Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sick sick sick

Hannah is sick again, and after what happened with her last year, I'm totally paranoid. She doesn't want to drink or eat and is just miserable. Her fever comes and goes. My poor Muffin. I will say however, that I am thankful that she's sick now, and not in a couple months when she could make the Mini Muffin sick too.

She saw the pedi today, and she said that she looks miserable and all, but that it was not strep. Which is a good thing. Hannah's been complaining of her throat and head hurting, so I was wondering if that was causing it.

So now we're loading up on fluids, and foods that are full of fluids. Watermelon, popsicles, jello, juice, and Dora soup. Hopefully she'll cooperate enough not to make a repeat visit to the ER like we did last year.

Monday, January 28, 2008


I haven't been adding anything in here because I'm tired, lol, and because of the new site you all know about. The big news is that I'm still pregnant, and more uncomfortable every day. She's super high up, it looks like I have a ball under my shirt. I have a doctors appointment on Friday, my 36 week appointment, and then I'll go every week until I deliver. I'm definitely at the point where I'm ready to be done. Everything makes me cranky and irritated. Not that it didn't before, it's just harder to hide now. And I'm sick. I've spent this entire pregnancy being fairly healthy, and now I'm sick. Hopefully it's just a cold I'll kick quickly.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

The value of money

is clearly lost on toddlers. Hannah informed me yesterday that she wanted a princess castle playhouse for her birthday. I told her that it was a LOT of money and that it wasn't very likely. So she had to tell Daddy, and keep saying how enthralled she clearly was with it.

I have nothing against princess castles, or playhouses, or making my child happy. However, I'm thinking that with a new baby hopefully making her appearance in less than 5 weeks, we shouldn't spend that kind of money on something. Anything, for her or us or anyone else.

But she of course doesn't understand all that. So I keep hearing about princess castles.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Charter screws people

So there's nothing like going online to check your email. You know the email with all your correspondence in it, saved things, pictures, etc. Oh wait, except when you go online to check it and realize that everything you had in it was gone. As in, completely disappeared.

So of course the first thing I do is go vent to the ladies on the TO, and Kristin posts this link to me.

So now I'm angry, and I call Steven to ask if he can call them (because his name is on the account, so I doubt they'd talk to me anyways) and he agrees to, obviously because he doesn't want a cranky wife. Then he of course calls me back.

If you are a HUGE company and make a mistake, OWN UP TO IT! They told Steven that there was a virus last night that wiped all the accounts out. Um, if it was last night, where did that link come from? Or all the other links I pulled up on Google that said it happened Monday and was publicly acknowledged yesterday. Whatever. I was annoyed that all my email was gone, but seriously, why lie about it? Stuff like that is way too easy to find out.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

An open letter

Dear Jerk who lives on the next street,

PUT YOUR DARN DOG IN YOUR DARN HOUSE! I have enough trouble going back to sleep at night being so pregnant without your dog barking and howling for HOURS at 1am! I was so tired and cranky that you're only LUCKY that the cops were already at your house when my husband decided to go see what your problem was. You had better believe you will NOT be so lucky next time it happens, because he even told the cops that next time he won't call them first.

The Cranky Pregnant Lady

Ok, it won't help, but it makes me feel better. Now I need a nap.

Monday, January 21, 2008


I've reached 34.5 weeks, and this is me, my muffin, and my mini muffin.


"no mommy, not soup... SOUUUUUUUUUUP"

Because you must pronounce it the way she says or you're not saying the right word.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

The tragedy of being two

"MOMMY, I can't walk" (bursts into huge sobbing tears, begging to be picked up)

No, it was not some horrific accident that spoiled my child's walking abilities. Because I know you're dying to know, it was socks. You know, those things you put on your feet before shoes and to keep them warm. Socks. Purple socks to be exact. But the awfulness of these socks apparently has reduced my child to crying and tiptoeing everywhere. Why you ask? Because unlike her normal socks, these socks have the words on the bottom that make them non slip.

