Wednesday, February 2, 2005


I'm so proud of myself. I actually did our taxes all by myself. None of that foolish computer software... just a calculator. I'll have Steven check it when he gets home, but I think it's exactly right!She's been very active the last few days. And last night at our birthing class, the nurse who runs it said she thought I looked different. I explained some of the pain I've been having, and she seems to agree. Everyone thinks I've dropped. I am really hoping that's a good sign. Maybe she'll be here this month. I'd really be thrilled with that! I'm so looking forward to not being pregnant. Unfortunately the only thing we can do is wait. We filled out our birth plans at the hospital last night, so when we actually deliver they know exactly what we want without asking us a dozen or more times. I guess that makes it more real. Of course, having a little person kicking you from the inside really does make it real!

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