Friday, January 29, 2010

More sickies

Hannah had it yesterday as well as me, and at this point I figure it's only time before Steven has it also. She and I were both miserable last night, and she's basically doing much better this morning. I am too, but not to the point she is. She bounced downstairs this morning telling me how much better she felt. Me not so much. I was super weak and not at all happy to be awake at 6am, after spending most of the rest of the night awake also.

Hannah is quite the talker in her sleep. I heard her singing "deep and wide" and then telling someone that she "didn't like them when they were a pig" Whatever that means. Crazy kid.

Norah is basically herself, so I'm hopeful that by tomorrow night or Sunday we'll all be much better.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sick sick sick

Poor Norah, she's not feeling good. Yesterday morning she was sitting on my lap when she suddenly threw up. She didn't eat much the rest of the day, and managed to throw up again in the afternoon. Chicken noodle soup (homemade from scratch I might add) for dinner stayed down, as did a few sips of juice. But she was a puddle and went to bed at 7:15 after spending the previous half hour falling asleep on me. I guess she slept decently, and woke up moderately happy asking for juice. I'm hoping it was just a 24 hour bug, she seems better this morning. And even ate some cantaloupe, which is good since it's food and very wet.

It's too bad since we were going to try to have dinner with Kat tonight after Mimi has her counts done. I guess we'll plan for another night.

Monday, January 25, 2010

We were all hoping...

It's been nearly six months since Mimi was diagnosed with Leukemia. Six agonizing months for her family I'm sure. I love her too, as do the girls. They're like a whole extension of our own family. The doctors have told Kat a couple of times now "If Mimi is going to lose her hair, it will happen now" And up until now, it hadn't happened. I remember the haircut weekend vividly back in August. My sweet girl saying she wanted to cut her hair so Mimi wouldn't be sad when Hannah still had long hair. I wanted to cry at her empathy. And up until now, it looked like all three of their adorable bob haircuts had been for no reason. Mimi is doing well, shocking all the doctors by not reacting to certain medicines certain ways. And having all her hair. Except that it's starting to fall out. And she really is just as adorable as I knew she would be. But man, Hannah can be so blunt, it's almost like she doesn't get it, and I know she doesn't. So today after we got home, I sat her down and chatted with her about Mimi, and how some of the medicine she gets at the clinic makes her feel sick, and that some of it is making her hair start to fall out. And that it IS definitely making her better, but that one time we visit them, Mimi will probably have very little to none. It's a sad prospect, but I don't want Hannah's shock to make it worse than it has to be. I'm hoping she remembers our talk about being extra kind, and she told me a few ways she knows how to do that. I hope that when the time comes, it's not forgotten.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Back and Forth

It's amazing, just as I think she's turned a corner into sleeping better, she goes back to sleeping poorly. I'm not sure what it is this time, could be the nagging cough, or that she's almost two, or that it's been cloudy.... I don't have a clue. She's been up the last few nights needing me, and then up early in the morning too. I don't mind the needing me, but at least give us a break and sleep past 5:30!

We're all tired when she wakes up early, and since she never sleeps in more than a day at a time, we never really catch up, though she seems to. I guess the good news is that someday she'll be a teenager and I won't have to care about whether or not she wakes up at night. Because she won't ever want me then.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


In order to go back on the foster care's Active list, we had to be reinspected to make sure we met the requirements. So today was our inspection, and Joyce (our old social worker) came out to take care of it. So we're all set as far as that goes. We just need to take some kind of class that starts next month, and then we'll be ready to go. Good news for some little boy or girl who needs a safe place to live.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Busy Weekend Again

Saturday Hannah was thrilled that we were heading up to see Grampy and Mimi. And even more excited that Auntie Sara was going to be there. She was very sad to hear that Zach of course was still in Delaware and wouldn't be there. She did have a nice time though, lots of playing, not too many people, and a walk out in the park since it was sunny and not insanely cold. Sunday was her friend Emma's birthday party, and I think she had a good time. She kept asking to go home, and on the way home she finally told me that she was sad because Emma played with her new school friends the whole time, and not with her at all. I'm sorry she felt hurt, but I'm sure Emma didn't mean to, I mean not many five year olds are calculating and intentionally that way. I told her the best thing to do would be that she could invite Emma to her party and that if she wanted to show her what a good friend she was, that she would play with Emma equally with her other friends she sees more often.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It's tough being little

At 9:45 this morning I realized that Norah was MUCH too quiet. As only mom's of todders know, quiet like that is never good. Upon inspection I found this. Better than I thought, in some ways. Since napping at a time that isn't normal can cause havoc, I took pictures, then woke her up.

Monday, January 11, 2010


Hannah and Norah spent the night at Meema's on Saturday night. It was nice for everyone involved I think. Steven and I enjoyed some time alone, and the girls were thrilled with their quality time with Meema. Hannah wanted to call me, so I got a little worried when my phone rang, but otherwise everything was peachy. We had spaghetti and meatballs yesterday when we picked them up, and as always it was fabulous. Only downside was that Donny was drilling, so he couldn't come hang out with us.

It's bone chillingly cold again this morning, I've already found myself counting the days until the girls birthdays when it will start to be warmer again. I don't know why I still live here when it's so darn cold in the winters!

