Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Well we had a couple of firsts this weekend. Hannah spent her first night away from home with Gramma... and amazingly slept through the night for them. Then she slept through for us on Sunday night 9-5:45. Yay! And then yesterday when Auntie Jennie and Uncle Ben came to visit, she found her thumb, all by herself. She was sucking on it, and was very happy most of the day. I think she's teething already... something I am dreading. She's drooling up a storm, and when I put my knuckle in her mouth, she doesn't suck on it, she bites down on it. So I guess she's not too unhappy about it. No fussing yet. So we'll see how long this goes on before we see a tooth. We're all moved in, and Hannah loves her new room. I'll take some pictures of it, and post them here so everyone else can see.

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