Friday, April 27, 2012


Wednesday after school Hannah's school had a "graduation" for the first graders who have been taking taekwondo as part of their gym class.  They have an association with a local place who comes to the school to teach the kids.  She's been telling me about it sporadically, but nothing much other than that some of the kids got to break boards during class, but it hadn't been her turn yet.  Then they announced the graduation, and she was desperate to go because they said everyone would get to break a board.  So despite having a doctors appointment right before it started, we managed to get there on time.  It was very impressive to watch all the kids be so attentive and follow directions.  They were all so enthusiastic.  The owner talked first and said how they had ordered boards and were supposed to get half inch children's boards, but instead they were sent full inch adult boards, but not to worry they'd all do fine.  Fine they did, every kid broke their board.  Hannah was very excited to have broken it, and now she's insisting she wants to take taekwondo regularly.  We're looking into that, as I refuse to let her do more than one sport at a time, so it would have to wait until after softball is done.

Here is the video of Hannah breaking the board, sorry it's twisted, but I forget to hold my phone the right way and I can't always rotate it.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Apparently Hannah's playing softball, but then according to her coach it's a team for 8, 9, and 10 year olds, so all the girls who are 7 may not get to play.  Not so much a rules thing, but her coach is worried someone will get hurt.  So they had practice last week, and it didn't go too badly.  Besides it being a gazillion degrees out, they all had a good time.  They practiced catching and throwing, then Coach Shannon pitched to them so they could practice hitting.  They all got a hit, and Hannah was the only one who could hit on the first pitch.  I've always thought she had an eye for it, but I guess some more practice will really show what's what.

I threw the ball with her in the backyard the other day, and she's not too bad at throwing it where she wants it to go, as long as she pays attention.  Catching is another story, but again, practice is all she needs.  I will say that I was surprised how quick it all comes back.  I had no problems catching or throwing.  Too bad my good glove has disappeared in the moves and kids that happened post marriage.

Thursday, April 12, 2012


You can tell they're ready for spring.  Hannah rides her bike now without training wheels, and it never fails, if the weather is even moderately nice she's outside riding it in the backyard.  I wish we had a bit more room so she could really get going, but she's doing really well!  Even Norah can pedal her bike now, where she couldn't before.  I'm eagerly anticipating the end of school for me so we can do more things more often.

Hannah's starting baseball/softball/whatever you call it with seven year olds.  Practice was cancelled this week due to cold and wind on Monday, but her first practice will be this coming Monday.  She's excited, and I love that she wants to play a team sport.  I think it holds a lot of value to learn to play on a team, listen to a coach, win as a group, or lose as a group.  I'm not a sports kind of person, so I'd love if she was more into it than I am.  I'm not sedentary, but I don't enjoy running around like a lunatic.  Fortunately, she's seven, so lunacy is her specialty.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy Belated Easter

Well, we celebrated on time, but now that I'm mostly done with schoolwork, I'm here to mention it.  We had a great weekend!  Janice came to visit with her four fabulous children, and everyone played outside and got along well.  There were only a couple very minor issues, which is always great with that many kids.  Dinner was delicious, I made this chicken, though it didn't look like her picture, it was insanely delicious!  Hardly any leftovers, though I did scrounge enough to make a killer chicken salad yesterday for lunch for Norah and I.  Easter brought baskets from a bunny, and pretty dresses for church.  Well, they already had the dresses, we just added some cute sweaters.  I'll have some pictures up as soon as I find a free second to download the camera.  They hunted eggs at Meme's house after church, and got some delectable looking Lindt chocolate bunnies in their baskets from her.  Topping the evening off was some homework for me, and early bedtime for the sugar-soaked kiddos.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Fools

I literally cannot believe it's April already.  We had such gorgeous weather in March, and April is here with her showers, just the way you'd expect.  Rainy Sunday's mean things get done in a good way though.  The girls played mostly well today and I got a ton of homework done over this weekend, especially today.  We went to church this morning to get our palms, and Steven is back to working Sundays again, though since next week is Easter, he'll be off and home with us. 

Last night the girls had a movie night with Heather, Kayla, and eventually, Amanda.  They stayed up much too late and the result is they went to bed very early tonight.  Weird to put them to bed when their room isn't completely dark, but I guess they'd better get used to it, since it's even more so in the Summer.  Steven, Donny, and I went to Mythbusters Live last night at the Bushnell Theater.  It was really good, more than I expected.  Very kid friendly, though I was glad not to have brought mine.  Everyone had a good time, but staying up late isn't doing me any favors today.

In other news, I had an appointment with the rheumatologist on Monday, and yesterday my results of the bloodwork came in the mail.  My thyroid is low, and he wants to retest it.  So if I do in fact have hypothyroidism, it explains so much.  My hair falls out in clumps, always cold, Raynaud's disease... In fact the only classic symptom I don't have have is weight gain.  I'm ok with that though.