Monday, June 9, 2008

Oh the heat

Actually I should say Oh the Humidity because that's the truly awful part. It is going to be the third straight day of 90+ today and I'm more than uncomfortable. But I'm not so much concerned about me, it the girls I worry about of course. Hannah because she is NOT a big drinker, so I feel like I should follow her around with a cup constantly to keep her hydrated. And Norah of course because even with our AC on it's still hot.... and she insists on being swaddled for sleep. Normally it's a nice stretchy fleece blanket, but it's WAY too hot for that. The miracle blankets are a joke to her, so last night we whacked part of a flat sheet from our bed. (Steven ruined the bottom sheet with his nasty feet, and no you DON'T want to know) And I wrapped that around her snugly and pinned it with a large safety pin (yes I was careful I know that's what you're thinking). And yet at 2am when she was awake crying not 10 minutes after I put her down asleep, she was out of it. I am at the end of the rope. She's too little to sleep without swaddling her (that whole Back to Sleep campaign) and I have no other ideas.

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My Little Cuties said...

Hayden has been a big pool of sweat all weekend. They're so little to be so hot. I let her sleep in just a diaper the other night because I felt so bad. I couldn't imagine swaddling a baby in this!