Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Summer Vacation

I can't believe that school starts for Hannah two weeks from today.  It seems like she JUST got out of school, and here she is going back as a second grader already.  She's so smart and funny, I know she's going to love it.  She already got her teacher assignment, and while it wasn't who she wanted, she's not upset about it. 

Norah starts school three weeks from yesterday, and I can't believe that I'm sending my baby to school.  Real school with teachers and friends... it boggles my mind.  I swear I was just doing preschool with Hannah, and Norah was an infant in a sling or a wrap at every drop off and pick up.  Then she was a scheming toddler, with plans of her own, and an adorable smile.  Somehow she's nearly 4.5, and totally ready to make new friends and have a good time at school.

The girls are testing for belts on Friday at Taekwondo.  Hannah is moving up to a green belt, and Norah's testing for her orange belt.  They're both ready and excited.  Hannah is a little nervous about her breaking (a kicking break instead of a punching break), but she practiced last night, and is going to an extra class tonight to be sure she's very ready.  Norah knows how to do her elbow strike break, but it's hard for her to practice since all the practice boards are too thick for such a tiny girl.  I have faith it will be fine though.

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