Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Ho Ho Ho

When I was pregnant with Hannah we decided that we would not do Santa. We would make sure that our kid(s) knew that we chose and purchased the gifts they received and glory and disappointment would be distributed accordingly. I never once told either of these girls that there was no Santa, because I didn't want my kids to be *those* kids. So we simply told them that Santa needs help, and that since he doesn't come to our house, we buy the gifts. It has totally worked fine up until this year. This year when Hannah would normally be right on the edge of when it's socially acceptable to still believe in Santa. When she might be questioning things. This year they ask to go see Santa at the mall. Since the line was short, I indulged them. They climbed up on Santa's lap and told him exactly what they wanted. Dreamlights and The Lorax topped the list, which is funny because I knew that and they are getting both. So I wonder what prompted this. They have seen the wrapping paper I bought for them, so when Hannah rips the paper off The Lorax joyously, there will be no question who wanted her to have it. Yet she trusted us so little to get something she would enjoy, she asked a disturbing old man she's never met who plays with elves.

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