Wednesday, October 3, 2007

It's A.....

Ok, sorry I'm just getting this down. It's been hectic here. The Ultrasound went really well. The tech didn't have hardly any trouble finding the parts she needed to (kidneys, heart chambers, fingers...) or the ones we wanted to see. She pointed out those three white lines that mean "girl" and I couldn't have been more surprised. As of right now I know about 8 women who are pregnant, and none of them are having boys. I thought for sure statistics say one of us has to, but not so far.

So Baby Girl is healthy and growing exactly the way she should be. All her parts are where they should be, and have the right number of them. The good news is the tech pointed out the placenta to me, so I asked where in relation to me did that put it. I was right, it's right up against my stomach, so that's why I'm not feeling very much movement. She said that's very normal :) I am much more relaxed now and not so worried. Now we get to spend time digging through all the containers in the attic to see what we still have and what we need to get.

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