Sunday, October 16, 2011


Today we took a little roadtrip down to CT.  Kat has a pass for Kidcity Children's Museum, and asked us if we wanted to tag along.  And of course we did.  We kept it a secret and it was until about two exits before we got there.  All the six year olds can read the sign, and even though they thought they knew before we even got to Hartford, they really had it figured out then.  It was a blast, and when we were done at the museum, we walked down onto Main Street and headed for Coldstone for a "snack". 

Despite some minor melting down, and an upset tummy in Longmeadow, the day went without incident.  I wish I was more spontaneous and would go do stuff like that on my own.  But as Kat admitted, it IS much more fun with other adult company.  The girls all have a blast, but it's way more fun to have someone to talk to while they do.  Pictures to come on the shutterfly site.

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Kat said...

Minor I think that is a typo ;) MAJOR meltdown... But the day was great!!!