Thursday, August 5, 2004

Pregnant with Hannah

Today has been an interesting day. I woke up sick, as usual, but the frustrating thing is, no matter how hungry I am, I can never eat very much. I can't finish anything. Even a sandwich or a snack. I feel a lot like I'm not getting enough to eat, even though I am trying really hard to eat good things instead of junk. I guess the good thing is our freezer isn't working well, so I can't have my one downfall. (Ice cream) And sleep is practically impossible. I'm not comfortable, and when I am, I have to pee... or something equally annoying. I guess it will all get better as I move along. Thank God it's only one more day before I officially qualify to be in my third month. Then maybe I'll start to feel better... or so I hope. Seems like everyone wants to tell you horror stories about the people they knew that were sick the whole pregnancy. (or worse the ones who weren't sick a day) I guess that's enough griping for one day. Hopefully I'll have nicer things to say one of these days.

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