Monday, March 29, 2010

Sick Day

Hannah's feeling under the weather, slight cough and froggy throat. So she stayed home today and has driven me entirely crazy. She's just healthy enough to be ready and willing to play. And just sick enough to whine and complain about EVERYTHING at the drop of a hat. I love her, but days like this turn the crazy up to 11. She and Norah have picked and poked at each other almost nonstop ALL day. In fact for a change, the only peace to be had was at mealtime.

So on our nasty, rainy Monday, we're making Beef Stew for dinner. Maybe they'll stop yelling at each other long enough to eat some and fill up their bellies.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Weird Kid

Both my kids have done this to me now. I remember Kat asking me, when Hannah was younger than Norah is now, does Hannah want to eat something. Anything. I usually said no, she's never eaten than when I give it to her. But somehow, when I make it, it's different. She always ate it when Kat made it.

Norah is no exception. Norah does NOT eat breakfast. Almost ever. Rare is the occasion that she'll eat well in the morning. Most mornings she picks at whatever she asked for, and then shares whatever I eat later after dropping Hannah at school. But Friday at Kat's, Magi was getting scrambled eggs, and didn't finish. Norah finished all of Magi's, and then had me cook her another of her own. And ate all but one bite. Weirdo. I don't get it. I think I'm a decent cook. Steven and Gary eat plenty, Hannah rarely complains... but Norah is a whole different kettle of fish when it comes to food. So I try not to worry, but deep down, I do. Because I'm her mom and that's what I do.

So yesterday when she asked for oatmeal, I made it. And shockingly, she ate it. And this morning when "what do you want for breakfast" was met with a resounding "Eggies!" She ate those too. So hopefully she'll keep it up, and eventually stop stealing at least half of MY food!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Crazy People

I swear, I don't know what's wrong with some people. Take for instance, there is a girl who goes to school with Hannah. She's 3 and probably perfectly normal. Though I really don't see much of her, so maybe she isn't. Her dad drops her off nearly every day, and man, I don't know if he thinks he's being friendly or what. Every day he says good morning, which is fine and normal, obviously. But then it breaks into some tangent. Something weird he read in the news, his kid wakes up at night and won't stay in bed, the weather, whatever. Though honestly, the one that bugs me the most is when he complains about his daughter. I mean, really, she's right there and can hear you.

So yesterday he says to me that she was up in the middle of the night for two hours screaming. Um, I wouldn't let my 3 year old be awake for two hours in the middle of the night screaming. Heck I don't even let my 2 year old do that. Though there are many that think I should, since her idea of sleep and mine differ. So he said that his wife said she was going to take everything dangerous out of her room (who has dangerous things in their kids room!) and just let her scream all night if she wanted. Call me overly crunchy, or normal, or whatever you want. That sounds horrific. Yes, we did let Hannah "cry it out" when she was small, and yes if Norah had NEEDED to, for some reason, she would have also. She didn't. And now she's too old. She understands cause/effect, but only to a point. If I left her to cry all alone, she'd think I'd really left. And you can't tell me that a 3 year old doesn't have an even better grasp on that. People really make me sick sometimes, and I can't even say anything about it.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

2 year appointment

Norah had her 2 year appointment today, and it went ok. She has no idea what to do about her sleeping, as clearly it's only an issue for me. She's great for everyone else that she spends the night with. Otherwise everything looks fine and she needs to drink more milk. She is 22 1/2 lbs and 33 inches tall.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Busy Busy

This week has been amazingly gorgeous! We haven't been inside the house much because we've been out. Tuesday we took a walk up to the park after dinner, Yesterday we spent all afternoon at the park, and today Kat had to work, so all girlies came here to play the day away. I am in LOVE with this weather, and really sad that I'm intelligent enough to KNOW that this is not spring. I mean really, 70's on Saturday is nutty, and perfectly lovely! I am sad to think that Monday it's going to be raining and cold. But we can't have summer yet, as much as I want it. So we'll take what we have and enjoy it!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Five years ago today

I went up to the birthing center because I was sure my water had broken. I was "wet" when I felt I shouldn't be, and wasn't having any contractions. I called them up and they said to come on in, so I made all my crazy phone calls, and off we went. I was checked, and it was determined that I might have a leak of amniotic fluid, but that I wasn't in labor. They set me to walking the halls, in hopes it might jumpstart since I was already there. I walked for two hours alternating with my mom and Steven and got nowhere. So they checked me again and sent me home. The nurse releasing me said she'd be surprised if she didn't see me back there that weekend.

