Thursday, January 31, 2013

Strange Weather

After a week of temperatures in the single digits, and well below freezing overnight, this morning when we got up it was 60* outside.  Outside, it's only a few degrees warmer in the house. I realize it's the end of January and it obviously won't last, however I'm loving it anyways.

The girls had Taekwondo last night, and Norah got her last tape, so she's ready to test for a blue belt. They also did board breaking, so they each broke 5 boards with different breaks. Hannah is apparently ready for a tournament, so I'm looking into it. I have a video of Hannah breaking last night, I'll see if I can get it up here at some point.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Happy New Year

The girls had a busy and merry Christmas, and a happy New Year spent having a sleepover with Grampy and Mimi. They got more stuff than I could have imagined for Christmas, considering we bought them very little. There are a zillion legos, which is great, and as Uncle Donny tells them "you can never have too many legos."

They are finally back in a routine of school and the regular things we do weekly.  I still have a little less than 3 weeks before I go back to school. I'm taking Statistics and Meteorology this semester, and I'm hoping to keep my GPA up this time taking two classes that count!