Sunday, October 30, 2011

Winter Wonderland

Which is ridiculous considering Halloween is tomorrow.  At the moment we have about 8 inches of heavy, wet snow on the ground.  Trees and power lines are snapped everywhere from the weight it.  At the moment the girls are next door at the neighbors, sledding down their little hill and having a blast.  I think both girls need nice new gloves/mittens that are warm and waterproof.  Hannah is wearing my mittens over her own mittens.  Also, I think I'll splurge on some real snow boots for me.  I will never be living anywhere I won't need them, so I'll try to find some this year.  And fortunately both girls have snow gear that fits them mostly well.  At least hopefully this is the only snow we see for a while.  Because trick or treating in the snow is ridiculous, even for New England.

Friday, October 28, 2011


Yep you heard it right, snow.  There was snow here last night, and a whole lot of freezing rain.  AND, they're predicting up to 4" here tomorrow night.  So Hannah's last soccer game may get cancelled, which would probably make her sad, though not so much the people who have to sit in the cold.  She's done really well this year, learning and trying new things.  I'm proud of her!

Now no more four letter words until December!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Which Witch?

Hannah brought her folder home from school today full of papers and work.  I was checking through all of them to see how she's doing, and I found this in with all her other work.  I questioned her on it, concerned by the unhappy faced witch, and all the "Mom" written around it.  Turns out that it doesn't say mom, those are bats.  Don't I feel better now!

Sunday, October 16, 2011


Today we took a little roadtrip down to CT.  Kat has a pass for Kidcity Children's Museum, and asked us if we wanted to tag along.  And of course we did.  We kept it a secret and it was until about two exits before we got there.  All the six year olds can read the sign, and even though they thought they knew before we even got to Hartford, they really had it figured out then.  It was a blast, and when we were done at the museum, we walked down onto Main Street and headed for Coldstone for a "snack". 

Despite some minor melting down, and an upset tummy in Longmeadow, the day went without incident.  I wish I was more spontaneous and would go do stuff like that on my own.  But as Kat admitted, it IS much more fun with other adult company.  The girls all have a blast, but it's way more fun to have someone to talk to while they do.  Pictures to come on the shutterfly site.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

It's a Dolphin!

I know, I was shocked too.  Imagine, seeing a movie called Dolphin Tale, and there being a dolphin in it.  Norah went and saw her first movie in a theater today.  She kept announcing everytime she saw one that "that's a dolphin".  Hilarious AND adorable.  She talks too much for a typical movie, but at 4pm in the afternoon, no one cared I'm sure.  It's $5 day here, so two hours and one ginormous bucket of popcorn later, we had 5 little girls saying it was the best movie ever.  Works for me!  I think that at $5 each, we may see more movies on Wednesdays!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Gorgeous Weather

The last few days have been just perfect!  Yesterday it was in the 80's and not at all humid.  The girls spent the weekend at Meema's, so we got to spend some time kid free.  They enjoyed themselves immensely, as usual.  It's nice that they love their Meema so much.  I only wish we had more time to spend with her. 

We also started the annual "what the heck is going on for Thanksgiving" discussions.  So far, the plan is that that Meema and Daddy have to work that day, so we'll do something on the weekend with Meema and hopefully eat dinner late on Thursday so that Steven can join us.   Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, so I guess that means it's time to start planning what we're eating and how soon to start making things that can be frozen!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Weekend Fun

I was so proud of Hannah today!  She had another soccer game, and the weather shaped up nicely, so that we had some sun and it wasn't freezing.  She played a bit both halves, but for the second half she played center quite a bit, and she was totally into it.  She was running, and kicking, and even had a shot on the goal!  I was so proud of her for getting in there and making herself part of the game.  It's not about winning, and I do mean that.  Hannah still knows exactly who wins, and she knows who scores.  Props to Iza today too, she scored the first goal of the game, and her first goal!  She did great too!  Even Mimi got in on the action, shooting on the goal repeatedly, unfortunately none of hers made it in.

Grampy and Mimi came to the game with Auntie Angie, and they were proud of her too.  Then we headed home to eat birthday lasagna and Pioneer Woman's Carrot cake for a special birthday dessert.  Grampy felt very spoiled, and he spent the rest of the evening playing with the girls.  It was a fun day all around.