Monday, June 30, 2008

Not enough time in the day

I haven't posted since a week ago Friday. Life has been a bit busy here. Norah is just now getting over a cold that had her stuffy and coughing for about 10 days. Poor girlie, it's so awful to have them sick when they're so small and nothing you can do helps them. We're also working on her napping without being swaddled. So every morning like clockwork I feed and rock her and put her down, and 45 minutes later she's awake in her room fussing. I don't know what the deal with that is, but she settles herself down after a bit and goes back to sleep. We're working our way up to sleeping at night unswaddled. So far it's just the one nap, but I think once she gets the hang of that one, we'll try her afternoon nap. I'm hesitant to do it all at once because when she doesn't nap during the day, she doesn't sleep at night, and we're getting little enough as it is.

I will say that thankfully the girls are not bothered while they're sleeping by all the thunderstorms we've been getting. Last night as I was feeding/rocking Norah at 1:30 an enormous storm came through. The lightning was so bright it was lighting up the room and even though I KNEW the thunder was coming, it was making me jump. Norah never batted an eyelash, and neither did Hannah.

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