Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Monday, February 25, 2008

The good news

I apparently do NOT have Pre Eclampsia. Who knows why I had crazy high blood pressure on Saturday. I saw the doctor today and he said everything looks good, aside from my random feeling like crap today. So he told me to go ahead and cancel my appointment on Friday and make one for next week. So yay for that. Now we play the "is this contraction the one" game.

And here's a picture of Hannah, Sara asked to see it :)

More appointments

So I finished pee collecting this morning (yay what a PITA) and now I'll have to call my OB's office when they open at 9 and find out what exactly to do. I need to be seen by them today, but what I don't know is if when I drop my giant jug o' pee off at the lab if I have to wait for the results. Hannah is generally really good, so if I do have to wait, it will be ok. Just stressful to think I get to do more waiting. I'm so glad Hannah doesn't understand any of this right now. She was SO sad on Saturday when we dropped her off at Kat's house to spend the morning so we could go to the Non Stress Test. I was so sad to leave her crying, but I felt better when Kat told me "don't worry, when I asked her if she wanted to wave goodbye she said 'no can I have some juice please' Silly girl"

So we're hoping to have a baby here sooner rather than later. I actually think we have everything we could possibly need, and are shockingly ready to bring her home. Just a few things not packed in my bag (I like brushing my teeth) and I need to charge the camera(s :D) so we can take lots of pictures.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

And the fun continues

I had my Non Stress Test this morning, and at this point I'm not really sure if it went well, or not. I suppose it went well in the fact that I am currently at home typing this. However, my OB is concerned that there is a chance I have Pre Eclampsia. I had some very high blood pressure while I was there (they checked about 6 times) and now I get to spend all day tomorrow collecting pee (my own, no one elses LOL) to bring into the lab on Monday. I also get to have another OB appointment sometime Monday. The cure for Pre Eclampsia is delivery, so even if it turns out I have it, it's a relatively easy fix I suppose. What I don't know for sure would be if they would induce me, or if they would consider it a problem enough that they'd want to do a C Section. Either way, I guess we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

Thanks to everyone who's been sending good thoughts and prayers our direction.

Friday, February 22, 2008

An OB appointment update

I had an appointment today as I mentioned earlier. He's still rather concerned that I'm not gaining weight and getting bigger in the areas I should be. I am scheduled for a Non Stress Test tomorrow morning at 10am. They want to make sure that baby girlie is "happy" where she is. I'm not entirely sure how they'll know, or what they'll do if she's not. I'm pretty nervous that there could be a problem. I'm not used to this, because when I was pregnant with Hannah everything was easy.

Everyone be jealous!

Just this morning I ordered my new camera. I will be getting a Nikon D40, and assorted fun accessories on MONDAY. That is 3 days from now. I can't even begin to say how excited I am. I cannot wait to start taking pictures with my fabulous new camera. And hopefully soon after we'll have a new baby to be taking pictures of also. SO exciting on both of those. Steven will be taking charge of my old camera, because there isn't anything wrong with it, I just wanted an upgrade. So maybe sometimes there will be twice as many pictures, though somehow I doubt that.

Today is my 39 week OB appointment. I had to change it to this morning because it's snowing like a madman here. I don't want to be out driving at 2:15 if I don't have to be. There isn't anything new to report that I know of. She's still in there, and seemingly happy. I'm somewhat glad she's still in because I'm still rather sick, and Hannah is pretty sick too still, so she's definitely better off there. Hopefully Hannah and I can kick our coughs and congestion very soon, because I'm more than done with it.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Last One

There won't be anymore intentional pictures of me and my belly. Here I am today at almost 39 weeks

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Some cuteness

Because these days I need to be reminded what life was like before I couldn't move, before I got yelled at for trying to help.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sick of Sick

Hannah is sick again. Has been since Thursday. I don't get it. Reality is she goes very few places where she would get sick, but somehow she managed to get it again and to also give it to me. So we are both very congested and coughing miserably. Her favorite thing to repeat is "no, I don't NEED medicine" Um, yes you do so I don't throw myself out a window. Unfortunately she hasn't been getting better... each day has been progressively worse, so I'm dreading what tomorrow will look like.

Yes I'm complaining a lot, but when you're as pregnant as I am, you'd understand how frustrating everything is. Now I guess I'm back to saying "At least she's not sick like this when the baby is here and she can't have my total undivided attention"

Friday, February 15, 2008

The reason for crawling on the floor for 20 minutes at 38 weeks pregnant

What is, chasing the mouse your CAT is playing with instead of doing his cat thing?

Ugh, if there is a point to those stuck up, obnoxious creatures, it ought to be that I DO NOT have to crawl around on my hands and knees, very pregnant, chasing a mouse. Chasing the mouse is his job. Disposing of the mouse.... also his job. Did he do it? Nope. Nothing seems so cruel as tossing a tiny mouse outside in the negative windchill to watch him traipse across the snow in the direction of the road.