This coming weekend will be very busy for us. Hannah has a birthday party on Sunday for her "bestest friend Emma" (her words, not mine) and Saturday I think we'll go up to visit Grampy and Mimi, since they haven't been up in a while. Otherwise the rest of this week will be trying to catch up on cleaning, and of course school. Hannah would be sad without school.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

A day like most others

I hate winter. Hate it. I'd gladly go live somewhere warm and sunny more often. Of course only if I can bring the most important members of my family that I would miss. Which is why I'm still here in the cold and the snow. That said, I have an absolute revulsion to wearing a coat. I despise them and prefer a sweater and layering to wearing an actual coat. It's no fun driving and wearing a coat, and it's certainly no fun carrying children around in a coat. And yet every morning when I drop Hannah off at school one of the parents comments to me "aren't you cold" No, I'm not really cold, and even if I were, what are you going to do about it? I mean how cold can you get when you walk ten feet from door to warm car, and then 20 feet from warm car to school doors? Seriously? Obviously I make my children wear coats, hats, and when appropriate, mittens. They don't mind, and as of yet haven't questioned why they need to and I do not. They both have reasonably warm hoodies to wear when we'll be in the car for more than ten or fifteen minutes, and when we're driving farther than that, I often take off their layers completely so that they don't overheat.

I'm anxiously awaiting spring, even though it's only the first week in January. I spend a lot of time wishing we lived somewhere warmer, but knowing that we were made for snow. I've lived in the cold my whole life. I think I'd be a little sad to move somewhere that there are no seasons. Right? I have to be right, or I'm leaving tomorrow!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I hate breakfast

And not just because I don't usually eat it myself. I really think that both of my girls would prefer to eat breakfast hours after they wake up. Neither one eats very well, no matter what I give them. Even chocolate chip pancakes weren't a hit, which is certainly saying something. At the moment they're eating yogurt and Mighty Bites (a Kashi cereal), both from our recent trip to Trader Joes. It's 7:20, and we have to leave to take Hannah to school in less than 45 minutes. No one's hair is brushed, everyone is still in PJ's.... sometimes I think it's going to take an act of God to get us ready and out of the house in time. And yet just about every day it's no problem. Part of their problem is they want to fool around. Hannah is rearranging her bowl and cup of milk, talking to it, and giggling. I've already told her three times to stop fooling around and that she's been sitting there for over a half hour already. Norah is lining up here little cereal men (they're person shaped cereal bites) and dipping them in her yogurt. She's also chattering to herself, and doesn't listen to me regardless of how many times I tell her that she needs to eat. She also demands "MORE" of things, even though they aren't actually gone. It's really very frustrating. Thankfully lunch and dinner are moderately easier.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Another long weekend

And so came the end of another long weekend. One of the last with Steven for a while. The girls had a wonderful time, going out, watching the random snow, playing with their new toys. I wasn't feeling stellar yesterday so I got to take a nap while Norah napped. It was heaven. Napping on the couch in a comfy blanket next to the fire. Almost nothing better!

So today we start back to the regular weekly schedule. Hannah has school and Gary has an appointment this afternoon. So in the negative windchill we'll be off and running. Gary has been awfully moody lately, and I have to say if this is what having a girlfriend does to him, I preferred it the other way. Emily IS very nice, and they are a lot alike, which may be where the problem lies. But whatever. Can't change it personally. I just wish he'd get a grip and stop taking it out on the people who live here.

Now we start gearing up for birthdays, since March is such a big month here. Steven mentioned taking a long weekend around the girls birthdays, but I don't know how that will work, since his work determined that you had to take entire weeks, not single days here and there. I think he mentioned calling out sick when he wants a day off. I guess we'll see when we get there.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Favorite toys

So everyone has their favorite toys, but I love the surprise favorites from Christmas. We got Norah a doll from Fisher Price called a Snap n Style doll. I remember that they came out when Hannah wasn't much older than Norah is now, and her friend Kieran had them. Kieran loved them, Hannah was uninterested. Which was fine. Norah is obsessed. She has literally played with it nearly ALL day today, and quite a bit of past days. In fact while we were out this evening she asked "Home? DOLLY!" Because apparently it shouldn't be left home alone for too long. Hannah has her favorites too, but they're not quite as noticeable. She still appreciates her old toys as well, so incorporates playing with the new and the old together. It's pretty sweet to see.

And age has no bounds when it comes to favorite new toys. Steven got Super Mario Brothers for the Wii, and literally no other game has gone into our console since he opened it on Christmas Eve. He played it as soon as he got home, and most free moments since.

I didn't get any new toys for Christmas, but that's more than ok. I really appreciate watching my family enjoy their things.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Friends with Kids

You know, it's funny. Hannah asked me this last week if we were going to get together with our friends Kerry and Colin, and their two adorable munchkins. I said I didn't know, that we hadn't talked, and that really it was too short notice to call them up and suggest they come here. Shows what I know. Clearly next time I just need to get with the program with that. This morning on the way inside from the grocery store Steven's phone rings, and it's Colin. Did we want to come over today or tomorrow for dinner. Well heck yeah. We always want to get together with them. Obviously I need to get over my too short notice business.

Another friend did that randomly, and since we rarely have plans, I told her she could come on over, and her Mom was horrified that she could just come by without making plans. But you know what, when you make plans, something always spoils them when it comes to kids and winter. Sickness is usually the biggest culprit, and it's really unfair. To the point where when we ARE planning something special, I don't tell Hannah until it's absolutely necessary, because something just might happen. And at least if she doesn't know, she can't be too disappointed, right.