Tuesday, November 25, 2008


When Hannah was small like Norah is now, she would try nearly anything. I could feed her baby food of some kind or another, and she had her pincer grasp down to a Tee. Norah is different all together. I always sit her down with us when we eat so she can share in the moment, if not the food. But I've recently discovered that she will eat, but only if I'm NOT feeding her. She had to be coordinated enough to do it herself. Now that she can pick things up and get them in her mouth, she is much happier to try things at mealtimes. Last night she had some noodles and a LOT of a biscuit. She is apparently a carb girl, which just means she really is my child. Today she's sharing Hannah's cheerio's and liking them. I know that at this age solid food is still more for practice than actual eating, but it thrills me to no end that she's got the hang of eating and swallowing without gagging
And now a couple new pictures of my girlies

Monday, November 24, 2008

I should have known yesterday

Norah was such a peach all day yesterday. She was happy and sweet, no crying when I left the room for a minute, No all out craziness about wanting to play on the floor only to realize that means with Hannah. She was just wonderful. I assumed she was having a good day, or that she was a little happier now that she's pretty mobile. Slow, but mobile finally!

So after another night of sleeping and staying in bed later than is normal for my early bird, I checked inside her mouth, and I'll be darned if there wasn't a tiny sharp edge poking me from the top instead of just the bottom. She finally got one of the two teeth working their way in. She's MUCH happier for it, and truthfully so are we.

I hate to even say it, but she's so sweet that I didn't even mind that the only afternoon nap she got was 20 minutes on me because we weren't home. She wasn't even miserable when we got home. It was amazing and wonderful, and the next time she's teething and driving me insane, someone remind me to come back and read this.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Oh and one more thing

PLEASE keep some friends of ours in your thoughts and prayers. He just lost his job, which is a majorly huge deal as she is a SAHM so he is the breadwinner. They have two gorgeous kids who are as sweet and angelic as they come and it would break their tiny hearts if they knew how worried, upset, and stressed their parents are.

Sickness strikes again!

After I updated on Monday I spent the night in my bathroom being violently ill, only to wake up and find I'm not the only one who spent the night vomiting, only Norah wasn't bothered by it apparently because none of us knew until morning. My poor love slept in wet sheets/jammies and I didn't even realize. Just makes my heart break! I spent all of Tuesday being miserable and laying around as much as is humanly possible considering I have two kids and spent the day here alone with them. I was truly thankful that my Mother in Law came to get Hannah and take her to school.

Yesterday I was finally back to myself. Norah was good Wednesday after a night of pedialyte and rest. Last night though, the one who NEVER gets sick came home just as violently ill (if not worse) than I was. He was absolutely miserable all night. I know just how he felt, so I really had no reason to be so snippy with him. HOWEVER the reality is I am very annoyed. It is so unfair that he can come home and lay around and be sick and miserable and complain about how awful he feels and how noisy the girls are, but when I was so sick tell me "Oh, well you know I have no time off so I'll see you when I get home"

And men wonder why we have no sympathy

Monday, November 17, 2008


No I haven't updated in the last two weeks. Yes I'm lame, yes we're busy.

Norah had her appointment with the specialist. The one because she hates solid food and gags on it constantly. Silly girl ate just fine for her and didn't gag on a single bite. So of course she's fine and dandy. Still not eating, but apparently there's nothing I can do.

Both girls are sick right now and Norah's teeth still haven't come in, so needless to say living in my house is NOT a joy in any way. Norah isn't happy unless she's being held, and Hannah is only happy when she's whining and driving my totally insane.

The good news is it's almost Thanksgiving, which is my very favorite holiday. I have a turkey in my freezer, and will be stocking up on everything else this weekend. Hannah has a new shirt to wear to Meme's on Sunday for her dinner, and the girls have shirts I made them for the actual holiday we'll be having here.

Monday, November 3, 2008

The change

Ugh, nothing on earth is worse than losing DST when you have kids. They just don't adjust they way you wish they would. Hannah did seemingly ok, though she was at Meema's and was up at 5:30. She was crashing in bed early and slept until a normal hour. Poor Norah was not at all pleased that she was awake at 4:10 and not one of us wanted to deal with that. This morning was only moderately better since she got up at 5. Ugh, someone shoot me now.