Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Goodbye 2006

Hannah's Christmas went really well. She had a great time on Christmas Eve with Meme and Grandma and everyone. She helped open her stocking and generally had fun. She loves her Mr. Potato head, and insists I make her dancing penguin dance for her every time we're in the playroom. Christmas morning she became obsessed with her kitchen that Mommy and Daddy bought her, and she plays with it, or the play pots and food, almost constantly. She also has a few more new words, so I have to say that she must just be stubborn, or a perfectionist. She is amazingly smart, and I love spending time with her every day.I think we're hitting a growth spurt, since she spent the two weeks before Christmas sleeping until 7am or later, and is now waking before six again. She's also eating everything in sight, which is amazing to see.

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