this year, but I really think she'll benefit from it.  I'm hopeful that everyone will be happy and that school will make everyone's lives easier, though I'm SURE that can't be true.  The school department still hasn't bothered to tell me what school she'll be attending, and school starts in less than 3 weeks.  Talk about getting down to the wire.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

It was a party

Sara is leaving us.  She's really truly moving to Delaware.  We had a party yesterday at the parents house, lots of friends and family over and ate yummy food and just hung out.  I don't know what will really happen when Sara comes here Tuesday night.  She's spending the night here after her last day of work, and then driving to Delaware and Zach on Wednesday.  I am really sure that Hannah doesn't get it, and I know that she'll be sad when Sara leaves, but won't get it.  She still doesn't get that Zach is already there and there most of the time.  Every time we're going to see Sara, she asks if Zach will be there.  Which sometimes he is, but mostly he's not.  The air force requires lots of his time.  I'm sad just thinking about her leaving, because I do understand.  I know she'll be happier where she can be with Zach, and I only want her to be happy.  Hopefully we can see them reasonably frequently.  She has a job interview next week, so we're wishing her good luck with that.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Practically Perfect

Hannah checkup went well and was over quickly.  A few xrays (that she sat alone and did NOT need to hold my hand) and we were in to see the doctor.  When she came in she had a look at her pin holes, and had her straighten and bend to get an idea of her range of motion compared to the other side.  She has a slightly smaller range on her left arm, but she said that should dissipate in the next few weeks.  Otherwise she said we were discharged and only needed to come back in to be seen if there was something I perceived as an issue.  Then it was back to Kat's so we could hang out there for Clinic day and work time.  Hannah has nearly forgotten about her broken arm, which makes me happy. 

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Six Weeks

Hannah goes tomorrow for her six week checkup with the orthopedic surgeon.  I'm assuming everything will check out fine because she has absolutely no issue with using her arm.  She's been good basically for about three weeks now.  She uses it, and hasn't once complained about anything related to it really.  She's still a drama queen, so she cries if she hits it, or any other body part.  So I guess we're back to status quo.  Which is good.  Though we'll know for sure tomorrow since I'm assuming they'll xray her again to be absolutely sure.  Then it's back to Kat's so Mimi can get her counts done at the clinic.  A busy day for our day off.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday Again

Just like every week.  I love weekends, I adore them.  I live for them.  I feel much more strongly about weekends now that I'm working.  Not that I mind working so terribly, but I do prefer to be home with my kids whenever possible.

We went to the Zoo and our friends house to play on Saturday.  Steven had some plans to go to the dump and clean in the basement, so he didn't join us this time.  We had so much fun, walking all over the zoo until nearly 1:30.  Surprisingly my kids weren't complaining of starvation, so we went and had lunch after that at a picnic in the park.  Then we headed back to the house for some playing, some more food, and an enormous spider. 

This weekend coming up is the airshow, so I guess the plan is to do that one day this weekend.  And I've been in talks with my friend Janice to have her and her kids come down and play after the airshow, since she's planning to go also.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

A first

Today the girls had their first non family babysitter.  And yes I realize Kat watches them all the time, but seriously, she's like another mom to them.  She doesn't count as "not family".  Heck Massachusetts DID legalize same sex marriage.  Kidding!

So this morning a neighbor girl came over to watch the girls while I went to work.  She and her sister had come over previously to meet the girls and see how it went.  That was the week before I started work, and now here we are.  She apparently had a great time with them, and the girls didn't even seem to notice that I had left, and barely gave me ten seconds of their time when I got back.  They adored her, and were sadder when it was time for HER to leave than they were when I left for work.  So it was good all around apparently.  She loved them and said they were so good she'd watch them anytime.  Super!

Now to find out if she wants to watch five girls.... Hmmmmmmm.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I'm a planner.  I admit it.  I love lists, and knowing what's going to happen when we do something.  Unlike some planners, I don't mind when we start to do something and things don't quite go the way we plan.  But I like to have a semblance of order when we do things.  That's why I plan ahead.  So for a few weeks now, we've been planning with some friends to go to the zoo.  We make the trip every year, and so far we haven't made it down this summer.  The time has come, and since we're all free this weekend, the plan is that we go to the zoo on Saturday.  Of course, my kids don't know that, and neither do Kat's.  In fact, I wonder if the other friend we're meeting who lives locally to the zoo has even told her kids?  I know they'll have a blast, though we'll miss Steven, since he's staying home to do house related things.  He loves to come with us, so I was a little sad when he said I should definitely go without him.  I don't mind going alone, but I prefer him to come with us. 

Monday, August 9, 2010

Summer Vacation

I think in the last week Hannah's had too much of her summer vacation.  First we had company last weekend, then hanging out with her friends while I worked, and Meme.  Then two day's with Grampy and Mimi, one night home, and another day away with Meema and an overnight stay.  Poor kid was exhausted yesterday, she slept the entire way home from Meema's house, and unfortunately paid for it when it was bedtime.  They went to bed at 7:15, and when I checked around 8:15, Norah was sound asleep, but Hannah was still tossing and saying she couldn't fall asleep.  I don't know what to tell her besides to rest and close her eyes and think of nice things.  I remember being younger and not being able to fall asleep.  It stinks being patted and told it's fine and to keep trying.  I never liked it, and I'm sure that she doesn't either.  But when I checked at 8:30, she was asleep. 

Norah also spent her first night in underwear, which is great!  She's been dry nearly every night for over two weeks, so clearly it was the right step.  Now if she'd just sleep better, we'd all be happier.  I don't know what her deal is, but her sleeping leaves a LOT to be desired.  Yes, I know, it always has.  She's just a terrible sleeper.  Nothing I can do but keep going in and reassuring her and telling her it's still time to sleep.  Someday I'll want her to wake up... right?

Thursday, August 5, 2010

So Sad

Poor Norah, she doesn't know what to do without her sister.  I'm not sure why, but yesterday when we dropped Hannah off at Grampy's work, she cried.  She was so sad that Hannah was going to Grampy's house, and she was coming home with us.  She keeps asking me "where's Hannah?" and even asked to talk to her when she called last night to say good night.  We all miss Hannah, that's true, but seems like no one misses her like Norah.  I love how much she loves her sister.  It makes me all melty that they're such sweet girls who geniunely care, regardless of some of their problems.  I hope they can be best friends when they grow up.  If they don't kill each other when they're teenagers.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Getting Ready

Hannah is so excited.  Tomorrow I am taking her up to Grampy's work, and she's having her first TWO sleepovers in a row.  She'll stay Wednesday night and Thursday night, and Grampy and Mimi (if she's not working) will bring her home Friday after I get out of work.  I know he's taking her to a big truck night at the local library, and he said for her to bring a bathing suit... so I am assuming something else fun too.  Maybe not just a sprinkler, though she'd think that was plenty fun.

I'm still trying to get back into the swing of working.  It's rough because I don't have a set schedule every week.  Last week I had just my own people, this week someone's on vacation so I'm doing a couple of hers as well as my own.  Who knows what next week will be like.  I'm having a hard time not missing my girls, even when I know they're having a blast without me.  Yesterday when I got back to the house, they both yelled Mommy, gave me a hug, and then went to keep playing with their friends.  I didn't see them again for an hour.