So we went down the street to Friendly's and had lunch. It was there I realized that I WAS in fact having contractions. Far apart though, so I basically ignored it. My mom headed home, and we did also. Being that it was Friday and Steven wasn't going back to work, just in case, we hit the grocery store, and contractions continued. He was actually worried that we shouldn't be shopping, but come on, we need food. After that we went home and eventually one lady that I used to work for called me to see how I was doing. I mentioned that I thought I might be in early labor, and she asked if I thought Steven would might going out to get her some stuff her weekly girl had forgotten. So we headed up there, and I confided that I was definitely in labor and my contractions were 10 minutes apart. I remember timing them in her kitchen by the clock on the wall. She insisted that I not tell her husband (who was in the hospital I would soon be at) that she'd had me come up when I was going to have a baby. So we went out and got grinders for dinner and headed home to watch a movie in bed. Space Cowboys. Not at all good, in my opinion. The steak and cheese grinder was though. Mmmm. I kept timing them and by 11pm they were only at 8 minutes apart. Why I didn't call my mom and tell her they were getting closer is beyond me, but apparently I thought I should sleep, and so I did.

At 2:30 I got up to use the bathroom, and headed back to bed when I felt this weird kick. But not like a kick because instead of in one spot it was all over. Then I realized I had to pee again, only I couldn't. So weird. And my contractions were still pretty uncomfortable, so I had Steven call the hospital. They said come on up, so we called Mom again, and got our stuff together and drove up the street. I remember how intense the contractions were at that point because as we were leaving, I had one and literally could not climb up into the truck's seat. I leaned over and swayed, desperately trying not to scream in the middle of the night outside. Steven was annoyed, but totally didn't get it.

When we got inside and to our room, they checked me and said I was 2cm. Nothing fabulous for having been in labor well over 12 hours already. So they said I could go ahead and labor for a while and they'd get me checked in. This is about 3am. By 6am I'm complaining of a desperate need to pee, and they send the intern over to check me before they'll let me get up. She whispers over me to the other nurse, and then the nurse checks me again. They're in awe that I've already progressed to 10cm and would be ready to push. Without any drugs that I had so desperately wanted. They went ahead and called the doctor and at some point I started pushing. I don't remember most of this part, because I was so out of it from the pain. I remember being told not to push at every contraction, and that I should breathe and keep drinking water. None of it mattered, I wanted this baby OUT. Finally I pushed the last time, and she came out, perfect in every way. Hannah Rose was born at 7:52am on Saturday March 12, 2005. Every day has been different in more ways I can imagine. I am in shock that my "baby" is no longer a baby, a toddler, or a preschooler. She will in fact be a Kindergartener. My sweet little Muffin, she made me a Mom, and I'm grateful every day for all that she is, and all that she pushes me to become.

Remedy for "Yawn"

3pm on March 10. Staying awake partying half the night catches up with her!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Norah's back to her regularly scheduled poor sleeping antics. Yesterday I literally put her back in bed every two minutes for an hour and a half before she finally decided to nap. Unfortunately for her, that meant I had to wake her up twenty minutes later because we had things to do. She was NOT happy, and I don't blame her, but I wasn't happy either. Then after errands and dinner, it was bedtime. Bedtime took nearly a half hour of repeated putting her back in bed. When she finally got the hint I was angry and exhausted. So I went to bed. Then come 1:45 am, she's awake screaming for me. Normally I would lay her down and turn on her music and she would go back to sleep. Not last night. Last night I went in five times, and Steven once between 1:45 and 2:15, and another time at 3:15, and she managed to not need me when she only cried once at 4:20. So I'm tired. And cranky.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Such a nice weekend

You know, now that Hannah is almost five, I've forgotten how much easier having JUST a two year old is. You don't think of Hannah being difficult, and reality is she really isn't. It's more just the constant motion and constant talking that wears you down. I get it, she really is inquisitive and interested in her surroundings and how things work. I try to answer her questions and try not to be too frustrated when she asks ridiculous ones that she knows the answer to. But Saturday afternoon Meme came to pick up Hannah for a sleepover and her house. Norah is too tense around them to go and stay the night, and Norah isn't a good enough sleeper for me to feel ok with having her go there unless it was an absolute necessity. So she stayed home with us. We went out and did errands, had dinner, and I even got my hair cut. All in relative peace. Not because Hannah is trouble, but just because she's Hannah. She's sweet and wonderful, and loud.

So yesterday we went over to pick her up, and stayed for dinner. There was lots of Wii playing, a questionable accident, and spaghetti, meatballs, and birthday cake. Poor Norah, she isn't at all used to the narrowness of Meme's new sofa, and managed to go tumbling off the front of it, but directly into their coffee table. She badly banged her forehead right above her right eye. It swelled and bruised immediately, but after some cuddles and rocking she settled right back into being her normal self. And as of right now, it looks shockingly good for what it COULD look like. I'm sure that by party time, she'll be right back to her regular gorgeous self!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Looking forward to spring

This weekend is supposed to be very nice. 50's and sunny is perfect for getting the girls outside for some fresh air. I know they need it, and I need it too. Norah is so much bigger and more determined than last year, it's hard to believe my baby who's been walking only about 7 months will be running and trying hard to jump this year.

