Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I'm crazy, apparently

Or at least the woman at salvation army who saw me wearing Norah in my ring sling thinks I am. Because you know, 11lb babies are WAY too heavy to carry. At least according to her. I think that's ridiculous, I mean the only way an 11lb baby is heavy is if you give BIRTH to an 11lb baby. Seriously.

Ok, on to the rest of my craziness. I mentioned to my Mom that I was in the market to buy a friends sewing machine so I can teach myself how to sew. She said, borrow mine and make sure that's what you want before you spend the money. So I have a 25 year old Kenmore sewing machine in my sunroom waiting for Steven to set up a table so I can sew the fabric I spent all day pinning yesterday. I say all day because it is three yards of fabric I'm pinning to make a new ring sling. It's just gorgeous together, but I picked something awfully tough for my first try. The linen is cool and smooth, but not tough, I could iron it and sew a straight seam no problem. The silk brocade trimming the end..... total insanity. It's fraying and slippery, and I've pinned it twice already, and am realizing now I did it wrong again, so now I need to pin it again.

I'll add a picture of the fabric though, because it really is luscious (as my friend Amy told me)

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My Little Cuties said...

Hey! I'm learning to sew too! My project (a skirt) is pinned and ready, just waiting for the sewing machine to be serviced. Gorgeous fabric! I hope you get it all worked out.