Sunday, August 31, 2008

Today I love my Husband

Other days not so much, but this is what I came home to this afternoon.

For you who are unaware, my dining room has not always been green with such a pretty border. It was formerly striped wallpaper and apple border courtesy of my Mother in Law when she lived there. Nothing wrong with it, just not my thing. This is much more me, and he did a fantastic job :)

Monday, August 25, 2008

Some pictures

I have shamefully not posted many pictures lately, it's in this tired fog I'm walking around that I've forgotten. Accept my apologies.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Man, you think to yourself

Why do people have more than one child? Don't get me wrong, I'm so in love with my girls I wouldn't trade them for anything.... but can we get some sleeping going on here? I swear when it's not one it's the other. Monday night Norah refused to sleep. I don't know what her deal was. I rocked her, I patted her, I tried feeding her AGAIN, I turned on her bear and her mobile... and finally I gave up. If all my effort wasn't helping, then obviously it was something she needed to work out on her own. So I went back upstairs and waited for the meltdown. She fussed on and off for probably 15 more minutes, and then apparently fell asleep. Which is fine, she wasn't melting down, Hannah wasn't awake, and we were ready for sleeping at a semi normal hour.

Fast Forward to 12:15am. I hear crying.... I assume it's Norah and head downstairs only to realize as I'm halfway there that it's HANNAH screaming like someone's hurting her. So I race into her room, and she stops when she sees me and says "I can't find my binky" Ugh, ok so we tear the bed apart, find the godforsaken binky and go back to sleep. Until 4:30.... which as you will note from my previous post, is the same time Norah gets up nearly every morning. The feeding her at night only helps sporadically, so sometimes she sleeps until 5:30 or later, and sometimes she wakes up at 4:30.

I love my girls, but I'm waiting anxiously for the time when I'm not sleeping because it's TOO QUIET.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Second Babies

Yeah, so you think you have it all figured out because you already had one?


Ok so I've spent the majority of my week complaining to various friends about how I'm at the end of my rope with Norah waking up at 4:30am. Every.Single.Day. No matter what time she'd woken previously, 4:30am came, and she was awake.

Finally my ultra intelligent friend Joanna said "Maybe you should wake her earlier and feed her to break the 4:30am habit" Um, right because I haven't been feeding her.... she CAN sleep through w/o eating, but does that mean she's not hungry? Hello, this is your brain, I'm working again.

Yeah, so last night when she woke at 1:45, instead of rocking her back to sleep, I fed her. And shockingly enough, she slept until 5:15.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Life is good

Because even though you don't always feel like it is, it still is.

Hannah and Norah spent Saturday night away from home together. It went shockingly well, even though I was the paranoid mom calling to make sure things were fine. Norah didn't eat well, but she slept wonderfully and wasn't too much trouble. I think she'll definitely be going again, though possibly not until she gets more into eating solid food.

Steven and I had a very nice time hanging out together. We did errands, started our Christmas shopping, had dinner, played mini golf, and got ice cream. We also got to sleep uninterrupted and just be together alone for the first time in darn near six months.

Thursday, August 7, 2008


So it's Thursday, and what am I doing. Sitting here worrying about Saturday. Why you ask, because most people look forward to the weekend. And I am, but I'm worried. Saturday morning I am taking both girls to my Mom's for an overnight visit. Hannah will be fine, to be sure. She asks to go to Meema's house daily. Norah on the other hand is a handful and it makes me worry. She still fusses about eating from anyone but me. She sleeps unswaddled, but not fabulously. And Hannah and Norah will be sharing a room. So I'm nervous. But so far not nervous enough to cave to it and keep her home. I'm tired. And I want an uninterrupted night of sleep, my first in a VERY long time. Selfish? Yep, but I think I'm entitled now and again.

Monday, August 4, 2008

My baby grew up

Last week Steven called from work to tell me that Szetela had a spot for Hannah and that she could start preschool on September 8. My baby cannot possibly be old enough to go to school. When did that happen?

She's so excited, she asks every day if she's going to school today. When we go to the van to go somewhere, she tells me I'm taking her to school. So I guess despite my misgivings about having a baby old enough to attend school, she's ready.

My "baby" also got a new bed yesterday. A real big girl bunk bed, in anticipation of the girls someday sharing a room so we'll have somewhere for their toys and the computer. She insisted on sleeping up on top, even though no one will need the bottom for quite a while. She is thrilled with her new bed, and I must admit it certainly looks nice in her room.

And a quick picture, because I can