Saturday, November 27, 2004


Thanksgiving came and went. Got up about 3:30 am Thursday morning. Just couldn't sleep anymore. Went back to sleep later that morning. And eventually stuffed myself silly with everything I could get my hands on. But I'm sure I'll pay for that after I have the baby. But it was nice for once not to have to worry about all the nice food. Also having a busy weekend. Steven seems to think that Christmas stuff needs to be up now that Thanksgiving is over. So now I'll have to look at all that stuff for the next month.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004


Thank goodness for long weekends!!! I have been very uncomfortable the last few days. I think I've really popped, as far as wearing my work clothes go. I look huge in them, but in regular clothes, still somewhat normal. Steven is very excited because now she's big enough that when she kicks me hard enough... he can see it. That's a big deal for him because with his hands... he really hasn't been able to feel anything. I feel terrible that I couldn't really share it with him until now. So now my stomach gets stared at for a good part of every night. It's kinda cute.

Monday, November 22, 2004


Had a really rough day today. Woke up this morning and just couldn't catch my breath. Even taking my inhaler didn't help. Sat in the bathroom with the shower going as hot as it gets and breathed the steam for a while. That seemed to help. Guess I probably did too much last week at work, and didn't rest enough over the weekend. Going to bed late two nights in a row will really take it out of me apparently. Here's hoping I feel better by Thursday, I'd hate to miss out on all the fun because I wasn't careful enough with myself last week.

Friday, November 19, 2004


Boy have I been bad... no writing here at all for a week and a half. Well it would have been easier if Steven hadn't been sick this week and monopolizing the computer in his spare time. And taking all my spare time of course. I'm so excited that Thanksgiving is next week. I love having the long weekend too of course. We're hoping for a quiet Sunday this week, since we'll be out to church and visiting tomorrow. I'm making chocolate chip cookies tonight for dessert tomorrow. I'm sure I can sneak a few, and they won't be missed. If not, I have a great blueberry pie. Gotta love junk food.

Can't wait to start Christmas shopping. Have some really great ideas. Hope it snows some more so we can add a little more into the savings account before we go. So as much as I hate that horrible four letter word, I am crossing my fingers that we get a little more.

Monday, November 8, 2004


Thankfully I had a quiet weekend. We stayed home and basically didn't do much. Made cookies, and did laundry. It was nice to just hang out here together. And I almost didn't mind getting up for work this morning. (almost, I mean, it is still Monday) I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving. Even though Christmas shopping is my favorite thing to do at that time, I still think I like Thanksgiving more. No one is paranoid yet about how much money they spent, or who got who what. It's just nice to sit around and eat. And for once, I don't have to watch every bite of food that goes into my mouth. Ain't that a pleasure!

Wednesday, November 3, 2004


Saw the doctor today, though I have to say, I'm sick to death of having to see med students and have them poke at me. I dislike being touched by people at all... I really dislike being touched by people I don't know. But at least we know the baby is growing well... and he found the heartbeat on the first try. Unfortunately in two months I have to have more blood work, and a shot so my blood type doesn't interfere with the baby's. So at least that won't happen until January.

Tuesday, November 2, 2004


Had a somewhat quiet weekend. Happy Birthday Sara and Angela! Stayed home all day Sunday... and got a whopping three trick or treaters. But they were Joanie's grandkids, and they were adorable. Now of course I've picked up some random bug and have no voice at all... but such is life I guess.