We hit the park on Norah's birthday with Kat and her girlies, for some fresh air and fun. Everyone had a fabulous time, and I will say that it was super to get out and see them. They've been spending a lot of time at home without company because Mimi's counts are low. But as soon as they resurface into the realm of normal, Mimi will be starting Maintainance treatment, which is the longest, but last phase of treatment. Hannah is excited for her birthday party next weekend and to see all her friends. We're hoping Mimi's counts are up enough that Kat will feel safe letting her join us at the party, but if that's not the case I'll be sure to send all the goodies home with them so she can get her share.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Norah

Happy Birthday to my sweet Norah. Life was never the same after you arrived, and somehow, I don't miss the way it was. I love you Baby

Monday, March 1, 2010

Two years ago Today...

I was hugely pregnant. I was miserable and certain I would be very very late. I could never have been more wrong. Steven and I planned to go down to Kidcity with Hannah, Heather, and Gary. It would be fun, Hannah would love it. I was excited for her, and for us, since we hadn't been in quite a while.

Saturday night, March 1st, we decided to go out to dinner. Olive Garden. I love Olive Garden and this was no exception. As we sat down, I had a contraction. Nothing out of the ordinary. I'd been having them for half the pregnancy. Wasn't uncomfortable at all, but it was sort of fun freaking out the waitress, as I was clearly VERY pregnant. They continued on and off through dinner. After we got home they stopped for a bit. Steven and the kids went out for a while, and it was just Hannah and I. She needed to have her nebulizer medicine, and I let her watch some Noggin while she took it. She hated that thing with a passion I never understood. So I left the tv on for her and popped onto my Moms' board, where I had a message from one of my loveliest friends, Joanna. I told her that I kept having contractions, but that they were ridiculous. There was no way I was in labor. Classic false labor is contractions when you are standing and active, but stop when you're sitting and resting. I was having contractions when I was sitting down, but they were going away whenever I got up. She said she hoped I was wrong. I was.

I stayed up a bit later than normal that night, timing my contractions. Twelve minutes, eight minutes, fifteen minutes, eleven minutes, nine minutes, thirteen minutes. I got sick of it after a couple hours and went to bed around 10:30. I woke up at 1:15, classic pregnant woman peeing a thousand times a night. When I went back to bed I couldn't get comfortable. I was having contractions, but because of the way the bed was set up, I couldn't see the clock, so I had no idea they were less than 10 minutes apart. Steven woke up at about 2:30 because I was tossing and turning so much. I told him maybe we should call the doctor and see what they said. At that point they were about seven minutes apart, but they tell you not to call until five. He called anyways, and since they were impossible to walk/talk through, they said come in. With a rushed call to my mom and grabbing the last of the stuff we needed, we rushed over to Holyoke Medical center, much like the first time with Hannah.

As soon as I got in and settled they started an IV, the single most painful IV I've ever had inserted in my life. They checked me and determined I was at 5cm. They went through all the ridiculous questions they ask you when you get admitted to deliver. And at some point my mom and David showed up. About 4:15 they had run the blood work and were getting me my epidural. I felt gypped with Hannah that it moved so fast, and this time I WANTED drugs. So the anesthetist came and inserted the catheter. Then they tell you to lie on your back while the drugs distribute through your system. Bad Move. Lying on your back while 40 weeks pregnant for any amount of time is a horrible idea, and it was equally bad this time. I got the dark fuzzy feeling, and the whooshing noise that means you're going to pass out. I told the nurse monitoring me and sure enough my blood pressure was something like 30/80. Not good. I was rolled to one side and given pure oxygen. Eventually everything stabilized and I was good. Mostly. Then I realized that rolling to one side had messed with the balance of medicine controlling my pain from contractions. It had only taken on one side, the one opposite of the side I rolled to. So now I could feel everything on the right side of my body, and absolutely nothing on my left. Contractions came and went, closer and closer. While I could still feel some, my mother said I was a different person entirely from when I delivered Hannah. Coherent, talking, laughing. Not at all the miserable out of it mess that I was the first time. At some point they came and broke my water, and then checked me and determined that I was fully ready to push.

I started pushing at 5:20am on Sunday March 2nd. And 25 minutes and 8 pushes later, Norah Anne was born. At 6lbs 7oz and 20 inches long, she was perfect and gorgeous. Another miracle that I could have never wished for more.