Sunday, March 6, 2005


Hopefully a quiet day today, since we were so busy yesterday. I know I wasn't supposed to, but we went up to Lancaster yesterday. Of course I feel like an elephant, and no woman this pregnant should have to wear those shoes, and a dress for that long, but I managed. It was nice to see people again. I feel like I'm so stuck here. But I'm sure it will get better once I have her. Only one more week until my due date, but I really don't think she'll be here by then. Went to the Dr's on Friday and had to go to the Birthing center for a Non Stress test. I hadn't felt her moving yet that day, so rather be safe than sorry... they hook you up to a bunch of monitors and make you press a button when you feel the baby move. It was kind of cool to watch the printout, but laying there for an hour got a little old. I can only imagine how old it will get when I go into labor.

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