Wait, scratch that.... me crawling on the floor when I should be eating Ding Dongs and watching TV, now THAT'S cruel.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Some pictures

Hannah had so much fun last weekend, these are a few of the pictures. She loved feeding, petting, and especially riding the animals.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


This morning, in the totally awful weather, I had my ultrasound. The good news is, everything looks great. She IS small, but not unreasonably so. They're thinking she's about 6lbs 3oz right now, and of course she'll continue to grow and gain while she's still in there.

The ONLY bad thing about the ultrasound is that apparently there is a reason they tell pregnant women not to lie on their backs. Um, maybe it's because it cuts off your blood supply and you nearly pass out. It was very ugly, and Steven was very worried until it passed. So the tech had to do the rest of the looking around in there with me on my side.

So now I'm officially ok to deliver whenever. My personal preference is sooner rather than later. But we all know that I don't get what I want ;)

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Because it's cute

This is my girlfriend Kat's daughter, Magdalena. Hannah was SO very excited to get to hold her yesterday, as I'm thinking the giant grin may be the giveaway.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Another OB appointment

I had one of my last few appointments today, and I hate to say I'm a little more paranoid than I probably should be. She says I'm still measuring small, and is concerned enough that I am going in for an ultrasound on Wednesday morning. She said it was probably nothing to worry about, but saying that and actually not worrying are two different things. So Wednesday I should have more pictures of our girlie to share. I really can't believe she'll be here soon. It's like it's gone by so fast, I either feel like we just found out, or I can't wait for it to be over. Basically I'm at the point where if I go into labor, they won't stop it, which is good. It's the going into labor that we can't really do anything about. I don't believe all those silly old wives tales about walking and pineapple and sex.

Anyways Hannah also had her evaluation, and while I don't have the report, I don't think she'll be qualifying to go to school for free. Which is of course good and bad. Great that she's done so well that I don't think she'll be considered delayed enough to worry, but bad in the sense that who would turn down free preschool. Especially for a girl who loves kids as much as she does. But of course I'll know for sure when they write up the reports and I actually get to see them.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Some recent pictures

I've been somewhat slacking in the camera department. It may be because there's not much to do in the winter, or it may be lack of enthusiasm for my camera, which will be replaced when we get our taxes back :) Anyways, here are some recent pictures of my girlie.


Hannah slept her first night in a week w/o medicine of any kind. She's finally better. No fever, no runny nose. She still has a bit of a cough, but it's few and far between, and very junky, so it's clearing up. I'm glad, because I hate seeing her so sad and lethargic. My poor Muffin.

She's very much fun though these days. She was telling me the other day that she was NOT going to share her princess phone with baby sister, but that she could play with her cleaning set. I was sure to tell her that it was nice she wanted to share, but that it wouldn't really be an issue right away because she'll be much too tiny to play with toys when she gets here.

I have another doctors appointment on Friday. I'll be going every week now until I deliver, which I would prefer of course, to be sooner rather than later. I have a few contractions during the day, but nothing timeable of course. I'm excited to meet our new girlie, and hopefully Hannah will love her just as much as we do. Eventually of course. Baby steps.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Sick, Part 2

Hannah is still sick. Fortunately it's not a fever, but she's so sniffly it makes me sad to hear. And her cough is pretty ugly. I would guess it is still the same virus, but a different piece of it. She was SO tired yesterday that she fell asleep on me at Walmart while we paid for our groceries. Not even naptime, and she was sound asleep on me. And if you ever saw a funny sight, it's someone as pregnant as I am trying to walk carrying a nearly 30lb toddler and NOT fall over.

Hannah is having her Chicopee Schools evaluation for her speech/language on Friday. We'll know soon after that if she qualifies to go to preschool for free when she turns 3. I don't know how it will work if she does qualify, but we can cross that bridge when we get to it.

And my doctors appointment went fine on Friday. Hannah was reasonably well behaved, considering she didn't feel well. I'm still fine in general, and I'm sure that when I go back Friday they'll give me the results on my GBS test, not that I'm overly concerned with them. He was sure to remind me to call if I have contractions that are 5-6 min apart, or if I think my water's broken. And that my labor will likely be much faster this time, which makes me totally paranoid. I have been having contractions, but they're few and far between.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Random things

This post doesn't have a point, it's a bunch of random things.

Hannah is starting to feel better, but you can tell she's not herself. She's still not eating much and drinking under duress. However yesterday she only spiked a fever before bed, instead of every time the medicine wore off. I'm glad she's starting to perk up. My poor Muffin is so sad when she's sick. She kept saying "all done medicine, all done monitor (thermometer)" and crying. It's just heartbreaking.

In other news, I have my 36 week appointment today. Today is the day they swab to test me for Group B Strep, and no I'm not going to tell you how. Suffice it to say that I wish Hannah could go to playgroup like she's supposed to, instead of come with me. I'm anxious to see about my weight gain, since I've been feeling less hungry, and more full longer when I do eat. I'm sure that has something to do with my stomach being pushed up into my ribcage.

My sister is being baptized tomorrow (congrats Ange) but unfortunately because Hannah's sick and I'm not supposed to travel, we'll be staying home. I can't wait to see pictures.