Sunday, April 17, 2011


Mom doesn't usually call me when the girls are at her house, until they request to say hi to me, and tell me all the fun things they're doing.  Yesterday though, she did.  Hannah was sick.  Of course I knew she was sick, she'd been coughing over a week.  That's not new, so I'd sent all the regular remedies, and knew they'd have a great time.  Until she called.  She said Hannah was running a fever.  That she was curled up in bed, and not at all herself.  Poor Hannah.  I directed her to the childrens ibuprofen I've left there for her, and she dosed her.  I called back an hour or so later, and she was perky and happier.  Good news for everyone.  She did not want to come home, even though I said if she wanted to, we'd come to get her.  She was insistent that she stay there.  And she did.  She still had a fever this morning, so more medicine.  She was more like herself all day though until dinner.  So she got some more medicine at bedtime.  I'm hoping she's feeling better tomorrow.  She already has to miss her friends coming over, because they can't be around when anyone's had a fever.  And of course they're all on vacation, so we have plenty of fun plans.  She's a trooper though, she really wants to keep doing everything and make it just as fun as it should be.

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My Little Cuties said...

Sounds like Hannah and Hunter are having similar starts to their vacation weeks. It can only go up from here. Right??