Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

Life is just crazy I guess. The big news is that Norah had her 4 month Well Baby appointment yesterday. She's officially growing like a weed! She was 12lbs 14oz (exactly twice her birth weight) and a rocking 25 1/4 inches long! I cannot believe how long she is. She did amazingly well with all the shots she got, and went to bed a little early, but slept ok. She practically stopped crying before I even picked her up when the nurse was finished.

We had a very nice holiday weekend. Steven was off on Thursday as well as Friday. Friday we went to Meme's house and had a cook out for dinner.

Steven and I had eye appointments last week, and I'm always amazed at how having medical insurance doesn't really help with the purchase of new glasses. For the two of us we spent a ridiculous amount of money, though thankfully that should get us a while before we need new ones again. Here's a pic of my new ones with my two favorite girlies

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