Monday, September 22, 2008

It's not true

You know how everyone tells you "don't worry your baby won't starve themself" Um, not so much. Hannah and Norah spent the night at Meema's on Saturday, and from the time I left until I got there at 9:30 Sunday morning Norah ate about 10oz. Just enough not to tear her hair out screaming. She was a handful for my poor mother. Cranky, non-napping, non-eating. You know all the things that people wish babies are not. My mom of course handled it like a rock star, only calling me to ask the dosage for tylenol because Norah's teeth were bothering her. However, Norah will be staying home for a while, at least until I can break the bad habits of hers. Like being rocked to sleep (well she IS my last baby*blush*).

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