If only we could all be 2, I personally would be thrilled to deal with the fact that the worst tragedy of life is that my socks felt funny.

Friday, January 18, 2008

The new picture

I added a new picture to the top here, as you can see I'm sure. I took it yesterday of a few of the flowers from Steven. I added an effect in my photo editing program so it looks like it's grainy and very cool. At least in my opinion, and well, mine is the one that counts.

I have a doctors appointment today. I am 34 weeks, which means I have around 6 weeks to go before my due date. I need to talk to him about the strange swelling and tingling I've been getting. Otherwise I can't complain too much. I think she may have finally settled in an up and down position, (I can't say for sure if she's head down because I'm no good at Guess that Body Part) because she's been in my ribs much more than normal, and I'm having a hard time getting up from sitting down... and I won't get TMI on you, but it's uncomfortable.

We got more of the dreaded four letter word last night. And while I don't mind it, I truly hate when it's half rain and ice, so that everything is a huge mess in the morning. Steven left before 4am to clean up, yuck. I hate getting up whenever Hannah wakes up, so before 4 sounds like hell on earth.

And as a last thing to say, I am SO tired of "I can't...." Apparently Hannah can no longer do anything. She can't bite her sandwich, she can't wear her shoes, she can't take a nap... I'm sure you get the point. I realize she's 2, but wow. Enough already.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

What has he done?

Or what is he going to do?

It's awful to think the worst of people, but I know my husband, and he doesn't do random acts of kindness. Today our doorbell rang while we were eating lunch. It so happens that Steven was home today because of a tooth extraction last night and he wasn't feeling well enough to go to work. I answered the door, and it was a woman holding flowers (specifically red roses and stargazer lilies) I knew immediately it was Steven, because no one else would get me that combination of flowers.

He hasn't done anything awful lately, aside from the constant whining and complaining about the above tooth situation. I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop.

However, I'll take pictures, because they really are gorgeous!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The passage of time

Poor Hannah, she really doesn't understand time at all. Nothing happens when she thinks it should. Sunday her Meme told her that she would pick her up and take her out on Wednesday, which she didn't understand was FOUR days away. I can finally tell her today that it's tomorrow, which she'll sort of get.

Sadly it's the same with other things that are much farther away. Recently she's become obsessed with the idea of flying a kite. So we told her that this summer we'll take the kites to the beach and fly them there. So now she's totally excited about the beach and kite flying, but has no concept of how many months it will be before it's warm enough to go.

And now I'll add an appropriate picture, even though it is somewhat old. She and my friend's son, David are helping Steven fly his kite at the Cape this past September.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Who said

"This will make people want to buy (insert product here)"

Seriously I'm so tired of the stupid commercials. The one spawning this is the commercial where a guy is driving an suv (shows how well I pay attention, I don't even know what kind) singing "Rock me Gently" and all the animals jump in and sing along. Um, Huh? Another favorite retarded commercial I actually haven't seen in ages, so maybe someone decided it wasn't a good idea. Emerald Nuts... they used to have the craziest commercials. Steven and I would see them and say "yeah... that makes me think THEY'RE nuts, not go buy some"

Can't we all just assume that consumers aren't stupid?

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Mom's Rock

And for those of you who no longer have your mothers in your lives, or have poor relationships with them, I am truly sorry.

I love my Mom, she is fabulous in so many ways. It has been advised to me by my OBGYN that I should stick close to the area when at all possible. My mom came down to visit today, which of course made Hannah's day. However, she also cooked while she was here. Nothing on earth is better than my Mom's beef stew. At least in my more than somewhat biased opinion. It was amazingly yummy (but then most meals I don't have to cook are) and I have enough leftovers to eat for a week.

I hope that in 26 years my girls are just as happy to have me around as I am to have my Mom around.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Hannah's thoughts on Baby Sister

Hannah has quite a bit to say lately about baby sister. She told me recently that we should name her Dora, which is a vast improvement over her first suggestion of Joe. She also insists on trying out all of her baby sister's things. When we put the crib back up, she wanted to go in it. I obliged her, under the strict condition that she had to lay down, because tiny babies can't sit up and play. She decided it wasn't quite as much fun as she thought it would be.

