Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My poor baby girl

I have had a sinking suspicion for about 5 weeks now that there was a problem with Norah. Not a life threatening problem, but something sad even so. My girlie is a spitter, which is in no way a surprise, because Hannah was also a spitter. Not quite to the record amounts Norah has reached, but quite a bit.

At 3 weeks I was noticing how congested Norah is. I knew that at 3 weeks it was too long for it to be left from delivery, so we went up to the pedi. She said it was a cold and run a humidifier. So we did, and still do every night, though it has yet to help. Also she's gotten increasingly fussy, and at times refuses to eat entirely, arching her back and screaming at both the bottle, and me. I know that back arching in some kids is totally normal and not a sign at all of a problem, but the screaming and refusal to eat is an issue. I mention this to her pedi at her 1 month WCC (that's well child check) and she tells me it's normal and not to worry.

Um, hello, not at all normal. Babies are supposed to eat. It shouldn't make them cry, it's the one thing the truly come out of the womb knowing how to do instinctively. So I finally email the pedi and list up the things I find to be an issue. I had talked to several friends, and in their non medical opinion, they knew what the problem was.

Spitting excessively (check)
Congestion (check)
Back arching (check)
Crying while eating (check)
Weird cough (double check)

I'm certain that some of the mom's reading already know where this is headed. Acid Reflux. I have several friends whose children had it, and had already told me Norah was exhibiting classic symptoms. So in response to the email I sent her pedi, I get "well my son was the same way and he's 13 now and fine" Ok, so according to her I just need to wait. But as a mom that is unacceptable. Watching your child in pain is NEVER ok, but even less so when there is possibly something to be done about it. So we changed her pedi and she had an appointment yesterday morning.

Ready to be shocked? It's reflux. I know, I was surprised too. (insert eyeroll) So she's started taking Zantac 3 times a day. We're hoping to see some results in a few days, but certainly by the weekend I am hearing. I am sad to know I waited this long to trust my instincts, but it is heartening to know I'm not crazy.

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