Monday, June 29, 2009

No eating allowed

At least that is Norah's interpretation of meal times. She basically refuses to eat anything, even foods that she actually likes. There is also no drinking, which makes me understandably more nervous. After Hannah's ER visits when she was sick, I spend entire days policing the two of them to drink more. I'm at a loss as to what to do for Norah to convince her that drinking is socially acceptable. I can deal with not eating, it's pretty common when teething I guess. I'm thinking I'll just have to hope she's teething and they come in SOON.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Houston we have a......

WALKER! Norah took her first unassisted steps today in our kitchen. She looked ultra proud of herself.

Busy weekend

We did a lot this weekend, so here are the highlights of the zoo, a friends house, and the children's museum in Westfield.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I hate the nights

I honestly don't know what's up with Norah these days, but man, the nights are awful. I used to spend the day looking forward to bedtime knowing that I could relax. Now though, not so much. Norah spends more than half the night awake screaming for some unknown reason. I took her to the pediatrician yesterday to see if she could tell me anything (and also for a very gross rash on her bottom and girl parts). All her doctor says is that it could be night terrors, which I don't believe. Night terrors are characterized by screaming bloody murder (check), a couple hours after bedtime(sometimes check), and most of all not acknowledging someone has come in to soothe them (NO CHECK!) Norah knows when I come in, and settles sometimes if I rock her for a bit. Not always, but enough to know it's not night terrors.

BUT at least we got something to do about the rash. Apparently it's a bacterial staph infection, and no I won't go into any detail of the rash itself, but that she now has some ointment that should help in a couple days.

Monday, June 8, 2009

My Living Room

It's all finished, Steven did a fantastic job, and here are some before/after pictures.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Yes I'm finally updating

Ok it's June now, Norah is officially 15 months old, which is crazy. Hannah's last day of school is next Wednesday, June 10. Then she's out for the summer and ready for parks, picnics, and whatever else sounds fun.

This past weekend we had a lot of fun. Saturday we drove to New Jersey to visit Laurie and Joe and their adorable boys. Hannah and Michael had a blast driving around in power wheels vehicles chasing each other. Jonathan is just as sweet and snuggly as you could imagine. I showed Laurie how to wrap him, and the end result was him sound asleep all snuggled in. We headed home around bedtime, and throughout the 2.5 hour ride, Hannah was awake for 99% of it. She fell asleep just about the time we got off I291 in Springfield, so not more than 5 minutes from home. She was just so excited about watching the state lines pass I guess. Either that, or loving that it cracked us up every time she said "Connecticake"

Sunday we went to a birthday party for Kerry and Colin's sweetie, Ellie. She's one already, and was so adorable in her little pink gingham dress. I can't believe she's walking and into everything. She's really a sweet girl though, and Hannah had so much fun playing outside on the swing set with all the kids.

So I was hoping to have pictures from Hannah's "Fun day" at school tomorrow, but per the school, no siblings are allowed. So I can't attend with Hannah, as obviously Norah would have to come with me. I'm angry and frustrated about that, because Norah would be wrapped up and probably sleeping the whole time, so it's not like she'll be down causing trouble or eating their food. Hannah's already upset that I can't stay, and I hate that. We spend a lot of money on that school, and in return we get this. Makes me wish there were other Early Childhood Ed schools in Chicopee.