Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Pennsylvania is fun

Well we're back from PA and we had a great time. Hannah napped basically about 45 minutes on the way down, but it really couldn't have gone smoother. She was happy all day and only had small issues with sleeping in the PnP in our hotel room. She had a snooze before we met up at the mall and was Sooooo good at the cheesecake factory. All the babies were good. 5 toddlers all at the same table, and only one intentional spoon throwing incident.She came with us (obviously) to Jenn and Todd's after the mall and played happily with Kieran all evening, and then slept 90% of the ride home.She's got a bad cold now and is just miserable, but we're hoping it clears up soon so we can go visiting this weekend.

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