Tuesday, July 25, 2006

New Bed

AMAZING... I can really say nothing else, as I am speechless entirely about last night.

Yesterday we got Hannah a second crib mattress to set up her toddler bed with. We put it in her room, put sheets and a pillow on it, and she bounced on and off it all day. At naptime she walked to her crib, and that was where she slept. At bedtime we read books in her new playroom, since that's where they are, and then headed over to her bedroom and we shut the door to begin our prayers, singing, bunny, night night routine. She walked in and hopped up on her bed and laid down... so we put her bunnies and her binkies in bed with her, said prayers and sang while she laid down and we rubbed her back, and then kissed her goodnight and said we'd see her in the morning, same as always. SHE STAYED IN HER BED ALL NIGHT!!!!!!! She cried for less than 3 minutes around 11:30, and then slept until 6! I realize that this is not a habit, or set in stone, but I'm so shocked!

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