Tuesday, September 29, 2009

She feels lost

Poor Norah, she just doesn't know what to do when Hannah goes to school. Or actually when anyone leaves. She's sad when Gary walks up to the bus, she's sad when Steven leaves for work, and she's very confused when we come home from dropping off Hannah and it's just her and I here at home. She gets plenty of attention, but I think she likes having other kids around more than me even. Yesterday we went to play at Kat's and she was much happier with Mimi, Iza, and Magi there to occupy her. Even though she mostly get my undivided attention when we're home.

I guess there is something to be said for being the second child.

Monday, September 28, 2009

The Big E

So this weekend after Steven finished fixing my van we headed over to The Big E. Hannah was very excited since she actually gets it this year. She started seeing the commercials on the news a few weeks ago and asked if we were going. Then she got excited that we were actually going and what were we going to see? She got some new funky penguin slippers and a potato from the Maine building for dinner.

I love the Big E. Love it. I always have, but somehow it was different this year. I didn't love it quite as much. Not sure why. I was lucky enough to have Norah cooperate for most of it and be slung/wrapped nearly the entire time. We got our potatoes and looked in some of the buildings. I don't have any pictures because Steven apparently doesn't want to use my camera ever. So I guess having pictures of things isn't important. Anyhow, they both had a good time and we managed to get home just in time for Norah to go to bed.

Steven wants to go back this weekend sans children but we'll see how that goes.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


It's a scary thing. Norah is 18 months old now, and her fearlessness shocks me regularly. She rarely wants to snuggle me anymore, though there are rare occasions where she'll demand "up mama, uuuuugggs" And of course I love me some hugs, so I oblige happily. I somewhat miss when she was teeny and snuggly, slung up easily and always happy in there. Now when I get out a baby carrier, she screams "NOOOOO" and would run away if she wasn't nearly always in the car when I want to use it.

Hannah asks me pretty often still if I'll wrap her, but the reality is that at well over half my height I physically can't do it anymore. I hope that when Norah is 4.5 she wants to be wrapped too. I think I had a lot of wishful thinking that I'd be wrapping until she was 3+. But I'll take what I have, and at the moment she'll still be worn occasionally.

Norah has been worn for her entire life, and here are some of the carriers that have been loved here. Nearly all have moved on now, with the exception of one wrap and one pouch. The black and white toile pouch will go into her memory box, as well as the rainbow Inka wrap, when it's done loving Jonathan in New Jersey.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

18 Month checkup

Norah's 18 month day came and went, but her well child check was today. Thankfully Hannah was feeling well enough to go to school, so Norah and I headed off for her appointment right after dropping off Hannah. We were a little early, but they took us into a room right away. She's doing all the right things, and growing well, so no complaints from anyone. Unfortunately the office was insanely slow today, so by the time we got out of there we had to head right back over to school so we could pick up Hannah.

Both girls seem to be feeling better, if still a bit tired/cranky. Much better than Sunday though, so I can't complain. Hopefully I don't get it though. The sore throat is already starting. I think I'll have tea with honey at naptime.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Apple Picking

When Hannah was small we started taking her pumpkin picking when it was October. With the gorgeous weekend we had, someone mentioned apple picking, so we geared up and went out yesterday. Hannah had a blast, and we now have way WAY too many apples. Even after stopping and sharing some with Meme. Neither one of the girls had ever been, and Norah was so not thrilled with the tractor ride out to the orchard. I was very glad she was wrapped up on my back because the trees were on a steep incline, and she would have fallen and possibly gotten hurt.

Other than both girls being sick now, it was a grade A weekend. They're both sniffly and Hannah's coughing. I figured it was coming, I mean school started almost two weeks ago and neither had been sick so far.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Christmas is coming

And I am happy to say I've already gotten a good start on ideas AND sewing them for Christmas. Money is tight this year, so I'll be taking some of my stash fabric and sewing gifts from that. So far I've made two flannel pillowcases and a doll blanket for Norah. On the list still are aprons for both girls, more pillowcases for Hannah, doll diapers, reuseable lunch bags with snack sacks and sandwich wraps inside. Overnight bags I think, so when they spend the night away they have cute bags to put everything inside, and a couple things from the store.

I also found this great tutorial online for making fold up grocery bags, and got some CHEAP nylon netting, so I think I'll make the grocery bags and some washable produce bags with the netting for teacher gifts at Christmas.

There are some sisters of mine who read this who have gifts being sewn also, so I won't say anymore about them other than that one of them is finished and Hannah thinks it's fantastic.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Updating finally

Life is going pretty smoothly right now. Hannah started school last week, and Norah has slept fantastically in her big girl bed. She in fact didn't appear to bat an eyelash about it not being a crib any longer, and doesn't climb out at all :) I'll get some pictures of her sleeping in it very soon, since we certainly had plenty of Hannah sleeping in hers.

We had a very busy and fun Labor day weekend with lots of visitors here and some trips away also. Zach came up from Delaware, and Sara came down. They had a great weekend hanging out, and then said goodbye again at Grampy's on Monday afternoon.

Norah's become quite the little terror, demanding to swing and go high. She is also the kid who makes me look like "that" mom. You know the one helpless in the store with the kid throwing a tantrum kicking on the floor. SUPER.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ready... Set... Big Girl

So this weekend amidst all the other chaos that goes with helping people move, we switched Norah into a "big girl" bed. She has been climbing everything and trying desperately to climb out of her crib, so we went ahead and took it down. We split up the bunk beds and put Norah in the "top" bunk because it has a rail almost all the way around. So she's plenty safe and snuggly in her bed. She seems to like it too because she's slept just as well in there as she did in her crib. Of course she still has her music box and her bear that whooshes, but she just looks so teeny cuddled up by herself in that big bed.

Hannah finally had her four year appointment with the pediatrician yesterday. She is 36lbs and 41 3/4 inches tall. She said 50th percentile for both, so my girl is pretty average! She's a good eater and knows all the things she should at 4.5. She did unfortunately get her shots that mean she's ready to enroll in Kindergarten next year. So aside from being cranky and oversensitive after those, she had a good appointment. It was of course topped off by a chocolate sprinkle donut, because apparently donuts make everything better.