Wednesday, July 23, 2008


So in the midst of my sewing diaper covers for Norah, I came across an idea. I've seen "coverless Prefolds" that are fleece embellished on the outside so that it will keep the wet in instead of wicking out onto everything. So I said to myself, wouldn't it be cute to have an embellished prefold and a MATCHING cover? Of course it would. So I made a few, but they're too big for Norah, so I put them on DS, and you know what? It's brilliant. I have people begging me to make them special just for their kids

My other stroke of brilliance involves Hannah's diapers leaking. Constantly. I'm annoyed with this, obviously. So I said I should make a fleece cover to put over Hannah's diaper, and then it will keep the wet in even if it does leak.

Hello Genius, thanks for stopping by!

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My Little Cuties said...

Awesome plan! I totally need to get this sewing thing going!