Monday, August 4, 2008

My baby grew up

Last week Steven called from work to tell me that Szetela had a spot for Hannah and that she could start preschool on September 8. My baby cannot possibly be old enough to go to school. When did that happen?

She's so excited, she asks every day if she's going to school today. When we go to the van to go somewhere, she tells me I'm taking her to school. So I guess despite my misgivings about having a baby old enough to attend school, she's ready.

My "baby" also got a new bed yesterday. A real big girl bunk bed, in anticipation of the girls someday sharing a room so we'll have somewhere for their toys and the computer. She insisted on sleeping up on top, even though no one will need the bottom for quite a while. She is thrilled with her new bed, and I must admit it certainly looks nice in her room.

And a quick picture, because I can


My Little Cuties said...

It's hard to believe they grow up so fast. She'll love preschool. Does the top bunk make you nervous??

Jess said...

The top bunk makes me TOTALLY nervous, but not as much as if she got out of bed regularly. She always stays in bed and waits for someone to get her, even before the bunk bed.