Sunday, October 2, 2011

Weekend Fun

I was so proud of Hannah today!  She had another soccer game, and the weather shaped up nicely, so that we had some sun and it wasn't freezing.  She played a bit both halves, but for the second half she played center quite a bit, and she was totally into it.  She was running, and kicking, and even had a shot on the goal!  I was so proud of her for getting in there and making herself part of the game.  It's not about winning, and I do mean that.  Hannah still knows exactly who wins, and she knows who scores.  Props to Iza today too, she scored the first goal of the game, and her first goal!  She did great too!  Even Mimi got in on the action, shooting on the goal repeatedly, unfortunately none of hers made it in.

Grampy and Mimi came to the game with Auntie Angie, and they were proud of her too.  Then we headed home to eat birthday lasagna and Pioneer Woman's Carrot cake for a special birthday dessert.  Grampy felt very spoiled, and he spent the rest of the evening playing with the girls.  It was a fun day all around.

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Janice said...

Woohoo for fun sports! Have you seen The Pioneer Woman's Food Network show at all? I caught a snippet of one episode.