Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Yesterday Kat had invited us over to decorate eggs with her girls and her friend (and I guess when I think about it, my friend) Kate and her girls. So Kat and I met at Walmart to do the buying of all things egg related. Then we went back to her house for egg fun. Yeah, seven girls decorating eggs is certainly interesting. But they all did really well, there were no messes, and then they all decided to eat lunch. Hannah headed off to school and Norah home to nap, but because of her teeth (see previous entry) she was a mess and so unhappy. I called Kat to see what their plans were for the evening, and rather than sit home with a miserable kid, we went back over there for dinner and distraction.

So friends make life better, remember that always, and be good to your friends!

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