Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I think she's close

After Hannah, I have been continually shocked by Norah and her sleeping habits. I don't even think that it's just the fact that we've done this before. Though I'm sure that helps some. Ever since we brought her home we make an effort to do the same things at night at the same time. Jammies, snuggle, bottle, bed. Usually starting at about 7:15 and the bottle happening between 7:45 and 8. She started sleeping later and later, and actually this morning when I fed her (4:10am) she wasn't even awake, but was noisy so I figured she was waking up and got her bottle ready for her. It's quarter past seven now and she's still sleeping. I really think that she's close to going all night sleeping. At least until she hits a growth spurt.