Monday, August 13, 2012


After an eventful vacation, we are home!  Vacation started for me on Friday, and I took the girls with Kat to Six Flags for an afternoon of fun. They went in the water park, Hannah did some slides, and Norah some of the smaller kid things.  Then we hit the rides.  Teacups, roller coasters, and lots of kiddie rides.  We stayed until about 8:30, when they finally decided they were hungry enough to leave and get dinner.

Saturday was a staying home kind of day, but Sunday we went to the Great New England Airshow.  The girls were thrilled to get to sit in lots of different kinds of planes, and Hannah is convinced that the B 2 Stealth Bomber is really Batman's plane.

Monday we headed to the ocean, for a picnic at the beach.  There was lots of swimming in the ocean and digging in the sand.  On our way home we took a long way and stopped at Ikea for some things we needed.  Plates, bowls, and dishtowels.

Tuesday was fun because we hit the Springfield Museums and got to play in the Lego exhibit.  The girls and even Steven had a fabulous time building and being in awe of the massisve lego sculptures.  There were lots of other interesting things, including a huge Tyrannosaurus Rex that terrified the life out of Norah.

Wednesday started the big fun.  We got in the car early in the morning and headed down to Delaware to visit Sara and Zach and Baby Carlee.  After a long ride, we finally got there around 2:30, and spent the rest of the day snuggling Carlee and catching up.

Thursday Sara and I took the cousins to the pool while Steven golfed and Zach slept, then we did the Dover AFB Air Museum, got amazing $1 ice cream, and grilled out for dinner.  It was inhaled by everyone and enjoyed immensely. 

Friday we thought our day would be spoiled, because it rained and thundered crazily when we got up in the morning.  Fortunately for us, the weather changed and it was perfect to head to Longwood Gardens like we planned.  We spent a lot of time there walking and taking pictures.  We had a fabulous dinner and headed back until very late, catching about half of the fountain light show.  After a long ride back, the girls were informed they had to sleep in.

Saturday we all got up around 8:30, and after cooking a big breakfast, we packed up and headed for home.  We pulled in around 5:45, and as much as we hated leaving Delaware, it was nice to be home in our own space and our own beds.

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