Wednesday, September 12, 2012


We are officially a week and a half into the school year!  Hannah seems to like her class and her teacher.  Norah started just on Monday, and so far enjoys herself.  She doesn't seem to miss me, and was offended that I was going to pick her up today after I finished at work.  So, seems good for everyone.  I'm working on lots of homework myself, digging into algebra doesn't make my day, but I guess it makes my transcript look better.

Norah and Hannah both tested for their belts a couple weeks back, and now Hannah is green and Norah is orange.  They still take class twice a week, and are progressing through their sadness that their favorite instructor went back to college.

Hannah had her first soccer game this past weekend, and while they didn't win, they played a great game overall!  There were only six of them, so everyone played the entire game.  They were exhausted and sweaty when they finished, but I was so proud of all those girls!

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