Recently she's become more aware of the fact that this baby is able to be felt through my stomach. Last night we were snuggling and I felt her kicking my stomach and Hannah as well. She was shocked that it was so easy to feel. She said to me this morning that "baby sister poking my belly" and that she needed to go see the doctor.

I do think the most adorable is when she sings to my belly. It's precious to see her interacting already, and I can't wait to see how it works when she's actually here.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A First

Hannah has been potty training (I'm still not sure if I call her trained yet) for about a month now. She rarely has accidents, and the most recent one was because there was nowhere for her to use the bathroom and she just couldn't hold it. Not entirely her fault. I have figured that even trained during the day is fabulous and I haven't been pushing one bit to have her drink less in the evenings so that she'll be trained at night.

However, I got quite a shock when I got her up this morning and she told me a few minutes later "I go potty Mommy" and when I took off her diaper that she wears to bed, there was NOTHING in it. Clearly it was a fluke, but still totally amazing. She has never once been dry all night. I'm so proud of my Muffin.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Smart People

I had a doctors appointment yesterday with my regular doctor. I had some issues around Christmas with my heart racing and skipping, so while my OBGYN was fairly certain it was not an issue, he asked that I get checked out by my regular doctor. So the nurse calls me in and checks my BP and O2 levels and weight (UGH). Then she starts quizzing me on why I'm there and says she knows my OBGYN asked that I go and get checked (Clue number 1). So I tell her what happened and that he called it a "Flow Murmur". I looked it up online and told her that apparently it's very common in pregnant women (Clue number 2) because of all the extra blood you have from carrying a child inside you. After all this talk, she says to me :

"Oh, so I guess you're pregnant"

Silly me, I thought that at 32 weeks it was fairly obvious, or at least more so than it maybe was 3 or 4 months ago.

The good news is my doctor listened to my heart and said it's a classic flow murmur and nothing to be seriously concerned about. She said that every pregnant woman gets it in the 3rd trimester, but that not everyone has the heart racing/skipping. So I'm normal, or at least as normal as I was before.

Monday, January 7, 2008

A pleasant weekend

We had a lovely weekend, at least in my opinion. My mom came down on Saturday and we went baby shopping. Hannah was supposed to stay and play with Daddy, but at the last minute she decided no one but Mommy would do, so she came along. I found many nice things, lots of which were on sale. I even found an outfit to bring her home in. Then, Hannah went to Meema's for the night so that Steven and I could be grown up's. We ended up driving out to Lee to the Prime Outlets and did some shopping and then had dinner.

I really do think that the best part of the weekend was seeing my brother yesterday. He got down on the floor and played with Hannah, and I've never seen either of them so happy. It was so nice, and this morning Hannah was still talking about playing ball with Uncle Donny. She's also a big fan of his girlfriend Brittany. She kept telling me that Brittany is very nice, which of course, she is.

I like quiet family weekends, I think they're my favorite.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

If it doesn't have a tail...

Hannah's new favorite movie is the Veggie Tales "Wizard of Ha's" I think this is fine, she'll branch out again eventually. What kills me is that the silly song on this particular movie gets stuck in my head and I cannot get it out for anything.

Apparently Larry was at the zoo and heard the zookeeper say (in relation to primates) "If it doesn't have a tail, it's not a monkey, it's an ape" Only Larry takes this to mean EVERYTHING. So a Kite is a monkey, and a comet is a monkey, but a bubble... well that's an ape.

Totally ridiculous, which is the point. But why does it live in MY Head

Friday, January 4, 2008

A new home

It is decidedly difficult to manage two websites for the kids, and keep up with who was able to look at them, who missed the new pictures, etc. I will keep up the babiesonline sites at least until the Mini Muffin arrives, but this will eventually be the new home for updates and pictures of what's going on in our lives. It's much easier for me, and it's less work for everyone else, checking two links instead of just one.